March 2012 newsletter


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March 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. Action—News March 2012
  2. 2. The beginning of the busy season starts now! It is time to kick your 2012 production into gear. Have a plan, work it consistently and follow up and follow through. If you dont have a business plan you should...something works and nothing doesnt. Myself, Rick Tankersley, Judy Smith and a handful or our Ac- tion agents just returned from this years Century 21 convention and in my opinion it did not disappoint. . Tex- as is still a great place to be a realtor! Our markets continue to trend upward and look favorable overall when compared to other national markets. However, you still have to go to work and make things happen for yourself. All of you can help yourself by using the LeadRouter(LR) system, there are leads there waiting for you, all you have to do is decide to take the system seriously. We will be continually working to increase our agents awareness as to what they may be missing by not using this free system. I have tasked Rick Tankersley with holding LR system meetings in both offices. Century 21 corp is just about to come out with a new LR ver- sion and there will be some upgrades that will need to be discussed. All I can tell you about the upgrades is that some of them should be pretty cool for the agents. Stand by and we will let you know about the meet- ings as soon as we get the updates. Congratulations to our Top Agents from February. You may notice that we are combining the agents from both the New Braunfels and San Antonio offices. I want all of our agents to know what is happening within the Action offices. I think it will be good for the agents to see the level of production in both offices and who is responsible for it and hey ….if it generates a little competition, then Im all for it. I would also like to congratulate both Action offices for receiving the Quality Service Award. Whenever you close a transaction and concluding your business with your clients at the title company you should ask for two things: One, "Mr. & Mrs. client you will be receiving a survey from Century 21 Corporate that asks how your transaction went. I would appreciate when time allows if you would complete the survey and get it back to Corporate". Two, this is also a great time to ask for future business and also questions them about any out bound referral opportunities. Make sure your client’s email is on the LSR. All you need is 6 of your clients to re- turn Surveys with a score of 85% or better and you will be eligible for the agent Quality Service Award. When an office receives 21 or more positive QS surveys that office becomes eligible for the award. Lets all strive give great (not just good) service and achieve this award every year. In case you didn’t know...United Group is part of the Cartus Relocation Network. Why should this matter to you? Let me answer that. While at the convention last week, it was not hard to find similarities between many of the top offices. Most were part of the Cartus network. This network is responsible for much of the business/ opportunity that we are exposed to. With the listings we obtain through the network, we carry more listings then we normally would. This makes the phones ring and is cause for more Internet inquiries for all of us. This network exposes all of us to an additional layer of opportunity. As part of our business as realtors, we can make money and provide services to our customers/clients by help- ing them or people they know with relocation services. Everyone in our Action offices should be asking for the chance to assist anyone relocating. It is part of our business to look for outbound referrals. The more outbound referrals we send and close, the more inbound opportunity we will receive as a company. This in turns creates opportunity for all of our agents. All of last year (2011) United sent 83 outbound referrals, Action offices sent 46 of those. Of the 21 referrals United closed, 11 were closed by Action agents. This year through Jan and Feb, we are responsible for HALF of United’s 12 outbound referrals. Out of our 6 OBs, we have closed one and have one pending. I applaud the job that we are doing, but the bottom line is I know we can do better. I am asking all Action agents to consider the additional business that we are leaving on the table by not asking for OBs from everyone we talk to. When you hit on one, it’s money in your pocket and more potential business for all of us. I will be working on reintroducing the Cartus business to all agents over the next few months. My hope is that as the market picks up, all agents will benefit by working together to find those additional OB opportunities and help create a lot of additional opportunity for all of us. I know we can do it! We are doing good but we can be better. Go get after the buyers and sellers in the market, they are there for the taking! You just have to go get ‘em. Good selling!! Scott King
  3. 3. Quality Service Award (QSS)This annual award is presented to those producers and offices that consistently provide high levelsof service to their customers. We’ve introduced new criteria to increase the volumes and enhancethe prestige of the award. This award is based on the following criteria: Quality Service Producer Required percentage of all transactions successfully sent a survey is 50% (measured between January 1, 2011 and October 31, 2011) Minimum 30 percent survey return rate (measured between January 1, 2011 and January 5, 2012) 85 percent overall index (measured between January 1, 2011 and January 5, 2012) Minimum of 6 returned surveys is required Quality Service Office Required percentage of all transactions successfully sent a survey is 50% (measured between January 1, 2011 and October 31, 2011) Minimum 30 percent survey return rate (measured between January 1, 2011 and January 5, 2012) 85 percent overall index (measured between January 1, 2011 and January 5, 2012) Minimum of 24 returned surveys is required February Quality Service Surveys 97-100%
  4. 4. San Antonio New Braunfels TOP TOP TOP TOP SALES LISTING SALES LISTING Donna Carmen Angela Cowey Randy Donna Joni Carmen Mike Bob Debbie Joni Joseph Garcia Donna Loren(No Picture) Marian Denise Kim
  5. 5. March 20 SA Office Sales Meeting– Training Room March 21C21 University– Champions School of Real EstateLet Your Manager Know if you will be attending. March 22 Mineral Rights MCE class– Training Room MCE is $10 If you do not need MCE, the class is free. March 23 Century 21 Broker Council Award Banquet Please RSVP to your Manager by March 15