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FTTH Conference 2013

FTTH Conference 2013



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Dieter verdegem Dieter verdegem Presentation Transcript

  • Roadmap to reach the EU’s Digital Agenda objectivesFTTH ConferenceLondon 19-21 February 2013February 28, 2013
  • Demand for bandwidth doubles every 40 months in the EU Mbps 50% of EU population 500 250 Early adopters LaggardsEU Digital 120Agenda goal:100Mbps 60 30 15 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030
  • New DSL technologies promise higher speeds over copper, but they are not a solution for the entire population… CO / Street Curb / Network POP Cabinet Dist Point Interface loop 1500m 500m 100m 50% of populationlengths 3000m 1000m 200m 90% of population DSLflavors & avgspeeds
  • … and in many cases FTTH is the more suitable solution ü  Loop length variation & copper quality ü  Symmetry and latency ü  Migration ü  Open network structure ü  OPEX
  • Fiber will continue to penetrate deeper in the access network,and at increased speeds Cumulative percentage of copper converted to fiber = 10x more fiber construction vs 2000 - 2010 = 20x more fiber provisioning
  • Fiber in access networks requires smarter technologiesCore Network = Static Physical Layer•  1 step = construction•  No planned changes•  Long – few connections•  Stable and secureAccess Network = Dynamic Physical Layer Terminal•  2 steps = construction & provisioning Distribution hub•  Constant churn of customers•  Short – many connections (x6) Wall outlet•  Vulnerable – repair & maintenance Co-location Building distributor Floor distributor
  • The industry has to provide FTTH solutions meeting the needs of deep fiber deployments in the access network1 Improved Speed of Installation Create products and processes to reduce ordering time & are easy to install2 Reduced First Cost AND Total Lifetime Cost Choose value added features that reduce and avoid post-installation maintenance3 Decreased Need for Installation Skills Design in reliability. Decrease direct fiber handling. Avoid unnecessary labor (e.g. measuring).
  • TE Connectivity Rapid Floor Box solution:Enabling Faster, Smarter and Better FTTH deployments
  • Plug ‘n Play Hardened Connectors & Terminals:Enabling Faster, Smarter and Better FTTH deployments