Breakout session day 2 voice of industry werner de wolf
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Breakout session day 2 voice of industry werner de wolf



FTTH Conference Milan 2011 Day 2

FTTH Conference Milan 2011 Day 2



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Breakout session day 2 voice of industry werner de wolf Breakout session day 2 voice of industry werner de wolf Presentation Transcript

  • Improving FTTH Network ConstructionSpeed, QoS and OPEXWerner De WolfManaging Director EMEA, Network Solutions
  • Technology Cycles Last ~ 10 Years Entered the next major computing cycle – Mobile InternetMainframe Micro Personal Desktop MobileComputers Computers Computers Internet Internet 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Source: Morgan Stanley Research , Pictures from, Wikipedia, Apple, Google, Amazon,
  • New Technology Cycle Characteristics Each cycle brings increased devices & network needs Mobile Internet Drivers •Smartphones Desktop •Tablets Internet •Smart TVs •Car Electronics 10B+ Units ??? •Home Appliances Personal •Medical Devices Computers 1B+ Units •Mobile Video Micro •Games Mainframe Computers •On Demand Video Computers •VoIP 100MM + Units •Social Networking •Education 10MM + Units •Remote Healthcare 1MM + UnitsSource: Morgan Stanley 2009; Estimates of Future Mobile Devices Ranges Broadly Across Industry But The General Consensus Is The Number Will Be Very Large
  • New Devices → New Use Cases Our interactions with technology are increasingUbiquitous, On- VoIP Emergency ResponseDemand Video Smart EKG Records Voice is transitioning to an App Source: CES 2011 Conference Discussions, “Screen Futures” Intel Press 2010, Scenarios discussed in “National Broadband Plan”
  • The CloudFurther enabling new usage models Virtual Content LibraryVideo Music Photos Apps/Documents
  • Trend: Digital ConvergenceFuture waves of converged content will consume more bandwidth Comparison of Times Spent on Information Consumption vs. Bandwidth Used Source: “How Much Information? 2009 Report on American Consumers”, University of California, San Diego, Last Updated: January 2010
  • Explosive Data Traffic Powerful Devices + New Usage Models = ↑ Data Traffic North American Consumer Data Usage Forecasts CAGR (2009-2014) 117% 3% 29% 51% 21%PB / Month 103% 37% 21% Wildcard Trends To Watch: Faster adoption of: •On demand gaming •Broadcast to Ubiquitous TV •On demand 3DTV Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2009 - 2014
  • New FTTH roll-out plans put more focus on … 2010 tMa Trials &r small scalek EKG deploymente Recordst USERS  USE  DEPENDENCY  DATA RATE Ca  Speed of constructionr Topology,r regulatory &  Operating cost - OPEXi CAPEXe  Quality of Servicer
  • Importance of Speed of Construction for largescale deployment programs Reducing planning Reducing set-up time Reducing labour Ease of installation
  • Low Network Operating Cost becoming as vital aslow CAPEX Identification systems Test points Fast repair Ease of installation Upgradeable
  • Customer dependency of new value addingServices is pushing carrier QoS to the frontierIEC Standards Telcordia Reliability testing ITU Mfg. standards Training & field support Knowledge & experience
  • Thank you!Werner De WolfManaging Director EMEA, Network Solutions