Dedicated manager (experianced ) for sourcing and supply chain development


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Dedicated manager (experianced ) for sourcing and supply chain development

  1. 1. Senior Manager concept for Sourcing Development along with Supply Chain handling. Power Point Presentation created by Vishwesh Rajguru by Vishwesh Rajguru 1
  2. 2. • Business Promotion ( Sales or Sourcing ) Concept of International Companies in India with help of dedicated India Manager • Concept adopted successfully by many companies in Europe and USA for business benefits. • One point contact dedicated to company only for f Sales or Sourcing ( Holding Visa for Europe and USA) International Company Dedicated India Souring Manager employed by the company +919833094837 Suppliers in India for International Company by Vishwesh Rajguru 2
  3. 3. Overview as Dedicated India Manager for Sourcing and Supply Chain Sourcing development and execution TERRA AG Dedicated Sourcing Manager as Supply Chain Management – Demand and Supply with no excess inventory Techno Commercial aspects and Logistics for Sourcing One Point contact Strong Supplier relations and sourcing of material as per company’s techno commercial expectation Technical Support and Regular updates on market by Vishwesh Rajguru 3
  4. 4. India Sourcing Manager Model Approach and Activities Understand the Company needs ,wants and products •Techno Commercial study of the products or services •Visit to suppliers' place for 3 days (if necessary) Manage & Provide Supplier information for approval Decide a marketing strategy suitable for Company Construct a purchasing approach that delivers quality material on right quality, quantity, time, place and imp price •Understand Supplier industry •Detail Supplier study •Analyze competition •Listing down the activities and preparing a macro execution plan Shared Sales Manager has been designed to enable the selected overseas companies to enter the Indian market by allowing them to test the market within a dramatically adjusted, restricted budget Define unique characteristics of suppliers facility and service support : Personal visits and build strong approach with identified supplier Price Negotiations activities Identify and create demand and supply support for supply from Indian Market Follow promotional ways like personal visits at trade shows, events, seminars, associations and trade portals, associations etc Supplier and Competitor Information Key competitors of supplier and their market positioning like size, exports in India or local manufacturing/tradi ng, supply process, pricing, strengths and weaknesses Results Successful Import from Indian Market Create requirement awareness, Create satisfaction of company on regular supply, create long term business relations with potential identified suppliers Arrange India Visit for company staff to gauge the realistic situation and decide on Scale up Operations Creation of strong supplier relations resulting potential cost saving with all satisfaction on by Vishwesh Rajguru delivery 6
  5. 5. Supplier Relationship – Single Point Contact Awareness & Information Gathering Continued Support 1 7 Service/repair experience of the company Point contact care for replacements and identify/define problem Customer Relationship Customer experience across all channels and across every stage of the relationship 6 5 2 3 4 Supply experience Receive product samples and technical data for vendor approval Review, understand logistics & payments by Vishwesh Rajguru 5
  6. 6. Elements of Cost that establish the Selling Price analysis: Product design Tooling and capitalization Product development costs Testing and evaluation Overhead on above activities Direct and variable material Direct and variable labor Manufacturing costs Total product cost Selling Price Direct and variable manufacturing system Marketing & sales General & administrative Total pretax profit by Vishwesh Rajguru 6
  7. 7. Main expectations before start ordering to the company… Commitment to quality—Product quality is regarded as an essential factor in selecting a supplier. Cost-competitive—Competitive pricing is another huge factor, especially for all businesses. Communication—Supplier and Company expects single point contact policy for open communication On Time service—Businesses strategies are predicated on schedules, which in turn are based on receiving shipments at agreed-upon times. Flexibility and special services—Supplier express appreciation for suppliers that take extra measures to satisfy their customers. Production capabilities—Supplier's capacity for program management and production should be considered, including its ability to integrate design and manufacturing functions, its approach to design changes, and its program measurement features. Financial stability—Businesses that allocate large sums for purchasing materials often prefer to make long-term deals with suppliers that are financially stable. Logistics/Location—Supplier capabilities in this area include transportation and import & export handling capabilities, and on time delivery. Inventory—According to Company , evaluation of this point is dependent somewhat on the supplier's business. Ability to provide technical support-Top research and development capacities are valuable to customers, providing them with significant savings in both price and quality. For Company it rejection analysis ( if, any) and free replacement backup is most important criteria. Relations – Supplier ( Sales Dept) is always involve in various activates and regular touch is important ( Supplier should make thought that Company is one of the member of their team) by Vishwesh Rajguru 7
  8. 8. Sourcing Development ( stages )activates by India Manager. Drawing /Enquiry/current price from purchase….Step 1 Enquiry forward to Indian manufacturer… Step 2 Supplier closer to our cut out price at least two supplier screen out Step 5 Vendor visit Audit for two supplier Sample manufacturer clearance Step 6 Test on sample Material ,Chemical analysis & Dimensional Criteria Step 9 Acceptance of Sample by Client through mail confirmation Step 10 Quotation and Sample received by suppliers for client’s approval. Step 3 Sample to give to manufacturing clearance if Set up, Manufacturing facilities ,QC and price ok Step 7 Draft of agreement to be sent to Mumbai & same will be forwarded to supplier to go through terms & conditions Step 11 Price Comparison Sheet of suppliers. Step 4 . Sample received along with Test certificate sent to client for approval Step 8 Thereafter final Agreement to be made between client and supplier by Vishwesh Rajguru Step 12 8
  9. 9. Sourcing Manager- Responsibility Define winning strategies and business plans along with higher authorities. Improve product purchasing from suppliers to enhance added value and improve margins Using a solution and consultative approach, the role will take the lead in planning, managing, coordinating and winning business within both new and existing customers in National or International level Excellent product and technical knowledge in order to provide a great service to the Company. Manager is aware about sectors and suppliers where the products are of high value and/or technology oriented and high quality material sourcing. Manager for long term and continues presence in India and bridge between company and gain of potential market of India – for Sales and Sourcing plus logistics. Working methodology strictly as per company’s guidelines and involvement in defining strategy. Coordination and relations building with end-users, agents, distributors and suppliers ,exporters plus appointed logistical companies . All India sourcing development activities like trade shows, market, supplier segments, seminars and other business development activates conduction and reporting to the company on a regular basis. by Vishwesh Rajguru 9
  10. 10. Managing and optimizing processes within the supplier support to the company. Daily reporting and coordination with RnD or Engineering department and commercial department about market feedback and status of supply. Visits and other relevant activities report in company given format or approved format in detail – for Sourcing. Organize Company staff visits for factory and manufacturing process inspections. Investigation of complaints regarding quality, tolerances, specifications and delivered condition of products and feedback to relevant corrective action taken. Daily reporting through by Company ‘s define format or software. Coordination activities of departments such as operating, manufacturing, engineering, planning, and sales, maintenance, research and development, to ensure operational efficiency and economy. Support and manage every employee to achieved significant improvements in their productivity as per Company’s need. Planning and Identification of new supplier development and travel scheduling . New product or Technology to be source from the market. Manager able to handle approvals from government and due diligence ,if any. Coordination of all logistical activates till door delivery. by Vishwesh Rajguru 10
  11. 11. Importer Exporter Bank In Exporters Country Manufacturing/ Procuring Importers bank Importer’s Warehouse Logistics Handling by Sales Manager End Customers Secure Transportation and Documentation Air or Sea Shipment by Vishwesh Rajguru 11
  12. 12. India Manager (Country Manager for Sourcing and Supply Chain) 1. India Manager provides a continuous, effective and low cost entry in India. 2. India Manager is being used by company where the raw material or sub assemblies or product are of high value and/or technology oriented and high quality material sourcing. 3. Dedicated person for long term and continues presence in India. 4. Work on company's payroll as an employee with identity of client ( Holding Business card of the company). – with signing of appointment letter. 5. Working methodology as per company’s guidelines. 6. Appointment for Sales/Marketing of company’s product a and sourcing potential high quality raw material from India. 7. All India development activities shall be reported to the client on a continuous basis. 8. Accounting updates for travelling ,food, accommodation, stationary, etc can be given on online software or any other way suggested by company on weekly basis. 9. Visit reporting in detail – for Sourcing 10. Daily reporting through by Email and SKYPE or VOIP. by Vishwesh Rajguru 12
  13. 13. Why do companies outsource? The benefits •Lower costs due to economies of scale. •Ability to concentrate on core functions. •Greater flexibility and ability to define the requisite service more readily. •Acquire better management •Assist a fast growth situation •Less dependency upon internal resources. (Avoid labor problems) •Control of budget. •Faster setup of the function or service. •Lower ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure. •Greater ability to control on export orders or sourcing •Increase flexibility to meet changing business conditions. •Improve risk management. •Acquire innovative ideas. Regular feedback ongoing change in technology. • Enhance credibility in the International Market. •Gain market access and business opportunities through the dedicated manager’s network. •Concrete base foundation for sales or sourcing with scaling up activities in next stages. by Vishwesh Rajguru 13
  14. 14. Thank You by Vishwesh Rajguru 14