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'Я' you ready for a for a brand new menu that is full of flavor and sure to please? Then check out this menu! We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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'Я' Menu

  1. 1. Pizza • burgers • wings THE PLACE WHEREMEMORIES “R” CREATED OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FROM 10AM TO 2AM http://www.thebackwardsrandgrillllc.com
  2. 2. GRILLED SALMON CAESAR SALAD Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and garlic croutons with grilled wild-caught Pacific salmon. $15.49aPPeTize-rs DRESSINGS: Ranch • Italian • Thousand Island Caesar • Honey Mustard • Bleu Cheese • Oil & VinegarBOTTOMLESS CHIPS & SALSA burg-rsCorn tortilla chips served with hot or mild salsa. Add QuesoBlanco for a taste-tacular experience. ALL OF OUR BURG-RS ARE HAND-MADE WITH GROUND SIRLOIN AND GRILLED TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. SERVED$7.49 WITH YOUR CHOICE OF TRADITIONAL STEAK FRIES OR ONION RINGS.MOZZE-R-ELLA STICKS THE CLASSIC “R”Served with your choice of ranch or marinara dipping sauce. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles with your choice of$5.69 American, Swiss, or Pepperjack cheese. $9.79BEER-BATTERED ONION RINGS THE CAPITAL “R”A great addition to any one of our Burg-Rs or as a stand-alone Our biggest Burg-R! This bad-boy boasts three of our famoustower next to a frosty beer. hand-made patties and is topped off with lettuce, tomatoes,$5.49 onions, and pickles.Tower $9.99 $11.89CHICKEN FING-RS THE R-SIN-ISTA full pound of hand-breaded chicken tenderloins deep-fried to Lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, and Pepperjack cheese withperfection and served with your choice of ranch or honey chipotle mayo.mustard dipping sauce. $10.59$6.89 THE VINEBURG-RGREEN STUFFED MUSHROOMS A Portobello mushroom seasoned to perfection and toppedButton mushrooms stuffed with a garlic-infused cream cheese with lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado.and fresh spinach mixture and fried to perfection. $10.99$6.50 THE “R” BE-QUE3-CHEESE QUESADILLA Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions allMozzarella, Monterey Jack, and Asiago cheeses all neatly drenched in Sweet Baby Ray’s® Original barbeque sauce.melted between two flour tortillas. Add sour cream, guacamole, Warning! Extra napkins required!or salsa for some amped-up flavor. $10.99$8.49 Add chicken orbeef $12.59CHILI CHEESE FRIES PizzasOur traditional steak fries topped with chili, scallions, and SERVED WITH A SIDE SALAD AND GARLIC BREADSTICKS .cheddar cheese. Add jalapenos for some serious pop.$9.49 4-CHEESE PIZZALOADED NACHOS Marinara sauce, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Provolone, andCorn tortilla chips topped with ground beef, refried beans, onions, Asiago cheeses.and cheddar cheese. Add sour cream, guacamole, and jalapenos to 6” Pie $5.49 12” Pie $9.49 18” Piemake this experience a taste explosion. $13.49$9.99“R” NACHO BAR PEPP-R-ONI PIZZAEverything you find in our loaded nachos in a convenient do-it- Marinara sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese.yourself kit. Great for large groups or parties. 6” Pie $6.99 12” Pie $10.99 18” Pie$5.00 per adult $14.99$2.50 per child CHICKEN ALFREDO PIZZA Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, and Asiago cheese.saLaDs 6” Pie $9.49 $17.49 12” Pie $13.49 18” Pie“R” HOUSE SALAD “R” BE-QUE CHICKEN PIZZARomaine and iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, shredded carrots, Sweet Baby Ray’s® Original barbeque sauce, caramelized onions,cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes. grilled chicken, and mozzarella cheese.$4.89 6” Pie $9.49 12” Pie $13.49 18” Pie $17.49CHEF SALADRomaine lettuce, smoked turkey, honey ham, tomatoes, hard- THE “R” GHERITA PIZZAboiled eggs, and cucumbers. Sliced roma tomatoes, fresh chopped basil leaves, minced garlic,$10.49 mozzarella cheese, diced chicken breast, and Italian spices. 6” Pie $9.99 12” Pie $13.99 18” Pie $17.99COBB SALADRomaine and iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, crisp bacon, grilledchicken, hard-boiled eggs, and avocado.$12.09 siDes STEAK FRIES •COLE SLAW • POTATOCHICKEN CAESAR SALADRomaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and garlic croutons with your SALAD MACARONI SALAD • BBQ BAKEDchoice of grilled or blackened chicken breast.$12.99 BEANS
  3. 3. MASHED POTATOES • MACARONI & sOuPsCHEESE SERVED IN A BREAD BOWL FOR LESS WASTEBAKED POTATO • BEEF & BEAN CHILI ROASTED CHICKEN NOODLECORN-ON-THE-COB • STEAMED BROCCOLI & CHEDDAR CHEESEVEGATABLES CREAMY TOMATO BISQUECINNAMON APPLES$2.89 NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDER =VEGETARIAN ITEMS LOADED BAKED POTATONOTE: CONSUMING RAW OR UNDERCOOKED BEEF, POULTRY, OR Cup: $3.19 Bowl: $5.29 Bowl w/ Any FISH MAY INCREASE THE RISK OF FOODBORNE ILLNESS. Entrée: $4.29wingsMAKE IT A MEAL WITH OUR TRADITIONAL STEAK FRIES =VEGETARIAN ITEMSANDA 16oz FOUNTAIN DRINK* SPICY|** SPICIER|*** SPICIER YET|**** INFERNOPLAIN BREADEDFor the easy-to-please. Ranch and bleu cheese dippingsauces available upon request.THE RANCH-HANDSauceless, yet full of flavor!GARLIC PARMESANBold and flavorful. Try dipping these wings in ourmarinara sauce for a real taste of Italy.ZESTY BUFFALOTraditional, yet always a crowd-pleaser!SWEET HONEY BBQThe same Sweet Baby Ray’s® Original BBQ sauce you enjoy on ourR-B-Q.SOUTHERN TWANGThe sauce is infused with good ol Southern Comfort.(Non-alcoholic)CARIBBEAN “LALA”A taste of island paradise packed into a bite-sized morsal.Served with a mango-papaya salsa. Enjoy with a cold RedStripe® beer.SWEET TERIYAKIFor those times when you just need a little sweetness inyour life.TANGY LEMON PEPPERA tangy lemon start with a slightly peppery finish. Thesewings pair nicely with an ice cold Corona®SPICY TERIYAKI *Sweet & Spicy.THE LAST “DOM” **Wings sauced with Franks® Red Hot® smoky Serrano hotsauce.DESERT HEAT **Thirsty yet? We have a full line of Domestics andImports.CAJUN FIRE ***One of our Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundaes makes a greatchaser to these wings.NUCLEAR HELL-FIRE ****WARNING! EXTREMELY SPICY! These wings are sure to blow yourmind!Wings Only $8.69 Make-it-a-Meal$10.99
  4. 4. sanDwiCHes NOTE: CONSUMING RAW OR UNDERCOOKED BEEF, POULTRY, OR FISH MAY INCREASE THE RISK OF FOODBORNE ILLNESSSERVED WITH OUR TRADITIONAL STEAK FRIES AND AHOMEMADE DILL PICKLE.THE GOU-R-MET GRILLED CHEESEAmerican, Provolone, and Swiss cheese melted on whole wheator white bread and seasoned with an Italian herb blend.$8.49THE CALI “R”Grilled chicken and avocado with melted Swiss cheese on atoasted kaiser bun.$10.99THE REUBENYour choice of pastrami or corned beef topped with meltedSwiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye bread with Thousand Islanddressing.$11.99“R” PHILLYSautéed shaved beef with onions, green bell peppers, andmelted Swiss cheese all on a toasted hoagie bun.$10.99PULLED PORK “R” BE-QUETender pulled pork slathered with Sweet Baby Ray’s® OriginalBBQ sauce you enjoy on our R-B-Q. For some added flavor try ascoop of coleslaw on top.$11.49enTreesSERVED WITH A BAKED POTATO, STEAMED VEGATABLES, AND AROLL. SUBSTITUTIONS AVAILABLE UPON REQUESTPARMESAN-CRUSTED CHICKENPASTAA boneless chicken breast covered in an herbed-parmesanbreading over penne pasta and marinara sauce with meltedItalian cheeses on top.$15.99GRILLED FLAT-IRON STEAKA tender 8 oz. cut of beef perfectly seasoned and topped withgarlic-infused butter. Sautéed mushrooms on top make this steakextraordinarily delicious.$14.99THE RUSTIC “R” RIBEYEA 12 oz. prime cut of beef grilled to perfection and nothing else;you do the rest. However, a steak of this caliber stands alone whenit comes to exceptional flavor.$29.99GRILLED T-BONEA 14 oz. monster that is sure to satisfy any appetite.$34.99GRILLED WILD PACIFIC SALMONA fresh wild-caught Pacific salmon steak lightly seasoned andgrilled to a flakey finish.$18.99BAKED MAHI-MAHIA delicate 8 oz. portion of Mahi lightly breaded with seasonedPanko breadcrumbs and baked to a flakey finish.$ 32.99PAN-SEARED YELLOWFIN TUNAAn 8 oz. yellowfin tuna steak lightly seasoned and seared toperfection.$ 27.49SPICY GARLIC & LIME SHRIMPWild-caught white shrimp grilled and basted with a garlic/limemarinade and served skewered over a plate of seasoned wild rice.$ 19.89
  6. 6. HaPPy HOur: 4 Pm TO 9 Pm DaiLy HOuse COCKTaiLs “THE CHERRY CREEK” Barton 99 Black Cherries® schnapps, Absolut Citron® vodka and a splash of Bing®. “THE CLEAR ORANGE” -- BY WESTBROOK Orange juice and Everclear®. “DIRTY GOOSE” Grey Goose® vodka and a splash of olive juice, garnished with two blue cheese olives. “SUMMER RAIN” Absolut 100® vodka, fresh lime juice and a splash of Martini & Rossi® dry vermouth with a sugar rim and lime twist. “THE GODFATHER” Glenfiddich® scotch single malt and Amaretto Di Saronno®. “PISCO SOUR” E & J Distillers V·S·O·P® brandy, fresh lemon juice and sugar cane syrup. “R” GHERITA Sauza Tequila Gold 80®, sugar cane syrup, DeKuyper® triple sec and fresh lime juice. “KEY LIME TWIST” Absolut Citron® vodka, Bacardi Silver Light (superior) 80® rum, lime and pineapple juice. “SEX ON THE SANDS” Absolut Raspberri® vodka, Chambord®, sweet-n-sour mix, and cranberry juice. HOuse beers BUD LIGHT • BUDWEISER • MILLER LIGHT • COORS LIGHT • CORONA EXTRA NATURAL LIGHT • HEINEKEN® • MICHELOBE ULTRA LIGHT • BUSCH LIGHT MILLER HIGH LIFE • FAT TIRE • BLUE MOON • PABST BLUE RIBBON • GUINESS® RED STRIPE wines WHITE ZINFANDEL, WOODBRIDGE® BY ROBERT MONDAVI CHARDONNAY, WOODBRIDGE® BY ROBERT MONDAVI PINOT GRIGIO, ECCO DOMANI® PINOT NOIR, MIRASSOU® CALIFORNIA MERLOT, WOODBRIDGE® BY ROBERT MONDAVI CABERNET SAUVIGNON, WOODBRIDGE® BY ROBERT MONDAVI FOunTain DrinKsPepsi® • Pepsi Wild Cherry • Diet Pepsi • Sierra Mist Natural® • Diet SierraMist Mountain Dew® • Mug® Root Beer • Brisk® Lemonade • Brisk® Sweet Iced Tea $ 2.29
  7. 7. *FOR THE KIDDOS* Served w/ traditional steak fries and an 8oz fountain drinkTHE-R-DOG MAC-R-ONI WEDGESThe good ol’ American hot dog with all Macaroni and cheese formed intothe traditional fixins. wedges and fried to a golden brown.THE CARNIVAL DOG CHICKEN NUGGETSTwo corn-battered hot dogs deep fried Every kid’s favorite. Served with Ranch,to a golden brown finish. barbeque, or honey mustard dippingPIZZ-R SLIDERS sauces.Four mini flour tortillas topped with THE LIL “R”marinara, pepperoni, and mozzarella The “kid-sized” version of our Classiccheese. “R”.PEANUT BUTTE-R & JELLY GRILLED CHEESEConcord grape jelly sandwiched next to Choose from American, Swiss, orcrunchy or creamy peanut butter. Show Provolone cheese and either wholeus a kid who doesn’t like good ol’ wheat or white breadPB&J. THe PLaCe wHere memOries “r” =VEGETARIAN ITEMS CreaTeD
  8. 8. DESSERTS HANDCRAFTED DAILY BY: CHIEF EXECUTIVE CHEF JOSEPH D. WEINBERGER MOUNT WESTBROOK A chocolate-lover’s dream. Devil’s Food® chocolate cake with a generous scoop of French vanilla ice cream on top and drenched in velvety Hershey’s® dark chocolate syrup. $7.89 HOT APPLE CINNAMON CRISP A flaky puff pastry round topped withwarm cinnamon apples. Add a scoop of cold French vanilla ice cream for real taste explosion. $6.99 CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE SUNDAEThree generous scoops of French vanilla ice cream with chopped up Tollhouse® chocolate chip cookies blended in. Add a drizzling of chocolate syrup and let the taste bud party commence. $6.29