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Announcements for Week of June 13, 2010`


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  • 1. “A Changing View: A Change of Heart””
    2010 at Central
    …attempting to look through God’s lens
    to see creation, to express God’s
    all-inclusive, saving love in the world.
  • 2. Christian Church
    (Disciples of Christ)
    We are Disciples of Christ,
    a movement for wholeness
    in a fragmented world.
    As part of the one body of Christ,
    we welcome all to the Lord's Table
    as God has welcomed us.
  • 3. Christian Church
    In the Upper Midwest
    Disciples together
    sharing in the fullness of God’s table
    for the blessing of all.
  • 4. Central Christian Church
    (Disciples of Christ)
    The Mission of this church is to
    continually dedicate our lives
    to receive and share God’s
    love and word with this congregation,
    the community in which we live
    and God’s world.
  • 5. Global Ministries
  • 6. Blessed Earth Ministries
  • 7. We offer prayers for…
    Ken Fiscus
    Virginia Hall
    Walter Judge
    Micky Lang
    Andrea Stone
  • 8. We offer prayers for
    and welcome to…
    Avery Jean Osgood
    Born June 7, 2010
    Congratulations to
    Parents, Eric & Melissa Osgood
    Brother, Ian
    Grandparents, Jim & Ramona Osgood
  • 9. We offer prayers for…
    United Christian Presbyterian ~ Bedford, IA
    First Christian Church ~ Fairfield, IA
    Whitten Community Church ~ Whitten, IA
    From the Regional Prayer Calendar
  • 10. Do you have a prayer request?
    Names will be printed in bulletin and on screens only with
    permission by those for whom prayers have been requested.
    Leave written requests
    in the offering plate or church office
    Call the office at 753-3129
    or email
  • 11. Birthday Blessings
    13th Maggie Schwarck
    14th Gay Cutler
    John Lott
    15th Elaine McIntyre
    16th Renee Phillips
    17th Lee Sawtelle
    Jan Carter
    18th Norma Smith
    Tom Gilson
  • 12. Flip-Flops for Kids
    June’s Mission
    To send with Beth Campbell
    on her mission to Nicaragua in July.
    You may leave your donations
    in the Gathering Area.
  • 13. Questions Answered
    Donations Accepted
    for Nicaragua
    June 13
    Following worship
    Donations accepted for
    Medical & school supplies & scholarships
    Give directly to Beth Campbell
    Please bring food items and
    place in the grocery cart.
    This month’s needs:
    Peas, corn, spaghetti, rice
    and cash donations.
  • 15. Our Soup Kitchen Dates for 2010
    March 13
    May 8
    July 10
    September 11
    November 13
    To volunteer, contact Lois Anderson 752-3268.
  • 16. Big Brothers and
    Big Sisters
    Call Big Brother/
    Big Sister Program
  • 17. Welcoming the World Home!
    Youth for Understanding Program
    Needs Host Families for 2010-11
  • 18. 2010 Mission Trip
    Reach Workcamps
    July 25 – July 31
    Michigan City, Indiana
    Our mission team is seeking sponsorships.
    To make a donation, contact:
    Mary Abens, Robin Anctil, Derek Dalluge, Kyle Dalluge, Ashley Danner, Sarah Elam, Jim Osgood, Ramona Osgood, Whitney Phillips, Allison Sherman, or Secily Sherman.
    Thank you for your support!
  • 19. Travel New Zealand
    With Pastor Gail
    June 16
    6:30 p.m.
    Video and sharing about her sabbatical time.
    You may bring a snack to share.
  • 20. Comfort Quilters
    Every 3rd Thursday of the Month
    9:00 am to Noon
    All are welcome to help.
    Contact: Sarah Sade
  • 21. Disciples
    Women Fellowship
    Volunteer needed to
    make revisions to 2010-11
    DWF book.
    Maurine Dalluge or Arlene Kremer
  • 22. Disciples
    Women Fellowship
    Quadrennial Bound Women:
    Diana Madsen, Deb Lewis,
    Dietta Nevins, Donna McNamee,
    Glenda Osgood, Janet Lott,
    Marcia Gossett, Maurine Dalluge,
    Sue Prins, Susan Duncan
    June 23 - 27
  • 23. School for Congregational Learners
    August 28
    West Des Moines Christian Church
    “Living in the Hyphen”
    Jose Morales, keynoter
    To register:
    Info in the church office or at
  • 24. Mark Your Calendar for October 9!
    Disciples Network Regional Assembly
    Christian Conference Center in Newton
    ALL FREE!!!
    Food booths
    Workshops & demonstrations
    Horse-drawn wagon rides
    Tours of the Conference Center
    Outdoor games for all ages
    Live music (our own Beyond Belief will be there!)
    Team Competitions
    Worship in the Outdoor Chapel
  • 25. 2010 Mission Trip
    Reach Workcamps
    July 25 – July 31
    Michigan City, Indiana
    Our mission team is seeking sponsorships.
    To make a donation, contact:
    Mary Abens, Robin Anctil, Derek Dalluge, Kyle Dalluge, Ashley Danner, Sarah Elam, Jim Osgood, Ramona Osgood, Whitney Phillips, Allison Sherman, or Secily Sherman.
    Thank you for your support!
  • 26. Summer Rummage Sale
    August 6 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    August 7 8:00 am - noon
    Now accepting clean items in
    working order. Deliver to church
    or pick-up service available.
    Judy Osgood 753-9213
    Marcia Gossett 351-4814
  • 27. Gatherers
    June 13
    5:00 p.m.
    At the Church
    Bring a side dish or dessert.
    Board & card games after dinner!
  • 28. Fellowship Time
    Hosts Wanted
    Sign up in the Gathering Area.
    Provide snacks and/or drinks for 100 (coffee is available) – something simple. Ask your group, committee, class or friends to join you in offering this simple ministry of hospitality following worship.
    Serving Fair Trade Equal Exchange Coffee
  • 29. Free Trade Equal Exchange
    Coffee & Tea
    For Sale
    Contact the Church Office
    for ordering.
  • 30. Want to be part of a
    Book Club here at Central?
    Meet every other month
    for discussion and refreshments.
    Contact Pastor Gail or office.
  • 31. Recycle Your Bulletin
    *If you take a bulletin and
    don’t wish to keep it,
    please place it and other papers
    in a recycle bin by the doors.
    *Help us reduce paper use and waste.
    Please take a bulletin only if you use one.
    Sponsored by the
    Middle School & High School classes
  • 32. The Library
    Books and DVDs and periodicals.
    Free internet access.
    Delivery to homebound members.
    On the lower level off Fellowship Hall.
  • 33. The current newsletter
    is now available online at
    The June newsletter is online.
  • 34. Serving and Saving Tips
    ☼ Replace half an hour of television with sitting outside or a
    stroll around the neighborhood.
    ☼ Turn off all electronics when you leave the room, even
    when you think you’ll just be gone for a few minutes.
    ☼ Avoid purchasing any food or drink in a disposable
    ☼ Turn off the radio when you are in the car, and instead
    spend time talking with whoever is in the car with you
    and/or fellowshipping with God.
  • 35. Please fill out the
    attendance information
    In one of the black books
    in your row.
    Thank you!
  • 36. Central Christian Church
    (Disciples of Christ)
    Phone: 641-753-3129
  • 37. Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
    300 West Main Street
    Marshalltown, IA 50158
    Office open Monday – Thursday
    8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
    Pastor Rev. Gail Thiessen
    Minister in Music & Worship Rev. Janet Lott
    Organist/Pianist Colette Benge
    Choir Director Chris Thiessen
    Office Denise Juel
    Office Susan Duncan
    Custodian Ken Fiscus
    Board Chair Dee Kilmer