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  1. 1. Foods For Thought
  2. 2. Maybe, GOD wantsus to meet a fewof the wrongpeople beforemeeting theright ones. So, when the right ones come along, we’ll know how to be grateful and thankful for the gift.
  3. 3. When one door ofhappiness closes,another opens. Butoften we stare solong at the closeddoor that... We’ll soon realize that the open door, for however long it was opened, is now closed too.
  4. 4. There are moments in life when you really miss someone. And you wish you could just pluck them from your dreams...And just hug himor her for real!
  5. 5. If someone loves you,love them back. If someonehurts you, love them The irony is not thatback unconditionally… love hurts sometimes, it’s the fact that the cut of each is felt equally as deep.
  6. 6. The best kind of friendis the one that youcould sit on a porchand swing with,and never say a word... Then get up and walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you’ve ever had.
  7. 7. It’s also true that we never know what we’ve been missing until something or someone else arrives.It’s true that wenever know whatwe’ve gotuntil we lose it...
  8. 8. A careless word may But, it’s loving wordskindle strife. The cruel that heal and bless.word usually wrecks a life.Timely words helplevel stress…
  9. 9. The happiest of Perhaps they’re justpeople don’t good at making the bestnecessarily of most everything thathave the best of life brings along theireverything in way.life...
  10. 10. Tender moments aren’t When things like pridereally tender at all. and gender are swallowedThey are some and we allow ourselvesof the few times... emotional, spiritual, and physical happiness.
  11. 11. It hurts to love someoneand not be loved in return.It’s even more painfulto love someone and... Never find the courage to let that person know just how it is you feel.
  12. 12. Never say goodbye if you stillwant to try. Never give up whenthere’s hope to go on. Neversay you don’t love them... If you know that you’re the one that can’t let go.
  13. 13. You’ve experienced true love if: you’ve taken away the feelings, taken away passion, and taken away romance...Only to find that afterall that, you still care!
  14. 14. Giving love is no assurance Just in case itlove will be returned. doesn’t, be contentSo don’t expect it. in knowing thatWait for it to grow in the love was ablethe other’s heart... to grow in yours.
  15. 15. If you have GOD in your life,food on your table, a roof overyour head, clothes on your back,reasonable income and, loveand faith in your heart... Be happy and glad. For anything else that life can offer is nothing more than La-La.
  16. 16. Music: Custom SoundtrackFoods For Thought By: Lots of Folks Created For Your Enjoyment By: Quiet Moments for Loving Thoughts Lawrence Douglas Pulliam