FTTH Conference 2009 FTTH Global Ranking


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FTTH Conference 2009 FTTH Global Ranking

  1. 1. Global Ranking: Update December 2008 gp FTTH-Council North America FTTH Council Asia-Pacific FTTH-Council Asia Pacific FTTH-Council Europe
  2. 2. Global Ranking g • Joint project of the three FTTH-Councils worldwide • Based on market-research of the councils, using the FTTH-Council FTTH-Definitions Document • Ranking: Percentage of households in a country/economy that have a FTTH-connection (subscribers) • All countries with more than 1% FTTH-penetrations are included
  3. 3. Global Ranking December 2008
  4. 4. FTTH-Council Asia Pacific Shoichi Hanatani President
  5. 5. What FTTH brings : 絆 KIZUNA a “newly connected” Cyber World 絆 : More than partnership, more than friendship and more than family-ship 糸 Strings : Connectivity to make people get together Connecti it 半 In the middle, Forever : Well-balanced connection IP-based BB Access brings you a Cyber World to change your way of life and enhance quality of life.
  6. 6. Invitation to our “KIZUNA” Invites you to the 4th Annual Conference & Exhibition MELBOURNE, M 19 22 2009 MELBOURNE May 19-22,2009 The 1st Annual Conference, Tokyo, July ‘06 Th 2nd A The Annual C f l Conference, Beijing, July ‘07 B iji Jl The 3rd Annual Conference, Kuala Lumpur, July ‘08 d Come and Discover Beautiful C d Di B if l AUSTRALIA !!! www.ftthcouncilap.org
  7. 7. 4th Annual Conference Melbourne, 19th-21st May 2009 The council invites you to take part in this three day event which includes: • Two day conference and Workshop program • Exhibition opportunities • Gala dinner for networking G l di f t ki • Optional Tour (Vineyard, etc.) The Governor of Victoria Australia, Professor David de Kretzer at the FTTH Council APAC KL Conference
  8. 8. www.ftthcouncilap.melbourne-09.org
  9. 9. FTTH Council North America Joe Savage President
  10. 10. Building the Business of FTTH Join leaders and decision makers who will share success stories and lessons learned about the business elements needed to generate revenue with FTTH. Take home practical information and marketing strategies to make your network more profitable. Success Stories • • The Fiber-Powered Pavilion • Building FTTH Revenues • The Home Networking Zone • New Technologies • The Expo Theater • Advanced Network Design, Construction • 150 Exhibitors & Management • 2,000 attendees • Finance & Regulatory Updates www.ftthconference.com Platinum Sponsors:
  11. 11. The Home Networking Zone 3,000 3 000 square f t of online feet f li video gaming, telemedicine, home networking and HDTV/DVR, broadband home security and more. 3% 2008 FTTH Conference & Expo 2008 FTTH Conference & Expo  1% 1% Attendee Breakdown Service Provider 2% 5% 2%1% 19% Equipment Vendor 10% 9% Manufacturers 20% 27% The Fiber-Powered Pavilion 2,000 leaders and decision makers from across the demonstrates state of the art simulation via a passive optical network FTTH industry
  12. 12. FTTH Council Expansion to Latin America • Be part of an exciting new opportunity • Help define the Latin America chapter’s organizational structure • Network with key regional players • Join us for informational and educational sessions First Meeting in Brazil Sponsored by: April 7-8, 2009 p 8, 009 Amcham Business Center SP Rua da Paz, 1431 Chácara Santo Antônio São Paulo More information and registration information available soon at: www.ftthcouncil.org
  13. 13. FTTH Council Europe Joeri Van Bogaert President
  14. 14. Europe in the Global Ranking p g • “It is very encouraging to see four new EU nations joining Russia and A d R i d Andorra i th new ranking, t in the ki together nearly th l doubling Europe’s total representation among the top twenty in the world,” • “It is perhaps more difficult for the largest countries to achieve the ranking which makes Russia s inclusion particularly ranking, Russia’s exciting and surprising! • Across Europe, we are seeing FTTH penetration figures rise as the benefits of fibre become clearer for all.”
  15. 15. FTTH COUNCIL EUROPE Thank you for your attention!