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LTE World Summit Barcelona May 2012 Day 2

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Day 2-t9-1430 alan-carlton-20120524

  1. 1. Future Wireless Broadband AccessThinking Beyond LTEMay 24, 2012Alan CarltonSenior Director, Corporate Planning © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Wireless Broadband: Where we stand today  Cisco projects an 18-fold increase in mobile data traffic over the next five years. Video will be by far (70.5%) the dominant traffic profile driving this demand explosion  Wireless Service Providers are moving to tiered service levels & traffic shaping to manage spectrum resources in response to this growing demand for data connectivity  Urbanization, shift of traffic indoors & need for better use of spectrum is driving small cell technology, a network-of-networks & a blurring of the once cellular-WiFi divide  Digital immigrants are giving way to the digital natives who are reinventing the media experience that will challenge even the most aggressive infrastructure investment  Today’s wireless technology & spectrum roadmaps will struggle to keep ahead of demands & shifting user behavior. New thinking on spectrum & architectures required2 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. The Bandwidth Crunch Challenge More spectrum debate continues but we believe it will only be part of the solution Average Population Devices/ Busy Required Area Speeds* Density Person Hour Capacity** 2012 0.3Mbps x 4984/km2 x 1.20 x 15% 0.26Gbp/s/km2 2016 2.9Mbps x 5191/km2 x 1.40 x 20% 4.2Gbp/s/km2 2020 30Mbps x 5477/km2 x 1.70 x 25% 69.8Gbp/s/km2 Assuming state of the art LTE-A** today  In 2016 we may need 317MHz of spectrum London  In 2020 we may need more than 5GHz! More spectrum and new thinking is required to meet this challenge* Cisco Visual Networking Index 2012 **Assumes 2.6b/s/Hz/cell with 500m ISD 3 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. InterDigital Communications Research: What We Do InterDigital develops fundamental wireless technologies that are at the heart of mobile devices, networks, & services worldwide. Vision Our technology is used in all 2G, 3G, LTE devices providing support for new mobile broadband & Technology richer multimedia experience As a long time contributor to the wireless industry, we have solved many of the most critical mobile challenges for 30+ years Standards We offer our technologies to the market in IP blocks and full product solutions and have been Solutions key in high profile OEM offeringsInterDigital has been tackling the bandwidth crunch for generations4 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Today’s Challenge is More Complex than Ever Service Provider Options Today:  Ration resource usage  Invest in new capacity  New revenue innovation spiraling capex/opex5 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. And Tomorrow (2020)Two tech trends will perhaps shape future more than any6 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. The Remarkable Shrinking Cell It has always been about making the network more efficient and smarter Ultra- Nano dense Microcell Main driver of capacity 2000x Cellular Device2 Broadcast Femto Device growth last 50 years1 Number of cells Picocell WiFi THz Cells This is unlikely to change anytime soon  Next step: cooperative ultra-dense cell technology that opportunistically leverages licensed/unlicensed  Cellular controlled Device2Device communications: Our research shows time is right for this technology  And beyond: Falling device cost & wealth of spectrum 25x will drive THz move for “indoor & around” applications 20x More Spectrum Radio Design All driving us to a world of ubiquitous connectivity asset availability1 Source: Agilent, 2008 (Coopers Law) 7 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. And Convergence of Computing/IT & Telecom Tech The cloud is about reducing OPEX/CAPEX, resource sharing flexibility This is happening NOW  All IP network to share BW  Silos  converged network  DPI & Open API initiatives  Network sharing/outsourcing  Spectrum sharing/pooling Cloud Computing Network This HAS happened Virtualization  IT resource virtualization  Infrastructure sharing  Policy driven architecture  Outsource of operations  NaaS, IaaS, PaaSNetwork virtualization enables sharing & efficient leveraging of assets 8 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Evolving Norms in Definition of Connectivity Assets Sharing, flexibility, aggregation is the new normal  The next step up is dynamic, policy driven, real-time The Spectrum  White space is the incubation ground for this emerging tech. Resource  Our research here suggests ~100% gains in key QoE metrics Intelligent, self organizing, offload is the new normal  The next step up is to push virtualization down to client The Access  Flow segmentation & IP flow mobility key steps on this path Resource  Linear QoE potential but more e2e traffic shaping & control High powered, multi-core, multi-purpose is new normal  The next step up is to unleash the power in the “crowd” The Device  Bring resources into a controlled virtual access infrastructure Resource  Gains in excess of 50% observed* with little negative impact* 200%-300% improvements observed at cell edge 9 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. And Thinking Beyond 4G: Our Vision 2020(+) 2G 3G 4G Beyond 4G Narrowband era Broadband era for few And for the masses Personal Ultra Broadband EraFuture direction indicators: Emergence of a world of ubiquitous Any Spectrum access resource availability Resource Any Access Any Device Resource Resource The rise of the cloud and network sharing/virtualization paradigms Broad new innovative thinking in spectrum usage & application is made your resource  Opportunistically  Virtual access fabric  Network Policy Driven Ever more powerful, multifunctional, multi-resource user devices10 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Glimpse of Future in Today’s Emerging Technologies Spectrum sharing, multi-RAT aggregation, White Fi  Multi-Operator spectrum sharing becoming commonplace  R12 proposal to allow aggregation across LTE, HSPA, WiFi Any Spectrum Resource  IEEE 802.11af: Enable WiFi use within unused TV spectrum L23 Virtualization, RAN sharing, Hotspot 2.0  Transport assets virtualization for OPEX benefits underway  R12 proposal on dynamic RAN sharing across operators Any Access Resource  Carrier grade WiFi developments blurring traditional divides Media Mobility, WiFi direct, Proximity services  P2P media sharing emerging as common device feature  WiFi direct feature allows gadgets to connect easily P2P Any Device Resource  R12 proposal for cellular-controlled D2D communications11 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. And Thinking Beyond 4G: A New Air Interface!? As before it will be complex question of timing, drivers and enablers 19821 19951 20041 2G 3G 4G Beyond 4G 2014? Mostly about Spectral Efficiency Increasingly about General Data support & Spectrum Flexibility  Emergence of digital tech.  Feasibility of CDMA (Reuse=1)  Process node evolution  Maturity of SDR Technology  Affordable DSP technology  Invention of Turbo codes  Invention of MIMO  Wideband Digital Transceivers  Forward error connection  Advanced receivers  Natural fit with OFDM  Spectrum sensing advances Likely air interface drivers beyond 4G: Energy crunch is just flip side of BW crunch: Energy Efficiency  Makes sense to improve MAC/PHY/RF design to minimizes OPEX & build a greener world? Video is set to be the dominant traffic profile: Specialized Data  Makes sense to optimize protocol design to most efficiently handle this new requirement? Small cells & sharing driving biggest gains: Spectrum Agility  Makes sense to discuss new MAC/PHY/RF tech. to enable dynamic spectrum sharing Can we build a B4G business case based on improvements here?* In 1982 CEPT forms GSM, In 1995 UMTS task force kicks off 3G, in 2004 first LTE RAN workshop 12 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. We Are Asking These Questions & Building this Future Today Some of our research & development activities (available today): Bandwidth Dynamic Spectrum Device-to-Device Video over Wireless Management Management CommunicationsA first step in pushing Policy driven spectrum Proving that the crowd Demonstratingvirtualization down to mgmt. Demonstrating resource can be wireless aware video the client. Smart e2e capacity enhancement leveraged into a virtual processing & video traffic shaping & benefits of operating resource fabric for aware wireless designcontrol over cellular & WiFi & LTE in white performance & social yields significant all WiFi technologies space/UL bands networking benefits round QoE gainsTechnology solutions for the bandwidth crunch today & tomorrow13 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Thank You! MAY 24 Alan Carlton Senior Director, Corporate Planning InterDigital Communications, LLC Melville, NY 11747-4508 +1 631.622.4338 Alan.Carlton@InterDigital.com14 © 2012 InterDigital, Inc. All rights reserved.