SKMurphy            Consulting Group Skyrockets Productivity with Document
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Document Management Solution Helps Consulting Firm Skyrocket Productivity


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Learn how Central Desktop's document management solution helped consulting firm SKMurphy skyrocket productivity and speed up review cycles.

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Document Management Solution Helps Consulting Firm Skyrocket Productivity

  1. 1. COMPANY NAME SKMurphy Consulting Group Skyrockets Productivity with Document Management Solution INDUSTRY Consulting The Challenge: Inefficient Document Collaboration HEADQUARTERS When developing materials for their clients, SKMurphy's consultants often had to come to an agreement Cupertino, CA on content against a tight deadline. There were typically 5-10 people contributing so managing this process and maintaining version control was challenging. Having to email documents back and forth and keep track of the last person to edit was extremely inefficient. SKMurphy had experience using wikis to WEBSITE collaborate but found them limiting because they could not use it to save documents in one place. www.skmurphy. com SKMurphy needed a document management solution that could act as a central repository for files as well as allow them to collaborate on documents efficiently. ABOUT SKMurphy The Solution: Central Desktop as a Document Management Solution SKMurphy offers business development SKMurphy evaluated dozens of collaboration platforms but ultimately settled on Central Desktop because of its version control capabilities and workspace model. Central Desktop's workspace model services for software allowed SKMurphy to easily set up workspaces for each client by using the cloning feature. Each new entrepreneurs. The workspace took less than 5 minutes to set up. company specializes After implementing Central Desktop, SKMurphy was able to move its collaboration process away from in helping software being dependent on emails. The company eliminated any firms transform their version control issues by having all edit history and past technology versions saved in one online location. Additionally by using the email notification feature, the team was alerted “Central Desktop allows us to development focus to as soon as changes were made, prompting next steps and have a faster cycle time and a a customer speeding up the review process and the decision making time overall. faster response time so that development focus we can get to a working and accelerate their SKMurphy also integrated Central Desktop into its client consensus on a document by business with scalable offerings by using it to deliver workbooks, one of its proprietary solutions. Workbooks, which were part of a deadline.” sales, marketing and SKMurphy's workshops, were created as a Central Desktop business operations. workspace and used by clients as a planning tool. The ~ Sean Murphy, workbooks were designed to be interactive and included exercises and questions for clients to answer, as well as a CEO Ready to try Central space for them to jot down their own ideas. SKMurphy Desktop also offered the workbooks as PDFs but found that the online format using Central Desktop workspaces was much more useful because it was editable. c sdsads For more information, contact Sales at 866-900-7646 or