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Breakout session day 2 ftth in italy enrico pietralunga

Breakout session day 2 ftth in italy enrico pietralunga



FTTH Conference Milan 2011 Day 2

FTTH Conference Milan 2011 Day 2



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    Breakout session day 2 ftth in italy enrico pietralunga Breakout session day 2 ftth in italy enrico pietralunga Presentation Transcript

    • FASTWEB The Italian FTTH IcebreakerMilan, February 10th 2011 Enrico Pietralunga PG. 1
    • All started only 10 years ago…Founded in September 1999FASTWEB has invested more than 5 billion EURO since 1999FASTWEB provides 4P integrated services to more than 1.700.000 customersPioneer in broadband and triple-play with the world first fully IP based networkFASTWEB’s business model (2 Billion revenues in 2010) is becoming an industrybenchmark PG. 2
    • Innovation is in DNA PG. 3
    • FTTH Access National Transport Network Metropolitan Network Access Medium Enterprise FTTH Access Family Metropolitan PoP Long Distance Central Office Family PoP xDSL Access Medium Enterprise Large Business Family Access Local level Bank Headquarter TI Network OLO Network  Built more than 31.000 Km of fiber optic network, 50%in backbone and 50% in access  2 Million Homes Passed (10% of italian population) in FTTH  Reach directly 50% of the population with FTTH + xDSL PG. 4
    • FIBRA100 & Industrial districts  2 Million Homes Passed (10% of italian population)  Service launched on september 2010 also for Residential and SOHO customers  No significant network investments requested First achievements:  1.900 business customers in FTTH  73 Km of new network.  2M€ investments. PG. 5
    • NGN: first infrastructure than services Facebook & Youtube would have never been without xDSL Smartphones would have never been without 3G mobile networks …and FASTWEB would have never had IPTV or 100 Mb/s without FTTH! PG. 6
    • Which kind of infrastructurewill stand this kind of growth? IP Traffic Western Europe (PB/ month) 14 12,6 12 x4 10 8 6 3,6 4 x4 2 0,9 0 2006 2009 2013 Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index – 2009 Consumer Traffic : 32 Exabytes/month in 2013 100 Mbps downstream 80 1Gbps 50• Unique 20 Mbps 100 Full HD live video and VOD download• Open (full unbundling) VPN, Multicast 100Mbps• Efficient High Quality Videoconference, Telepresence 20Mbps• High performance High quality VoIP• Future-proof 10Mbps• Secure PG. 7
    • Collina Fleming - Rome • First connection July 2010 • All 7350 u.i. passed in 2010 Outside Main distribution Frame collecting ca. 10.000 Distribution fibers and colocation room in less than a shop PointCollina Fleming isa pilot with real customers of aunique and open network, not atrial PG. 8
    • Never get tired to open the track Broadening offer awake demand An NGN infrastructure have to be done in order to:  give the necessary infrastructure to the country to face the digital era  support the GNP growth  stand international competitiveness A unique NGN have to be open in order to foster innovation through service competition Setting the rules is fundamentals: competition has not to be bartered for speed in NGN deployment Sharing experience helps in setting the best path in infrastructural, technical, legal and regulatory scenarios (e.g. Collina Fleming and Government/Operators MOU) Operators investments value have to be recognized with new business models from OTT providers PG. 9
    • Thank you enrico.pietralunga@fastweb.it PG. 10