NextGen 2011 Trent Holmes


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NextGen Conference Bristol 15 Nov 2011

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NextGen 2011 Trent Holmes

  1. 1. Next Generation Networks & Services: Secure and Future-Proofed Trent T Holmes - General Manager Network Solutions
  2. 2. 2 / How technology from Thales is used in the UK …Every day, all over the UK, people rely on Thales’s real-time information systems u  Government u  Defence u  Cyber (Government Advisors) u  Aerospace u  Telecoms u  Banking u  Finance u  Energy u  Rail transport u  Air travel
  3. 3. 3 / Thales UK Built and Operating the Thales has Digital Region Network 8,000 people in more Total network length than 40 locations in 1,200Km the UK 1589 street cabinets. National State of the Art 2010 Sales: £1.5Bn Network Operations DRL is delivering PSN Group Revenue: Running Digital Regions Services Today £13.1Bn Network Design Innovation Local Tailor Made Services Technology Agnostic PSN Leader
  4. 4. 4 / Superfast Broadband – Why are we doing this? u  The following are extracts from ‘Britain’s Superfast Broadband Future’ (December 2010) £  Access to broadband can also help encourage greater innovation £  Superfast broadband can help improve the quality and delivery of public services £  Superfastbroadband can also play an important role in quality and delivery of healthcare services £  Tele-working can l  Reduce barriers to entering the labour market l  Potentially contribute to the reduction in traffic congestion and carbon emissions £  Address the digital divide u  Government intervention is not just about cables in the ground £  So the challenge is how to deliver these benefits safely
  5. 5. 5 / Thales UK How  Thales  &  Digital  Region  are  transforming  the  South  Yorks  Region   To  establish  South  Yorkshire  as  the  leading  digital  region  in   the  EU     When  completed  it  will   To  support  Economic  Development,  Social  Inclusion  and   cover  a  populaEon  of  over     the  efficient  delivery  of  public  sector  services  in  the  region       1.3million  ciEzens,   546,000  homes  and     The  first  phase  of  the  network  build  is   40,000  businesses.     on  track  to  be  completed  in  December   2011.     This  will  include  545km  of  new  fibre   opEc  duct,  36  exchanges,  and  1,359   street  cabinets.     All  4  Local   AuthoriEes  in  South   Yorkshire  already   have  PSN  services   across  the  network     Total  numbers  of  schools     that  will  connect  to  the  DRL   network:   Barnsley  –  94  schools   Bakersfield  Court,  a  sheltered  housing  accommodaEon   in  Rotherham.  All  people  who  took  part  were  over  the   Doncaster  –  80  schools   age  of  65  and  had  between  no  and  very  liYle  experience   Rotherham  –  77  schools   of  using  the  Internet   Sheffield  –  169  schools  
  6. 6. 6 / Secure and Future Proofed Networks – Objective u  Aspart of the UK Governments “Public Services Network” (PSN), all IT networks operating across the public sector need to comply with a common framework allowing them to share services u  ThePublic Services Network will enable collaboration - and substantial cost savings - across 4 million employees from government departments, agencies and local authorities u  Eg: Yorkshire Accreditation Programme u  Assuredthe Cabinet Office of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the PSN Cyber solution
  7. 7. 7 / What does this mean? u  Schools Online u  125 schools are connected to the Digital Region network, in total 420 will be. u  Approximately 45,000 school children have access to superfast broadband u  Improved healthcare services u  Confidential Tax Returns u  Public engage in secure environment “Every community in the UK will have access to superfast broadband by 2015” Jeremy Hunt - Culture Secretary
  8. 8. 8 / Secure and Future Proofed Networks – Requirements? u  Fully manned Network Operations Centre (NOC), operating 24/7, E2E network management/fault restoration u  Fully managed Incident, Event and Problem management structure and escalation processes u  Fully manned Security Operations Centre (SOC), offering network protective monitoring capability
  9. 9. 9 / Secure and Future Proofed Networks – Requirements? u  Tried and tested Security processes and procedures in place to ensure continuity and maintenance of security implementation u  Well established Change management process to ensure the necessary due care and diligence is taken with network configuration changes u  Security and Network availability are at the centre of the Network architecture and technical and non- technical security controls
  10. 10. 10 / Secure and Future Proofed Networks – Requirements? u  PSN DNSP Service - CESG Pan Govt Accredited and PSNA compliant u  PSNSP IL3 IP Service - CESG Pan Govt Accredited and PSNA compliant u  DNSP Service - 99.98% availability u  Ensure the Network Security developed and maintained in accordance with CAS(T) certification and PSN compliance requirements
  11. 11. 11 / Secure and Future Proofed Networks – Challenges u  Howcan we motivate vendors to invest in the development of PSN assured products? u  How do we manage the Cyber aspects of Cloud computing ? u  Howdo we maintain Cyber security in an instant access environment?
  12. 12. 12 / Secure and Future Proofed Networks – Summary u  Business understands the level of investment needed to be part of the PSN community and the benefits for doing so. u  PSNis a positive step towards setting a minimum acceptable level of security for public sector customers. u  Thales and DRL have already successfully delivered PSN in this challenging and heavily regulated environment. u  To generate further growth it is essential Thales with DRL is one of the that the regulation & governance issues first telecommunications are tackled to open up the market at providers in the UK to receive same speed as industry grows. CESG Assured Service (Telecoms) Scheme CAS(T) Certification u  Embed Security into the Public Sector engagement with the public.