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LTE World Summit Barcelona May 2012 Day 2

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Day 2-t8-1500 doug-miller-20120524

  1. 1. Meeting Mobile Operator Challenges with DNS Delivering Security, Efficiency, and VisibilityDoug May 24, 2012
  2. 2. Company Overview We are the WORLD LEADER Our solutions run the world’s The first & only DNS/DHCP in DNS & DHCP solutions MOST DEMANDING networks INTEGRATED ARCHITECTURE• Our Chairman, Dr. Paul • A decade of service provider • DNS/DHCP engines provide Mockapetris, invented the DNS experience efficiency, lower costs, higher QoS• Team comprised of BIND 8, BIND • Over 140 Fixed and Mobile service • Platforms enable agility & faster 9 & ISC-DHCP creators providers application development• 40 Issued and pending patents • Serving over 500 million Internet • Applications create differentiation users worldwide and new revenue sources Our Customer Base Includes: 2
  3. 3. Putting Mobile into PerspectiveSource: Chetan Sharma Consulting 3
  4. 4. Challenges for Mobile Providers • Mobile market growth1 – Mobile Services Revenue exceeded $1 Trillion for the first time in 2011 • Global Mobile Revenues to hit $1.5 Trillion in 2012 – Represents over 2% of Global GDP – Global Subscriptions to exceed 7 Billion in early 2013 • Data explosion – No end in sight as mobile devices continue to grow • Hundreds of thousands of new devices provisioned daily • 5-year growth CAGR in mobile data traffic of 92%2 – Growth in data far outpacing voice growth Ericsson Traffic and Market Data Report (November, 2011) • Mobile Data will be 95% of the global mobile traffic by 20151 • Documented declines in profitability – Data revenue declining faster than data costs3 • Cost/GB falling by a factor of 3x • Revenue/GB falling by a factor of 10x – Must generate new revenue sources & control expenses1Note: Chetan Sharma Consulting2Note: Cisco Visual Networking Index, 20123Note: Strategy Analytics – Sue Rudd, 2012 Interview 4
  5. 5. The Changing Face of Mobile • Connected devices are expanding – Not just mobile phones • PCs, laptops, and tablets are becoming more common* – 175M laptops on the mobile network in 2011 • 22x more traffic than more traffic than smartphones – Tablets will exceed 10% of global mobile data traffic in 2016 – In 2016, 4G will be 6 percent of connections, but 36 percent of total traffic • Home broadband is being replaced with mobile contracts – Mobile devices aren’t as protected as home networks • Spectrum consumption is a constant battle – “We dont have anywhere near [enough] usable spectrum left” • CNET News – February, 2012 – “Frequency allocations alone are not the only solution. We need to be as smart as possible in managing our capacity.” • Philipp Humm, President and CEO of T-Mobile USA – CTIA 2012*Note: Cisco Visual Networking Index, 2012 5
  6. 6. eCommerce on Mobile is Increasing Mobile is clearly becoming a new way people shop [eBay has] nearly tripled mobile GMV (gross merchandise value) year-over-year to nearly $2 billion, with strong holiday shopping momentum in Q4. In 2011, we expect Mobile GMV to double to $4 billion. - John Donahoe, President & CEO, eBay CQ4:10 Earnings CallUS Dept. of Commerce (CQ2:10), Morgan Stanley Research 6
  7. 7. The Point of the Research This applies to legitimate and malicious behavior alike 7
  8. 8. Profitability of Internet Crime Source: Group IB Online FraudTrend Total market share, % Amount, million USDOnline banking fraud 21.3% $490Cashing 16.0% $367Phishing 2.4% $55Theft of electronic funds 1.3% $30 Total 41.0% $942 SpamTrend Total market share, % Amount, million USDSpam 24.0% $553Pharma and counterfeits 6.2% $142Fake software 5.9% $135 Total 36.1% $830 Internal market (C2C) Computers Reporting MalwareTrend Total market share, % Amount, million USDSale of traffic 6.6% $153Sale of exploits 1.8% $41Sale of loaders 1.2% $27Anonymization 0.4% $9 Total 10.0% $230 OtherTrend Total market share, % Amount, million USDDDoS attacks 5.6% $130Other 7.3% $168 Total 12.9% $298 Total 100% $2,300 Source: Group IB Source: Microsoft Security Intelligence Report – 2011 8
  9. 9. Malware Distribution on Mobile 9
  10. 10. The Lifecycle of a Bot Network Botnet C&C Bot Master 3 – Bot gets instructions from Command and Control (C&C) server 2 – User visits site and1 – Spam (or “something”) is infected via “driveentices user to by download” Malware and becomes part of Botnet 4 – Newly infected machine (bot) joins Innocent Botnet in DDOS attack User on a legitimate Web site 10
  11. 11. Cache Poisoning Threat – Kaminsky• Attacker redirects unsuspecting customers – Entries in cache are changed by an attacker – Customer going to is given incorrect information • Does not require phishing or any unsafe behavior – Attacker directs customers to controlled sites • Financial and identity theft, malware installation, etc.• Statistical attack – Send query so server listening for answer – Send guesses while target DNS waits for real answer – Repeat until success 11
  12. 12. Three-Tiered Integrated Architecture NOMINUM APPS 3rd PARTY CERTIFIED APPS Subscriber Content Outbound Configuration Messaging Blocking Anti- Spam SIEM Management Unified User Interface & Management More… Subscriber Anti-Virus Parental Analytics Upsell Control ISP-DEVELOPED APPS Navigation Network Botnet Custom Custom Assistance Monitoring Control More… Interoperability (SDK & APIs) Network Services and Subscriber Services Analytics Security 12
  13. 13. Network and User Security Solution• Security is a mobile issue • Addressing the security problem – Mobile networks are the new on multiple levels playground for hackers and – Protect DNS network assets thieves • Server security ensures network – End user threats are not just a access is available PC problem – Caching data is highly valuable • “Mobile threats are evolving • End users must be confident quickly—sophistication that took they’re going where they want to decades to reach on the PC is – The network must be clean taking just a few years on mobile” • Think about spectrum efficiency - Lookout Mobile – End users should have options – New access to content in new • Network-based solutions ways has made users careless remove complexity and confusion “We believe that the observed attack traffic originating from known mobile networks is likely being generated by infected PC-type clients connecting to wireless networks through mobile broadband technologies, and not by infected smartphones or similar mobile connected devices.” - Akamai - The State of the Internet (2nd Quarter, 2011 Report) 13
  14. 14. Protecting the Network Visibility and Reporting Nominum Bot Domain Feed MDR Response Vantio DNS botC& System NXDomain Service Provider Response Network 14
  15. 15. Protecting the End User• A brief introduction – Opt-in service for managing mobile data access – Broad application categories supporting multiple services • Online Security • Parental Control • Scheduling – Network-based DNS service • No need to download anything to the end-user mobile device 15
  16. 16. Nominum Mobile Suite• Anywhere/Anytime information access – Efficiency: Highest network performance at the lowest TCO – Differentiation: Pre-built apps to provide new services/revenues – Agility: Adapt to market changes and innovate quickly• Real business issues are addressed by a DNS platform – Core network functionality is only the beginning – Enhanced applications are built right on top of this existing asset• Consider the DNS as a critical network element – DNS must be carrier grade more so now than ever before – DNS is a critical network element & is more so every day Wireless Environments Have Unique Needs Nominum Knows Mobile 16
  17. 17. Twitter: @Nominum Facebook: YouTube: Doug Miller