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FTTH Conference 2013 / Workshop FTTH in UK

FTTH Conference 2013 / Workshop FTTH in UK



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Shayan sanyal Shayan sanyal Presentation Transcript

  • Fibre Through The Air:Hype? Or Reality ?Shayan Sanyal, CCO, BluwanFebruary 19th, 2013 – FTTH Council Europe INCA
  • WHO IS BLUWAN• European wireless • Delivering PTP peak network solutions performance with PMP provider since 2005 efficiency• Aerospace & defence • High bandwidth density origins (Thales) with low opex• Specialists in PMP: – mmWave (42 GHz) – MVDDS (12 GHz)• Applications – Last mile backhaul – HD multiple play 2
  • WIRELESS CONTINUES TO EVOLVE• PtPGeneration PMP,• 1st GenerationtoPMP 2nd evolution forV Ideally suited The ideal backhaul low- technology market fast E band42GHz and time capacity in solution to (60-90 medium Fibre offers 10.50/26/28GHz GHz) 1GHz radio backhaul• Penetration limited to Spectrum scarcity PtP Microwave• Block therequired• Filled spectrumsector Scalable typically Delivers short 20-30%, 2Gbit term capacity with deliver gap in coverage with allocations to 120- urban 2G/3G capacity (>100Mbits PtP mm Wave 240Mbit Terminal deployments to max increased linkto sites guaranteed) issues over trenching revenues capex capacity deployment with good and slow PmP Microwave• PtP opexnetwork• Now directly impacts Deliveringconcerns 70-80% PtP This not enough capacity for 4G PMP remain unaddressed within coverage driving a on operator revenues architecture market large yearly and time to opex PmP mm Wave 3
  • WE MUST CREATE BANDWIDTH DENSITY TOADDRESS CAPACITY CHALLENGES Providing gigabit capacity per square kilometre is key Fibre, copper and microwave 1.5 km will cover some of this but… Majority of sites will need a new backhaul system This system must provide scalable capacity for unplanned explosive growth • Typical urban, metropolitan environment data)can create Existing 3GusingLinkFusion bydense (2010 capacity point Operators deployingalready cells to creating3Gbreak sites are 4G LTE 2014, operators Using Bluwan’s deployed solution, boost Small cells mass Carrier Wifi to de-saturate a networks • Case: London, 3Grange will a range of upspot km, ) some 200 – 300of coveragetypically carried on to LTE, and 100 existing United Kingdomlevel hot Some 200 metre range,between sites WiFi 4 sectors 20% of data traffic is with be upgraded to 2 (O2 sites street • 1.5Mbps required per initially, requiring 35 Mbps per site 10 kilometre radius Gigabits per Second of capacity deployments, to 10 site generating on the 3G will remain up requiring 20 Mbps capacity per site • backhaul capacity required wifi, 2 200 Mbps capacityfor 3G, 4G,perkm222 cells + 50 Mbps capacityrequired per kmsmall 1 500 Mbpscapacity required per km +250 Mbps system required per km 4
  • LINKFUSION FTTA CASE STUDY• LinkFusion FTTA deployment for a UK 42 GHz license holder• Gateshead, UK• Muni-project for 4 sites from a single hub radio• Legacy solution: – 5 GHz – 4 sites receiving 5 Mbps each• With FTTA – Sites now receiving up to 100 Mbps – 400 Mbps hub capacity, scalable to 10 Gbps 5
  • SOMCABLE LTD• Roll out to 5 countries in East Africa• Using Bluwan’s 12 GHz BroadFusion FTTA• 100x faster bandwidth than currently available microwave options• Target customers: 60,000 subscribers all segments• Services: • Up 100 Mbps Broadband • IPTV, service provider OTT • VoIP + Enterprise Virtual PBX • Side Loaded Linear TV • Up to 5 Mbps committed information rate, peak to 100 Mbps
  • • 4 service offerings ($ per month)• SomCloud: FTTA backhauled WiFi 20$• SomData Enterprise: 800$• SomData Economy: 1 Mbps dedicated, 60$• SomData Plus (Affluent): 5 Mbs dedicated, 200$
  • Q&A @bluwan +44 (0)20 3384 9810