NextGen 2011 Rob Hamlin ARQIVA


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NextGen Conference Bristol 15 Nov 2011

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NextGen 2011 Rob Hamlin ARQIVA

  1. 1. The benefits of delivering broadband to allRob HamlinEnterprise Director IM2442.5
  2. 2. This is the challenge According to the UK government there are up to 2 million homes (circa 5-7% of all UK households) without access to basic 2 Mbps broadband ! In addition approximately 250,000 rural small and medium sized businesses are hindered by a lack of broadband access ! This unaddressed market could represent a revenue opportunity of circa £450m per annum ! Extending broadband to these premises would increase UK GDP by circa £15bn per annum 3km Buffer from BT Exchanges Area >3km away from BT Exchange IM2442.5
  3. 3. Broadband for all ! Everyone is entitled to receive a minimum of 2Mbps ! This is the minimum required for reasonable business applications, videoconferencing and iPlayer type services ! With the focus on superfast there is a danger that 90% of the population get high speed access ! But the last 10% get left behind IM2442.5
  4. 4. Delivering broadband for all LTE demo network at Preseli ! On site end-to-end LTE solution Preseli ! Utilised 10 MHz pair of 800 MHz spectrum freed up via Digital Switchover Carmarthen ! Demonstration of not spot solution ! Ability to demonstrate large suite of common applications including: ! iPlayer, Video on Demand ! WiFi Bridge ! Video Conference Calls IM2442.5
  5. 5. Sharing as the solution Aggregation and Wholesale Economics & Marketing & Installation Spectrum Platforms Best Practice AwarenessMNOs ISPsNewEntrant Wholesale Providers Core Network Aggregation Access Development of standard Access to Fibre Existing Business Cases for Existing Networks products Deployment Assets Fixed and Mobile IM2442.5
  6. 6. Case study: WalesOur design is focused on the use of external aerials, if dongles were utilised the site count would need toincrease substantially: Wales: CPE Outdoor 800 MHz Coverage Wales: Dongle Outdoor 800 MHz Coverage Wales: Dongle Indoor 800 MHz Coverage 97.7% of premises covered 56.7% of premises covered 16.5% of premises covered Rural not-spot locations 800 MHz Coverage 87 sites IM2442.5
  7. 7. The role for the Government ! Government support delivers results ! Without it Public Service TV would not be possible To provide universality for broadband we welcome the Government s initiatives ! Encouragement for investment in infrastructure ! BDUK tenders - £530m ! £150m rural mast fund for mobile ! Focus on underserved communities ! A small proportion of funds in Wales c.£30m could fill not spots ! DCMS recommend extending 800MHz coverage obligations to 98%, it should be for two blocks IM2442.5
  8. 8. Delivering for the final 10%1.  Make sure no further delays in the spectrum auctions2.  Ensure Adherence to Universality Requirement •  Universal coverage is the foundation on which superfast is built •  Ensure that spectrum auctions include universal service obligation in their criteria •  Rural first approach avoids exacerbating the digital divide3.  Define Service Requirement(s) •  Lack of definition makes technical and business planning very hard •  Ensure required Committed Information Rate, Availability and Uplink Speeds4.  Plan for the last 10% Deployment and Broadband Evolution •  Define the optimal mix of technologies based on available funds •  Shared infrastructure as the most effective economic model •  Clarify rules for the mast fund and look for synergies with rural broadband IM2442.5