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Giles Cottle - Informa - Content Convergence and Connected Devicess d1
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Giles Cottle - Informa - Content Convergence and Connected Devicess d1


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Broadband World Forum 2011 - Giles Cottle - Informa - Content Convergence and Connected Devices

Broadband World Forum 2011 - Giles Cottle - Informa - Content Convergence and Connected Devices

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  • 1. “Content,edit Master titleClick to convergenceand connected devices:stylethe broadband home in2016”Giles to edit Master subtitle style MediaClick Cottle, Informa Telecoms &Broadband World Forum, ParisSeptember 27th 201128/09/201111/09/2009
  • 2. The changing face of in-home devices• In 2010 very few in-home devices that users own to view video on, apart from computers, will be able to connected to the internet.• But by 2016 just over one third of these devices will be able to connect to the internet.• Despite, this relatively low number it should be noted that these connected devices will have pride of place within the home as they will be the newest devices. As a result, how much time a user spends with them will be disproportionately higher than with unconnected devices.Global, in-home connected-device installed base, 2011-2016
  • 3. The changing face of in-home devices 28/09/2011 3 ©Confidential
  • 4. Convergence or divergence?Average connected TV devices per household, 2011-2016 •In developing 1.2 3.5 0.9 3.4 0.7 3.3 1.0 3.8 markets, the average house will have 3-4 connected TV devices by 2016 •These numbers exclude smartphones and tablets, and “traditional” TV devices •There will be a multitude of devices fighting for superiority in the home 28/09/2011 ©Confidential 4
  • 5. The triumphant march of the CE industry?Biggest future winners in video: connected TV manufacturers Biggest losers: operators 5 ©Confidential
  • 6. Not necessarily. There’s a big difference between“Connected TVs” and “Smart TVs” Dumb OTT video Virtual Smart TV Screen aggregator STB 28/09/2011 6 ©Confidential
  • 7. • Users are either uninterested in connectivity or unwilling to connect TV • The TV remains a slave device to the: STB, Blu-ray player, and games console or potentially the tablet. • Tablets and smartphones which offer better interactive options perform „smart‟ functionsDumb • Social TV features migrate to the tabletScreen 28/09/2011 7 ©Confidential
  • 8. • Users use connected TVs to access OTT content. Treating more as an adjunct to traditional TV viewing than a direct replacement. • A mixture of catch-up, VOD, and „Netflix-like‟ services. Although so far the latter has proved more popular • Although connectivity is used the TV offers little that cannot be found on otherOTT video devices (Blu-ray players and mediaaggregator streamers). 28/09/2011 8 ©Confidential
  • 9. • Users use the connected TV as a virtual STB, by either streaming video from the internet or from an operator‟s advanced home gateway. • Virtual STB is an app launched from TV „front screen‟. Offers an identical experience as the STB • Users‟ TV behaviour remains largelyVirtual unchanged, as connected TV acts as a STB direct substitute for STB. 28/09/2011 9 ©Confidential
  • 10. • Connected TV acts as the aggregator for all video content within the home. • Easily switches between a Pay-TV virtual STB, OTT video apps, terrestrial television and playing locally stored media. • Provides content recommendation andSmart TV content search across all available content sources. 28/09/2011 10 ©Confidential
  • 11. Dumb OTT video Virtual Smart TVScreen aggregator STB 28/09/2011 11 ©Confidential
  • 12. The rise of the second screen Navigating/ Second screen Primary viewing controlling TV UI viewing M6 Replay, Personalising the Direct interaction Lovefilm etc big screen with user program “Big screen” apps Complementary Social features interactions Content search 12 ©Confidential
  • 13. Prolonging long-form TV viewing •Tablets •Late adopters •PC viewing acceptance •Communal viewing 28/09/2011 13 ©Confidential
  • 14. So what should operators do?Partner with CE firms.. Manufacturer Reduces costs, no Operator services are more trusted than OTT need to subsidise a and have pre-existing STB billing relationship. Builds excitement Cross marketing of around Pay-TV service and device brand Removes a barrier to new users, who will Connected devices not have to wait for replace the STB STB to be delivered Pay-TV provider 28/09/2011 15 ©Confidential
  • 15. ..while continuing to exploit their existing contentassets DirecTV – NFL Sunday Ticket via PS3; Multiroom with Samsung (powered by RVU) 28/09/2011 16 ©Confidential
  • 16. Embrace the second screen •The second screen is a no brainer for operators to improve their services •It can also help to cement their competitive presence •Arguably, the “dumb screen” scenario is much more damaging to CE players than operators 28/09/2011 17 ©Confidential
  • 17. Don’t just focus on video 28/09/2011 18 ©Confidential
  • 18. Don’t assume that connecting the home is yourprerogative • Despite no network assets whatsoever Apple has become one of the most successful players within the connected home. • All its devices communicate with one another. • Networking products enhance service the service, something users can appreciate. • It has two weakness it has yet to address. One, weak TV presence. Two, tablets require video to be sideloaded not streamed.
  • 19. Thank you.Questions?Giles CottleSenior Analyst| Informa Telecoms & MediaEmail: giles.cottle@informa.comwww.informatm.com