NextGen 2011 Workshop Stephen Hilton BRISTOL CITY COU NCIL


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NextGen 2011 Workshop Stephen Hilton BRISTOL CITY COU NCIL

  1. 1. Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone Update – NGA Conference 16th November 2011 Stephen HiltonService Director, Future City, Bristol City Council Paul Appleby Director VID Communications and Chair – Bristol Media CIC
  2. 2. Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone – Key Features•  Creative and Technology focus•  Superfast Broadband•  Zone covers 70 hectares•  4,000 new jobs in 5 years, 17,000 in 25 years•  New businesses will get up to a £275,000business rate discount spread over 5 years•  Simplified planning
  3. 3. Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone – Key Returns•  An inspirational environment for nextgeneration creative and technology based industries•  A highly sustainable and accessible location•  Global connectivity
  4. 4. Temple  Quarter  Enterprise  Zone  –  Securing  Growth  •  Avoiding Displacement•  Linking with other Economic Priorities•  Ensuring that businesses are sustainable in the broadest sense•  Aiming for widest possible benefits
  5. 5. Temple  Quarter  Enterprise  Zone  –  Site  Specific    
  6. 6. TQEZ : The Opportunity Creative Bristol’s 4 Levels•  THE FOUNDATION - McKinsey, NESTA, CIHE reports - Sticky City, Unorthodox, collaborative?•  THE 10 MINUTE CITY - A constellation of high quality centres•  DIGITAL CONNECTION - Speed & Collaboration•  CO-LOCATION - The produced experience
  7. 7. TQEZ : The Opportunity VISIONING OCTOBER 10th 200 people as the first engagement cohort, developing a framework of:•  CORE VALUES•  CORE PURPOSE•  GOALS – Long-term and Immediate… plus outlying•  CHALLENGES (& SOLUTIONS)
  8. 8. TQEZ : The Vision : Core Values Core Values•  SUSTAINABLEEthical, genuinely sustainable, enduring, andcreating a legacy•  INCLUSIVEReflects & actively promotes the social, cultural &economic diversity of the city•  INNOVATIVE A centre of excellence for creativity & innovation
  9. 9. TQEZ : The Vision : Core Values Core Values•  A SENSE OF PLACEA unique “soul”, a clear culture; enjoyable andhard to leave•  FOR PEOPLEA living place, a community, not just a workplace•  LOCALFor Bristol, not just in Bristol
  10. 10. TQEZ : The Vision : Core Values Core Values•  EVOLVINGStimulates change within itself•  BIG/SMALLHuman-scale, a local heart with a global view•  INTEGRATEDPermeable, linked to the rest of Bristol
  11. 11. TQEZ : The Vision : Core Values Core Values•  COLLABORATIVEFree-thinking, integrated•  BEAUTIFULExemplary development embracing design bestpractice & respecting heritage
  12. 12. TQEZ : The Vision : Core Purpose Distilling the core purpose•  PERCEPTIONFront door to Bristol : a beacon for future cities :challenging conventions
  13. 13. TQEZ : The Vision : Core Purpose Distilling the core purpose•  HOW THE ZONE ISA beautiful, industrious area : connects : cultivatesthe diversity of creativity in the area, realisingpotential : launching new business
  14. 14. TQEZ : The Vision : Core Purpose Distilling the core purpose•  HOW BRISTOL BENEFITSThe Zone joins up & enriches the city, tapping into Bristol as big/small ;It connects inclusively to communities ; createswell-being and reaches beyond, to the region
  15. 15. TQEZ : The Vision : Goals BIG GOALS•  A zero carbon exemplar•  GDPP – Production + Pleasure•  Integrated city/transport/community•  More awards than anywhere else•  No Boundary to the Zone•  Best place for business in the WORLD
  16. 16. TQEZ : The Vision : Goals 2016 Goals•  Redevelopment started•  Support & capacity building for SMEs•  Temporary pop-ups•  Expo 2016•  Iconic buildings
  17. 17. TQEZ : The Vision : Vivid Descriptions •  A mix of working, living, shopping and leisure space – a campus, with a human buzz – a “freshers week” feel •  Temple Meads transformed into an open area, using the tunnels, new entrances •  An interesting place to hang out – piazzas and green spaces - Covent Garden, Borough Market, pop-up shops, independent trading •  With water transport – like Amsterdam or Venice
  18. 18. TQEZ : The Vision : Outliers Challenges•  Leadership•  Drawing in talent•  Success measures & perceptions•  Zero carbon•  Engagement & inclusion•  Funding•  Planning & timing
  19. 19. TQEZ : The Vision : Next Steps•  Engagement - present the framework to wider groups•  Development – create instruments based on values & purpose•  Action – creating milestones and deadlines, measures to unblock barriers
  20. 20. Temple  Quarter  Enterprise  Zone  –     Ini;al  Programmes  of  Work  (2)  The following key pieces of work will be completed by April 2012cont’d.•  Identify and implement interim uses of a number of the key sites•  Meet with existing developers who have planning permissions in the zone•  Develop sector engagement plans•  Work with Creative Industry Leads to develop offer in EZ•  Strategically acquire 2 significant sites•  Complete feasibility studies on Superfast Broadband