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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. “ ” “ ” “ ” (waterspout) Storm trunk Storm trunk or waterspout at sea Usually occur on the surface. But if on land. Phenomenon called epilepsy. "Storm trunk" is the correct name. "Storm Nacelenngm" or "Pwingm" (waterspout) means. Phenomenon that resembles a large water pipe connection between the sky and the water.Phenomenon. Natural occurrence of the wind blowing twist. Seen from the cloud
  • 2. that resembles a ship. Or a cone head. Held back from the base of the Lower Nimbus cloud accumulator. (Cumulus clouds) and it is of a higher Pwingm. Bush said the water spray from the ocean surface. Gusty winds toward the center of the spout. Top of Pwingm water may move at a speed different from the base. The axial tilt or twist it. Fall apart and disintegrate, which is similar to the tornado. The water surface, but there is. Violence occurs less frequently on the water in the tropics. This phenomenon lasted a moment. Long, sometimes up to half an hour long. “ ” “ ” 2 Thebirth."Stormtrunk"or "Nacelenngm" hastwotypes. 1. 1. Thetornado.Occurredover the water. 2. 2. 3. “ ” (True waterspout)
  • 3. Two.Caused by thecold air mass.Passingoverwarmerwater.Near thesurfacebymoisture. Andveryhighwinds.(Or if therewas blowinggently)the result is thatthe airadjacent tothe waterwhich isheatedtoa certainarea. Risesrapidlyand severely.The airflowaroundthe place.Thenjumpupinto a spiral. Itis called"Nacelenngm" (True waterspout). KETSANA) 15.7 118.7 93 30 7 StormdamageYasna(KETSANA) StormdamageYasna(KETSANA)Bahadur, a tropical storm orhurricane. That formedthe South China Sea. Near theisland of Luzon.Eastern coastof the Philippines.Atlatitude15.7degrees northlongitudeand118.7degreeseastwithmaximum wind speedof
  • 4. about93kilometers perhournear the center. Andwas movingwestat a speed of30kilometers perhour, the stormor storminSturgisBahadurwasborn in atropicalstorm. Usually occurs inthewesternPacific Ocean. Thisis the area wherea stormoccurred, the most importantskillYasnastormorhurricanecan causeBahadurStormSurfersVillage. Orstormwaveswashing ashoreup to7meters. 2554 3 55 99 22 2554 24 (JTWC)
  • 5. (JMA) PAGASA) "Juaning" JMA 27 JMA JTWC 1 JMA JMA 29 JMA Tropical cyclone strength austenitic birds. A tropical cyclone in which damage to the north of the Philippines. The storm eight have been named and tropical cyclone strength the
  • 6. fourth season typhoon Pacific 2554 Bird Johnson named species is found in Laos, the land three times in Southeast Asia. Cause the death of more than 55 people and caused damage worth over 99 million USD. On 22 July 2554, the low pressure area formed east of the Philippines system gradually moved to the west in the next several days and on July 24, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC). The monitoring of such systems, which observe a depression the next day. Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) upgraded the low pressure into a depression a few hours later. Office of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Landscape (PAGASA) started monitoring the system to observe a depression. And named. "Juaning" is moving to the west, and continually deteriorating rapidly and at midnight that day, the JMA upgraded the system. Tropical cyclone. Birds and Rodgers named. July 27 JMA reported that the state bird is still deteriorating and the level of violence again as a tropical cyclone strength. A few hours later, the JTWC reported that the state bird is deteriorating rapidly, and began the first Typhoon ashore the northern Philippines and gradually weakened. The same day the JMA reported that birds Staines blown off the island of Luzon, but continues to have a severe tropical cyclone strength in the overnight storm to weaken rapidly and JMA downgraded to storm down to a tropical cyclone. Now light the next day. July 29 storm back gradually deteriorating again and headed to the south coast of China. Hainan Chongqing and disembark at the
  • 7. same day. Intensifying the storm swept over the ground and headed north to Haikou. Capital of Hainan province. The storm weakened rapidly. And midnight that day, the JMA issued a final warning about the system. Violence down to low pressure. 0621, JTWC ( 24W, PAGASA Typhoon Reming ) 24, 23, 14 2006 7 21 14 400 1,497 100 13
  • 8. 24 Chuuk) 25 JMA) 1 - JMA 26 Typhoon Durian (international name: 0621, JTWC name: 24W, PAGASA name Typhoon Reming by and sometimes called Super Typhoon Durian), a severe storm. Cause substantial damage in the Philippines. And that is why many people have died in the village a lot of Mayon volcano mudslide by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Typhoon Durian is a tropical depression No. 24, No. 23, tropical storm, typhoon, Super Typhoon No. 14 and No. 7 of the 2006 Pacific typhoon and a hurricane and typhoon No. 21 respectively. 14th of the season by the Central Meteorological Authority limits for a tropical cyclone in the region was on the list name durian with Thailand durian which means the fruit. Typhoon Durian first landed in the Philippines with strong winds and
  • 9. heavy rains caused mudslides near Mayon volcano. Then into the South China Sea and weakened slightly. Before intensifying and land in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City. Has reached 400 million U.S. dollars worth of damage.On the total. Typhoon Durian caused the deaths of at least 1,497 people, more than 100 people, property damage and lost about 13 billion dollars. Typhoon Durian start up on November 24, southeast of Chu's (Chuuk) and was declared a depression in the heat of the day on November 25 by the Department of Meteorology of Japan (JMA) after the first day centered on the Joint Typhoon Warning. have warned that the storm is moving towards. West - northwest into a state of Yap. Depression has been deteriorating due to high temperatures on the sea surface and cloud with a high pressure and a strong wind blew out, according to the JMA depression became a tropical storm on the afternoon of November 26. and was named durian. “ ” (Mangkhut) “ ” (Durian) 2549 1,500 2
  • 10. Japan's Meteorological Agency) “ ” 39 Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) 2549 “ ” “ 2551 ” “ “ ” (Perfect Storm) ” 1,497 200 1 “ ” 508 560 Mangosteen" (Mangkhut) is a name that is used instead of the name "Durian" (Durian) were removed from the list of storms in the Western Pacific in late after rampant serious damage. Including the nearly people killed in the two countries, while several thousand kilometers east of the Philippine Islands. South China Sea into the
  • 11. Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea across the Golden Tree. To be vanquished in the Indian Ocean. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency (Japan's Meteorological Agency) to keep track of statistics on violent storms in the Western Pacific. Typhoon Durian was "punished" during the th annual meeting of the Typhoon Committee. Under the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific), held in the City of Manila in December in the month of December the following year, the name "fruit" was. was chosen instead. And packed into the annual accounts Durian" has been hailed as the "Perfect Storm Effects" (Perfect Storm) and one son. Statistics show that Typhoon "Durian" made all , have died and nearly people were lost without trace until now. Become the executioners put one hand in the most violent storms are called "Durian" has caused damage to property worth approximately million dollars (equivalent to $ Tornadoes) million today).
  • 12. tornado (Tornadoes). A storm of small diameter rotating narrow. But a severe tornado, one child will have a minimum diameter of about km with the maximum wind speed near the center of up to ( km knots kilometers per hour). --Tornadoes caused by flying through the air cooler. Under the group of warm weather than Thus resulting in a well ventilated circulation
  • 13. in the area and it is possible by rotating the wind speed near the center will soon cause the air shafts. Spiral high into the sky. Next out of the outer edge of the rotation speed gradually slows down in the mass of water vapor and dust storms. As well as various objects floating to the wind. When a storm moves in any direction, its base on the ground to sweep everything up. Cause much damage. Tornadoes can occur in the spring and summer because the polar air mass moving oceanic tropical oceanic air masses meet. Usually formed on land area, mostly. From tropical - subtropical.Both North and South. In the northern hemisphere the storm rotates counterclockwise. Very rare that the storm would spin clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. But most tornadoes in the southern hemisphere will rotate clockwise. Very rare that the storm rotates ---counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. And tornadoes have occurred about hours.
  • 14. Project Report On Academic purpose Storm Submitted by Kittiyokthep ID: 553011301528 NO.26 Class 3 Computer education
  • 15. Present SomyochAbthisong Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science NakhonPhanomUniversity Table of contents chapter 1Storm -Storm trunk or waterspout 1 - StormdamageYasna(KETSANA) 2 - Tropical cyclone strength austenitic birds. 4 - Typhoon Durian 6 - Mangosteen 5 - tornado (Tornadoes) 7 refreces
  • 16. Preamble Thisreportispart of anacademic Englishcourse, which was designed tostudythe history of thestorm,aviolentstormBecketALakshadweepother impacts. Sincerely hopethat there arepeople whostudymore orless.
  • 17. Refreces 548