Sean Williams - BT - BBWF 2011 Keynotes Day 2

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Broadband World Forum 2011 - Sean Williams - BT - Keynotes Day 2

Broadband World Forum 2011 - Sean Williams - BT - Keynotes Day 2

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  • 1. BT’s Super-fast Broadband ProgrammePresentation to the Broadband World Forum28th September 2011Sean WilliamsGroup Director, Strategy, Policy and PortfolioBT Group plc
  • 2. Introduction Overview of BT’s superfast broadband (SFBB) programme in the UK – What are we doing? – Is it delivering on its promises? – What do retail customers think of it? – What do wholesale customers think of it? – How far can we go in terms of SFBB coverage? How will SFBB transform the bandwidth landscape in the UK? How can we get SFBB out to rural areas? What lessons have we learnt from our SFBB deployment?© British Telecommunications plc Slide 2
  • 3. BT is committed to succeeding in superfast broadband  £2.5bn investment to roll-out fibre to  Passing c.80,000 new premises per week1, over two-thirds of UK premises by 2015 5M passed, on course to pass 10M by 2012 – A radical transformation of the UK  Customer base rising fast broadband network – Among the fastest and largest – More than 200,000 BT Infinity customers commercial roll-outs in the world  The only SFBB deployment that makes proactive provision to wholesale customers a central part of  Very positive marketing and pricing of the the approach product at the retail level – Fibre broadband has the same – c.50 CPs selling or trialling services2 headline price as copper broadband  Potential to drive higher performance in SFBB by improving network capabilities Fibre roll out ADSL enabled 1.5m premises Over 5m 10m premises 2/3 premises for c.99% of all passed premises passed by passed by premises summer passed 2012 end of    2010 currently 20151 Q4 and full-year results 2010/112 Q1 results 2011/12 © British Telecommunications plc FTTC – Fibre To The Cabinet FTTP – Fibre To The Premise Slide 3
  • 4. Our deployment is a mix of FTTC and FTTP (and copper) Exchanges Homes/Businesses Copper (ADSL2+) ADSL 2+ Copper Up to 24Mbps downstream 90% UK coverage by Up to 2.5Mbps upstream Spring 2013. Cabinet Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) Large majority of our Fibre Copper Up to 40Mbps downstream 2/3rd UK deployment. Up to 15Mbps upstream Up to 80Mbps downstream in 2012. Fibre to the premise (FTTP) The remainder of our Fibre 2/3rd UK deployment. 100Mbps+ downstream 30Mbps+ upstream 1Gbps trials on-going. SFBB deployment facts & figures • Laying 50,000km of fibre • Enabling over 1000 exchange areas • 37,000 new cabinets; 200,000 new DPs© British Telecommunications plc Slide 4
  • 5. BT has driven awareness of superfast broadband through strong retail marketing and local engagement BT Infinity is establishing itself as a The “Race to Infinity” generated a consumer and a business brand consumer ‘buzz’ across the UK  The Race to Infinity campaign gave people up and down the country the chance to vote to bring fibre to their area  Over 365k votes cast over 3 months  Power of local, community-based marketing demonstrated  Each of the winning communities will be Copper-based broadband Monthly cost upgraded by early 2012 Unlimited broadband & calls Up to 20Mb download speed £28 Unlimited usage; anytime calls BT Infinity superfast broadband Unlimited broadband & calls Up to 40Mb download speed £28 Unlimited usage; anytime calls© British Telecommunications plc Slide 5
  • 6. Our technology has delivered on its promises and customers have reacted well to the serviceThe technology is delivering the bandwidth... ...that customers need for emerging applications Data rate (Mbps) Technology performance Customers like the service More consistent speed  50% of eligible customers take SFBB on joining BT for broadband performance than  58% extremely or very satisfied. Over 80% at least satisfied copper broadband  80% see confirmed improvement in streaming/downloading content© British Telecommunications plc Slide 6
  • 7. Customers are very positive about superfast broadband “I am utterly blown away by the technology! The speeds are breathtaking! ... Superfast broadband is changing the way we live, opening new doors, enriching our lives and saving us time and money” Les Goldman, near the village of Luxulyan, Cornwall “Superfast broadband really is changing the way our family all work, live and play - already I can’t imagine how we managed without it.” The Trotter family, St Day, Cornwall “Superfast broadband is proving to be a terrific advantage to our business... We are particularly interested in cloud computing, through which we will be able to take advantage of the kinds of applications previously only available to big business.” Steve Brown, partner, Advertees, a fashion and promotional screen-printing company, Blackwater, Cornwall “The speeds are staggering... a real game-changer... I am able to work more productively with superfast broadband and also work remotely, because the connection is so stable ... Superfast really does open up new ways of working.” Jonathan Davies, director, LinedUp, a creative digital studio, Camborne, Cornwall Quotes and images courtesy of the Superfast Cornwall programme [] © British Telecommunications plcSuperfast Cornwall is a programme funded by the EU, BT and Cornwall Council, and managed by Cornwall Development Company, a local authority company controlled by Cornwall Council Slide 7
  • 8. We have built the network for open access, to support competition and consumer choice© British Telecommunications plc Slide 8
  • 9. We believe that public funding and additional private investment could bring SFBB to 90% of the UK £830m has been pledged by the UK government: £530m in the life-time of this parliament; plus a further £300m in the Intervention 2/3 Footprint subsequent parliament; administered by BDUK Final Third The government’s aim is get to 90% coverage of every local 95% MAP administrative area Central funding will lever in other public finance and private sector investment BT is supporting BDUK to deliver the government’s goal – Delivering publicly-funded deployments in Cornwall and Northern Ireland – Major current bids in Wales and elsewhere – Extensive support for the BDUK processes – Provision of sub-loop unbundling and passive infrastructure access Illustrative Footprint – Up to 90% – Provision of access network data to public bodies and other bidders – Development of products for policy priorities – e.g. community broadband solutions © British Telecommunications plc Slide 9
  • 10. Superfast broadband will transform the UK bandwidth landscape UK broadband transformation*  Today, more than 99% of UK homes have Superfast access to copper broadband, and 70% up Broadband 90% to 20Mbps  SFBB could get to 90% of UK homes and businesses – Including potential public funding of up to £530m, possibly £300m more 20Mbps – Secured by multiple fibre investors – Also including further local authority, regional government and EU funding  Changes to the access network frequency Broadband plan will allow us to deliver up to 80Mbps on FTTC  We are testing vectoring / other technologies which has the potential to offer over 100Mbps on FTTCNote: * All UK, not including cable, including other wholesale fibre investors © British Telecommunications plc Slide 10
  • 11. We are evaluating several solutions to deal with slow speed spots Copper End Fibre Many of the slowest lines could benefit TV White Customer Space from other broadband solutions to achieve Cabinet near universal service coverage Openreach BET (Broadband Extension Technology) Exchange FTTC Openreach FTTP Wireless, for example we are considering Openreach solutions based on: BET Openreach BET End – 4G LTE (BT/Everything Everywhere Customer Community trial) solutions Fixed Wireless Openreach – TV whitespace (BT trials in Cambridge EAD Community and the Scottish Isle of Bute) Fibre Satellite – Fixed wireless, e.g. BT iNet 4G LTE – Satellite Broadband End Customer Mobile Network Two-thirds Community £0.8bn public funding + matching investment Digital solutions USC Footprint 67% 70% 80% 90% BET – Broadband Extension Technology EAD – Ethernet Access Direct© British Telecommunications plc USC – Universal Service Commitment LTE – Long-Term Evolution Slide 11
  • 12. Superfast broadband has taught us many important lessons Complex supply chain needs to be carefully aligned to achieve rapid scale deployment Volume is critical to the business case, so keen pricing and scale marketing opportunities in the retail market is important, and wholesale customers FTTC lessons learnt FTTP lessons learnt  Engagement with local planning authorities  Plan and Build process for FTTP is much for speedy deployment more complex than FTTC  Simplified cabinet build process was key for  New tools, techniques and processes volume ramp-up needed for many of our engineers  Capacity of power supply companies is on  Issues around blockage on underground critical path duct final drops  Customer appointing and reappointing  Give focus to the design of the provisioning processes are critical process for customers  Managing customer speed and throughput experience is essential© British Telecommunications plc Slide 12
  • 13. Summary £2.5Bn commitment for commercial fibre roll-out based on a mixed economy approach Delivering on our promises – Deploying at scale and pace (one of the fastest roll-outs globally) – On track to pass 10m premises by 2012 and 2/3 of UK premises by the end of 2015 Constantly evolving our plans both commercially and technically to meet the needs of the market and responding to UK Government Customer reaction? They love it! Clear evolution paths (for FTTC and FTTP) identified which are being actively pursued Innovative partnerships can enable us to reach the final third – Success stories in Cornwall and Northern Ireland and more to come Our model is based on open access, competition and customer choice – Wholesale customers are an important contributor to our business case© British Telecommunications plc Slide 13
  • 14. Thank you© British Telecommunications plc Slide 14