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LTE World Summit Barcelona May 2012 Day 2

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Day 2-t10-1440 philip-marnick-20120524

  1. 1. Launching TD-LTE Services to Deliver the Optimum Customer Experience LTE World Summit. May 2012 Philip Marnick, CTO UKB ©2011 UK Broadband Limited. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. UKB - Driving TD-LTE • UKB is the largest holder of commercial spectrum in the UK. • Subsidiary of PCCW – one of the most advanced broadband companies in the world. • UKB has 124MHz of LTE Spectrum – 3GPP Bands 42 and 42. • Also over 2GHz of backhaul spectrum. • We’re able to deploy LTE-Advanced today.UKB-owned LTE Spectrum (allows for optimal usage of large channels) CH5 CH6 CH1 CH2 CH3 CH4 20MHz 20MHz 80MHz3.48GHz 3.5GHz 3.58GHz 3.6GHz 3.605GHz 3.625GHz 3.645GHz 3.665GHz 3.685GHz 3.689GHz [2
  3. 3. TD-LTE Live• UKB launched TD-LTE in London in February 2012 • UK’s first commercial 4G network. • World’s first 3.5GHz/3.6GHz TD-LTE commercial deployment• In April announced First “Wireless City Deployment”• Network using frequency reuse of 3 – fully leveraging our Six 20MHz Channels.• Network and initial devices from Huawei
  4. 4. Entering the world of data• We have all seen the forecasts . . . . . . Data demand will be large.• People watching films, catching-up on TV, playing games, listening to music, shopping, and keeping in touch.• In business – its on-line• Government service - e-this and e-that!• Everything is going into the cloud . . . .• In short, data is just part of what we do all the time.• But in wireless:• Device and application developers making it easy for people to use.• Many people are frustrated, its slow,• Have moved from a world of encouraging data to one of – what do I do.• Some people using too much!
  5. 5. But what is data?• It is not voice• People will use data in different places and in different ways than voice calls• Its Asymmetrical – Cisco says moving to 9:1• Good consistent speeds are important• But so is latency.• Yet we are still designing networks and talking about yesterday’s problem.• We talk about evolution . . . .• We need to design and deploy networks differently than we did for voice.
  6. 6. Spectrum . . . . .• New spectrum is/or has been awarded.• 800MHz and 2.6GHz –• . . . . We will run out .......• But its FDD . . . .• When its full, what percentage is being used?• LTE Advanced needs 20MHz Channels .• Why arent more people deploying TDD?
  7. 7. Network ArchitectureUsing macro sites for coverage and micro/small cell for capacity provides service cost effectively Macro micro micro micro Illustrative Macro and Micro Coverage Areas [7
  8. 8. The demand for backhaul ..• We talk about superfast data – but where will we get the backhaul capacity from.• Small cells everywhere.• Do you have lots of fibre?• Is it provisioned to support the service we offer wireless customers.• Increasing need for wireless backhaul• - but are people going to use LTE spectrum for this – shouldnt it be used to serve your customers.• Point to Multi-Point – the new demand for spectrum.
  9. 9. A world where operators need to work together• Need to work together to satisfy demand – use other peoples assets when required• Will devices or operators define the user experience.• Home/office Wifi networks• A world outside – ensuring control customer experience as move between network domains.• Multi-spectrum solutions.
  10. 10. And a bit on 3.5GHz• One of the bands with significant spectrum bandwidth.• Similar in building penetration as 2.1 and 2.6GHz – UKB lots of tests and trials.• Large channels can deployed.• Eco-system being developed.• Fixed devices available now• Mobile Data devices available later this year• Smartphone from mid-next year• All multi-band
  11. 11. Thank you