30 days to success in Real Estate


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This is the first day presentation of the the Century 21 Northside training program. This session will set expectations and provide strong tools and resources to refer back to in the beginning stages of your real estate career.

This beginning session combines proven traditional methods along with some technology that is easy for newbies to incorporate into their daily schedules.

If you have been in Real Estate a while but need more business this is "back to basics" approach will help remind you how to jump start your production!

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  • Notes:
    -You are now in business for yourself.
    -Plan your annual budget.
  • Notes:
    -Complete the worksheet on page Goals-2.
  • Notes:
    -You will be sending announcement cards to everyone you know. Be sure to include your business card in the envelope.
  • Notes:
    -Remember: 20 contacts per day.
    -You will need only 5 days to meet your 100 contacts.
    -In only 3 weeks, you will get your 1 listing!
  • Notes:
    -This is your calendar for only day 1.
    -Just do it!
  • Notes:
    -Talk to your spouse or significant other about your new career. “You are now in business for yourself.”
    -Your schedule will be irregular and everyone needs to be flexible.
  • Notes:
    -It is a form of prospecting.
    -It is the best approach, the direct approach.
    -You ask “do you know of anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate?”
    -Practice before you call!
  • Notes:
    -You can mathematically figure out your annual income by this method.
    -It shows you how important it is to door knock.
    -It brings you listings!
  • Notes:
    -Here are some basic, on-going required activities to obtain business.
  • Notes:
    -A criss-cross directory allows you to search by name, address or phone number.
  • Notes:
    -Listing agents are happy for you to help sell their properties.
    -The exposure of your name and face to your mailing list gives you exposure and name recognition. AND, maybe you will sell the property!
  • Notes:
    -The paper literally lists people who want to sell their home now.
    -You need to have a good presentation prepared when the FSBO or FRBO answers your call.
    -Someone will get the listing, why not you?
  • Notes:
    -Everyone calls the homeowner whose property did not sell and has an expired listing.
    -Try thinking outside the box and visit with the homeowner in person.
  • Notes:
    -By joining groups you are increasing your center of influence.
    -For example, join the Rotary, PTO, Homeowner’s Association, Golf, Toastmasters, Tennis, Garden, etc...
  • Notes:
    -These are all people who know you and give you leads. You need as many as you can get!
    -These people are on your monthly mail-out list and thank you list.
  • Notes:
    -Remind your service friends, such as your hairdresser, to give your name out to their clients.
    -You will also refer your hairdresser to your friends.
  • Notes:
    -Cold call people living in apartments and ask, “has anyone talked with you about buying a home?”
    -Ask the apartment manager if you can leave marketing materials in the office.
  • Notes:
    -Agents on property time and answering the phone get any and all prospects who call in to inquire.
    -Always sound happy when talking on the phone and the agent should stay in control of the call.
  • Notes:
    -Agents are very happy for you to hold one of their listings open.
    -Choose a house near a busy street for good exposure.
    -Your goal is to get prospects!
  • Notes:
    -Men should wear a collared shirt and slacks.
    -Women should wear slacks and a jacket.
    -Business suits are always appropriate for male or females.
    -Use your daytimer and preview properties while taking as much education as you can work into your schedule.
  • Notes:
    -Your company has note cards.
    -You must write at least 5 each day to people you have talked to.
    -For example, your golfing partner, PTO committee person, Doctor, Property time prospect, Open house prospect, FSBO, etc...
  • Notes:
    -It is very simple to do… Just do it!
  • Notes:
    -Real estate is not just looking at houses.
    -Do your written goals.
    -Have a business plan.
    -Work the plan.
    -Do what is in this book.
  • Notes:
    -So, how many ways have we learned to prospect?
    -Go to lunch with a friend
    -Just listed cards
    -Just sold cards
    -Thank you notes
    -Daily newspaper
    -Open house
    -Phone time
  • Notes:
    -Your job during the day is to “see people.”
    -At night your job is to practice your cold call conversations, write offers, and estimate closing costs so you are prepared tomorrow.
  • Notes:
    -When you are helping people, you get business. That’s fun!
    -When you get to write an offer, that’s fun!
    -So, meet at least 20 people per day and ask “do you know of anyone who needs to buy or sell real estate” and you will have lots of fun!
  • Notes:
    -When you have completed the first 30 days in this book, go back to day 1 and finish your first 60 days.
    -Continue this process until you have all the business you desire!
  • 30 days to success in Real Estate

    1. 1. A Comprehensive Schedule for the NEW Real Estate Associate and the Experienced Agent who wants to Accelerate their Business. "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    2. 2. The first step in your real estate career should be the preparation of goals. "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    3. 3.  What do I have to do to achieve my Listing income?  What do I have to do to achieve my Sales income? "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    4. 4.  You must close 30 deals this year  You must get 10 appointments every month  You MUST make 17 contacts each day!! Your homework is to come to terms with the fact that although this will not be easy, it will be well worth it. Decide now that making excuses will not earn you any money. $100K or more is in your future!! "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    5. 5. Prepare a list of 100 friends and acquaintances with addresses and phone numbers. Handwrite or Type a list of EVERYONE you know or May know you!! This must be completed tonight! No fail! No excuses!! “Do or do not… there is no try!” - Yoda, Jedi Master "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    6. 6. Rule of Thumb 100 Contacts = 1 Listing Appointment 3 Listing Appointments = 1 Listing "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    7. 7. "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    8. 8.  Compile List of 100 name and phone #’s  Set Short Term and Long Terms Goals  Use Cheat Sheet to Create Online Presence  Create a Daily Schedule  Memorize Prospecting Scripts  Create Buyer and Seller Brochures  Create Expired Listing Marketing Piece  Role Play Scripts  Start Creating Craigslist Ads "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    9. 9. Friend  Spouse  Office Associate  Manager  For the next 3 weeks, you will report all prospecting efforts to Rick Tankersley “I commit to give moral support and encouragement…” "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    10. 10. What is it? – Calling people who may need your services What do I say? – Use Scripts provided At the end of this slide show, you will Find scripts for : 1.New agent announcement 2.Expired Listings 3.FSBO 4.Just Listed "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    11. 11. For every 100 homes you visit or call, You should get 5 listing appointments, Secure 3 listings, of which 2 will sell. Example: Average listing commission $2250 Total commissions (Line 1 x 2 Sales) $4500 Hourly rate (Line 2/8 hours) $56/hr Dollars per home visited (Line 2/100) $45 "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    12. 12.  Calling SOI  Announcement cards  Calling Just Listed/Sold  Knocking on doors  Calling Expireds  Calling FSBO’s  Holding Open Houses  Posting Craiglist Ads  Interacting on Social Media "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    13. 13.  Lists the name of the homeowner by property address  Criss-Cross is available in software "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    14. 14.   1. http://mysapl.org/ 2. Click on DATABASES 3. Scroll through the directory for REFERNCE USA 4. Enter your name and library card # 5. Under ‘Active Databases” choose U.S. Standard White Pages 6. Choose “Custom Search 7. Choose Geography and then Radius Enter Street Address and .5 in the “number of miles” field  You will the see a list of everyone within a half mile of your listing. (be sure to comply with all “do not call” regulations) CALL THEM!! "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    15. 15.  Contact 20 homeowners on one or two streets in the neighborhood using the CrissCross Directory  Always obtain permission from the Listing Agent first  Remember, they are happy to give it to you… you are helping them sell their listing "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    16. 16.     Eyecatching Headline with a good hook  Ie School District, Unique Feature, Bargain. HUD, foreclosure, low payment, etc A few good pictures (no more than 4) Short Description Call to action and phone # Use any C21 Northside home on MLS Try www.hudhomestore.com for more homes Post 2 ads at noon and 2 at 7pm Make sure to include your name and broker. "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    17. 17. "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    18. 18. Where to Find For Sale by Owners  Drive By  Craigslist  ForSalebyowner.com  Militaryforsale.com  Local Newspaper and Classifieds  FSBO.com What will you say? Use the FSBO script "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    19. 19.  Call Sellers whose Listings have Expired and not sold  Go by and visit the sellers in person to ask for the Listing "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    20. 20.  Join at least 3 groups  Name some clubs you could join Write Down 3 Organizations to which You belong or can join this week! Ready… Begin! "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    21. 21. SOI’s - Spheres of Influence COI’s - Centers of Influence Bird Dogs Answer: “As Many as You can Get!” "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    22. 22. People who know you and Refer their friends and acquaintances to you. Examples: Hairdresser, Doctor, CPA, Teacher "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    23. 23. Use the Criss-Cross to Call Renters in Apartment Complexes YOUR SCRIPT Hi! My name is Rick with Century 21. I am calling Because studies show that most renters would rather be homeowners. They are tired of wasting their money and making the land lord rich. If you could rent a bigger home for the same or less than you pay in rent, wouldn’t you? "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    24. 24.  Be Prepared  Use Script  Get the Appointment  Offer to take Another Agent’s Phone Time "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    25. 25.  Send Invitations to the Neighbors  Advertise Online the Hours Open  Signs Directing Traffic to the House  Knock on Neighbors Doors and Invite them to Bring a Friend  Have Marketing Materials Ready  Have Contract and Net Sheets Ready  Bring a Guest Book for Registering "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    26. 26.  Professional Attire  Neatness  Organized  Clean, Recent Model Car  Knowledge of Product (House, Land, etc…)  Knowledge of Your Business "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    27. 27. Thank you notes:  Should be Handwritten  Use the Owner’s Name  Insert Business Card  Use a Stamp, not Metered  Send at least 5 per day "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    28. 28. Remember to make 20 meaningful contacts every day. SOI, EXPIREDs, FSBOs, JUST LISTED, JUST SOLD (use your scripts) "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    29. 29. Real Estate is Hard Work, Treat is Seriously "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    30. 30. Real Estate is Prospecting, The Agent is Always Prospecting "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    31. 31. Real Estate is Organization and Planning, Have List of Numbers to call EACH DAY "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    32. 32. Real Estate is Enjoyable, Have Fun Everyday "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    33. 33. Real Estate Allows for High Payoffs, Congratulations on Your NEW Real Estate Career! "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    34. 34. (You are calling people you know!) Hi, this is _____. How are you? I have a question for you…do you have a minute? I am just calling to let yow know that I am now officially a real estate agent with Century 21 and I need your help. Who do you know that needs to buy or sell real estate ? Can you think of anyone in your (church group, family, neighborhood, and office) … that may need my services at this time? Would you mind if I gave them a call? By the way … when do you plan on moving? "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    35. 35. Hello. My name is ________________with Century 21 Northside. How are you? I am sure you know the reason I’m calling is that I noticed your listing expired today and I would like to apply for the job of getting it sold for you.  (You may get some objections here. If so, acknowledge and empathize then move on to the rest) There are only 3 reasons a home will sit on the market this long and not sell. If it is priced right and good condition, it must be that it needs better marketing. I have a SUPER-AGGRESSIVE marketing plan that I would like to share with you at your convenience. Of course I’m sure you are going to want to get your home back on the market as soon as possible so I can arrange to meet with you this afternoon or later this evening….whichever works better for you. (SILENCE UNTIL THEY SPEAK) "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    36. 36.                  Hi, this is ______ with ______, and I’m calling about the home for sale … is this the owner? I'm doing a survey of all the FSBO's in the area and I was wondering … 1. If you sold this home … where would you go next? Great! 2. How soon do you have to be there? (3 months) Fantastic! 3. How would you rate your motivation to move … on a scale of 1 to 10? (5) Good for you! 4. What methods are you using for marketing your home? (Sign and ads) That’s great! 5. How did you determine your sales price? (Other agents) Fantastic! 6. Are you prepared to adjust your price down when working with a buyer? (Within reason) Terrific! 7. Why did you decide to sell yourself … rather than list with a real estate agent? (Save the commission) Great! 8. If you were to list … which agent would you list with? (None in mind) Fantastic! 9. How did you happen to pick that agent? ( ) Ok. Great! 10. If you were to list … what would you expect the agent to do … to get your home sold? ( ) That’s great! 11. How much time will you take … before you will consider … interviewing the right agent for the job of selling your home? ( ) Excellent! 12. What has to happen … before you will consider … hiring a powerful agent … like myself … for the job of selling your home? ( ) Perfect! 13. Are you familiar with the techniques I use to sell homes? (no ) You’re kidding! 14. What would be the best time to show you … __________ or __________? "I am Totally Committed to my Success"
    37. 37. Hello, is this _____________________________This is _______________________________ at Century 21. How are you today? The reason I’m calling is, we just listed a property at ____________________________ a couple of streets over from your home. As a result of our marketing we’ve generated a lot of interest in the neighborhood and need other homes to sell. So, tell me have you considered selling your home? (No!!) Well, would you happen to know of anyone else thinking of selling? IF PROSPECT KNOWS SOMEONE ELSE THINKING OF SELLING Would you mind sharing their name and phone number?? (F A N T A S T I C) Would it be OK if I told them you referred me? (T H A N K S) I’ll be sure to get back in touch to let you know how things went!! (H A V E A G R E A T E V E N I NG) "I am Totally Committed to my Success"