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LondonLars Magnus Ericsson, Spotify, Skype, minecraft are just some of the innovations that havehave seen the light in Sto...
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Speech margareta bjork


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FTTH Conference 2013

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Transcript of "Speech margareta bjork"

  1. 1. LondonLars Magnus Ericsson, Spotify, Skype, minecraft are just some of the innovations that havehave seen the light in Stockholm.We are proud that Sweden is at the top of the list in terms of innovations per capita in theworld. Compared with the most innovative regions within and outside Europe, it has beenshown that Stockholm is the most knowledge-intensive region outside the US.In Stockholm you will find Kista Science City, one of the world’s leading ICT clusters. Aworld-leading innovation zone and international center for wireless technology, broadbandand mobile applications and services. Kista is the base for the largest concentration of ITresearchers in northern Europe.I wonder if Lars Magnus Ericsson could dream about this development when he built his firstphone at the end of the 18th century. In the house next to Ericsson’s first factory, on the verysame street, you will find Stokab today, the IT-infrastructure company of Stockholm.Stokab, as many of you know, provides the world´s largest open fibre network. Today 90percent of the households and nearly 100 percent of the companies have fibre connections.Over 100 operators and service providers are active in Stockholm and thanks to Stokab theyare able to design their own network without being dependent on any competitor. So there aremany players in Stockholm who need equipment.Although Stokab have built fiber networks since 1994 it continues the build-out, now to allnursing homes in the city. In Stockholm we think its important that everyone has access tofibre. Next year 9000 elderly persons will have their own fibre connections with speeds up to1 Gigabit per second in their specially designed homes.The well-developed fibre network has also enabled the deployment of 4G. I think Stockholmis the only city in the world who has four parallel 4G/LTE networks. So there’s no problem tobe connected in Stockholm.With this I would like to welcome you all to Stockholm, the city where Charles K. Kao 2009received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his groundbreaking achievements concerning thetransmission of light in fibers for optical communication.Thank you for choosing to locate next years conference in Stockholm. A world-class city.