Breakout session day 2 ftth content applications gertrud zeijersborger
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Breakout session day 2 ftth content applications gertrud zeijersborger

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FTTH Conference Milan 2011 Day 2

FTTH Conference Milan 2011 Day 2

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  • 1. Intelligent Solutions for the Smarter CityVeolia Environnement – Communications Dpt, Editions
  • 2. Dalkia Energy and Environmental Efficiency 66% 34% World leader in Leader in the environmental electricity market services and major operator • Energy European leader in energy services in the European • Water energy market • Waste management • Transport 52,560 employees in 42 countries Revenue : €8.14 billions • Revenue: €34.5 billion 118,000 energy facilities managed • Revenue: €63.6 billion • 312,590 employees • 169,139 employeesVeolia Environnement – Communications Dpt, Editions 2
  • 3. Dalkia Optimising energy in citiesVeolia Environnement – Communications Dpt, Editions 3
  • 4. Dalkia Optimising the urban environment Veolia Observatory of Urban Lifestyles Energy Transports Water Waste Cities for living 2010, Veolia Environnement Scarcity of natural resources, health risks, need to save energy Better energy consumption: Control of energy demand, Use of renewable energies, Quality of networks and operation 14.7 TWh in energy savings achieved by our clients in 2009 Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and control environmental impacts: Contribute to controlling climate deregulation (atmospheric releases, emissions of CO2, SOx, NOx, polluting dust, etc.). Reduction of 6 Mt of CO2 in 2009Veolia Environnement – Communications Dpt, Editions 4
  • 5. Dalkia Smart City A City can be defined as Smart when investments in human and social capital and traditional (transport) and modern (ICT) communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic development and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory governance. Source : Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia > 50 % of the world’s population lives in cities > 50 % of GHG are generated by cities 5 > 20 % increase of worldwide electricity demand in the last 5 years CHALLENGES Availability Energy savings Balance Flexibility ProfitabilityVeolia Environnement – Communications Dpt, Editions
  • 6. Dalkia Smart Grid A Smart Grid is an electritricity network that can intelligently integrate the actions of all users connected to it – generators, consumers and those that do both – in order to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supplies. Source : European Technology Platform SmartGrids, SDD, april 2010 Smart Grid Components Energy generation: Traditional Large Renewable (ex wind, solar fields) Local Renewable (wind, solar, biomass CHP) Small intermittent sources to and from individual homes and buildings Distribution networks Network Software Optimises demand & supply Provides diagnosis of the line and equipment Power use controllers Shave peake power demands (on/off control, reduce power requirements)Veolia Environnement – Communications Dpt, Editions 6
  • 7. Dalkia Intelligent Solutions Buildings with Buildings with energy surplus energy deficit Electric car recharge Short-term Heat & Waste handling power Cool storage storage Building system LOCAL controls NETWORCS Green power CONTROL generation Trad power generation Public Transport Top load power Water treatment generationVeolia Environnement – Communications Dpt, Editions 7
  • 8. Dalkia Partner to the Smarter City Traditional Infratructure meets ICT From measuring consumption for monitoring & invoicing to… using consumption information for sustainable economic development and increased quality of life Information Communication Analysis Available Real-time Why? Digital Interactive For whom? 8 Reliable High security Benefit? Key Success Factor? TRUST Cities for living 2010, Veolia EnvironnementVeolia Environnement – Communications Dpt, Editions