What is a Raid?


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Inevitable Instructor Weekend Webinar with the Ready to Raid 3D GameLab questline

What is a Raid Hangout Recording http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kTHLAhflp0&feature=plcp

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What is a Raid?

  1. 1. What is a Raid?
  2. 2. OverviewWhat is WoW?What is a MMORPG?Fundamental Concepts ofMMORPGsWhat is a Raid?Aspects of Raiding
  3. 3. World of Warcraft
  4. 4. World of Warcraft• Sword and Board Fantasy Game• Persistent online personae(s)• Players are Heroes• Two Factions• 11 classes with 3 specializations each
  5. 5. World of Warcraft• Monthly subscription fee is $14.99 / month• 9.6 million players 4th Quarter 2012• WoW is an MMORPG
  6. 6. MMORPGThe term MMORPG was coined by RichardGarriott, the creator of Ultima Online, thegame credited with popularizing the genre in1997.
  7. 7. MMORPGIn nearly all MMORPGs, the development ofthe players character is a primary goal. ManyMMORPGs feature a character progressionsystem in which players earn experiencepoints for their actions and use those pointsto reach character "levels", which makesthem better at whatever they do.
  8. 8. Fundamental ConceptsMMORPG
  9. 9. EndgameRefers to the content and activities that playerscan engage in once they have reached themax level in the gameCurrently, level 90 in WoWRaiding is an endgame activity
  10. 10. LevelingInitial gameplay is focused on improving theplayerLots of soft and hard scaffolding applicationsLeveling is the Journey to exploring characterability. Endgame is about mastery andoptimizing performance
  11. 11. TeamworkMany MMORPGs actively encouragecollaboration and teamsMany activities require more than one playeraccomplishSocial structures and game infrastructure arecreated to allow convenient collaboration andsharing of resources
  12. 12. LeadershipLeadership is organic in most MMORPGS,minimal at first, but rapidly increasingopportunities the longer a player plasLeadership is also flexible and temporal inmany games. Players will take leadershiproles for things they know
  13. 13. GuildA group pursuing a common goalSocial structure with infrastructure attached toit. Shared Bank, Chat, notification of who isonline, Roster, and Ranks.Guild Master has greatest controlRemember all members are Volunteers
  14. 14. Player v. Environment (PVE)Traditionally, combat with monsters/opponentsand completing quests, either alone or ingroups, is the primary way to earn experiencepoints.Monsters/ Opponents do a set action based onprogrammingMost players prefer this type of play
  15. 15. Non Player Character (NPC)Refers to all characters in a game that areprogramed into the gameRun on a set of commands / actionsdetermined by programmersMajority of player activity will revolve aroundengaging with NPCs (Quest givers, monsters,bosses, repairer, vendors, etc.)
  16. 16. Player v. Player (PvP)Players compete against each other oropposing faction playersPlay is live, enemies are other playersFast Game play, No set action, Can be unfairPlayers can choose to pvp or not
  17. 17. 2012 Predictions for MMOsOf all 50 million MMO gamers in the US, 23million spend money on free-to-play orsubscription MMOs.Overall, the US market is expected to grow to$2.9bn in 2012.Gamasutra
  18. 18. What is a Raid?Like a Team SportChoreographed Dance
  19. 19. Everyone has a RoleTankDPSHeal
  20. 20. What is a Raid?• A Raid is typically the final (end game)content in an MMORPG• The journey leveling your character to maxlevel serves as the foundational skill/ trainingfor end game• Raids require mastery of player skills andgame mechanics
  21. 21. What is a Raid?• Companys point of viewo Raids are the most challenging content of eachrelease and need to remain challenging until thenext expansion / edition.o If not enough players are succeeding, may reducedifficulty (nerf) to allow more to succeed and retainsubscriptions
  22. 22. What is a Raid?• Players point of viewo Success in Raids requires collaboration,communication, and masteryo Raid Gear symbolizes achievement, status, andshould only be obtained by those that are the best
  23. 23. What is a Raid?• Educators point of viewo Success in Raids requires collaboration,communication, and mastery of competencieso Raids offer hard fun, strategy development, researchopportunities, authentic assessment, criticalanalysis, team building, leadership simulations, andpeer evaluation
  24. 24. RaidNeed x number of Players10 players25 players40+ players
  25. 25. Typical 10 Player raid2 Tanks2 or 3 Heals5 or 6 DPS
  26. 26. RaidNeed mix of rolesTank - take brunt of the attackHeals - heal up tanks and DPSDPS - do damage
  27. 27. Raid Process4 - 8 Opponents known as BossesProgress through a series of smaller NPC(Non- Player Characters) and/or monsters.
  28. 28. Starting Alignment
  29. 29. Once Boss is Engaged
  30. 30. World Boss
  31. 31. World BossCall to all players on the factionCan takes 30 -80 players
  32. 32. Current World BossesWoW Mists of PandariaNalakOondastaGalleonShaZandalari Warbringer ( NPC really)
  33. 33. Raid Requirements• A Raid requireso a group of playerso a mix of classes and roleso in depth knowledge of your charactero in depth knowledge of how you fit into the groupo continuous improvemento acceptance and embracement of failureo adoption of a fail fast mentality
  34. 34. Raid Components• Bosseso Big Nasties that are hard to kill• Addso Minions that attack during boss fight• Game Mechanicso Each boss fight is a dance, have to learnthe rhythm and adapt
  35. 35. Raid Components• Gearo Reward must be worth the investment• Group Size Limitso Typically 10, 25, 40o May vary between MMORPG• Mobs / Trasho Weaker monsters that occur betweenbosses
  36. 36. Raid Components• Wipeso Term used for when everyone dieso Raid leader may call for a wipe, if key players havedied• Failureo Like sports, raiding is about managing failureo May take 45-80+ attempts to down a Boss
  37. 37. WoW Specific Raid Components• Item Level (ilevel)o Average level of all gear worn or in your bags• Enrage Timero Have a time limit before boss kills the groupo Time can be either soft enrage or hard enrage
  38. 38. What do Raids Look Like?
  39. 39. Types of RaidsIn WoW
  40. 40. RetroRaids from Previous ExpansionsLooking for Raid (LFR)25 player intro to new raidsServe as training groundBoss stats, mechanics, damage, and geardrops are reducedTypes of Raids
  41. 41. 10 player - NormalRaid is set to full powerGear drop is full level25 player - NormalRaid is boosted to offset 25 playersGear is the same as 10 player, but moredropsTypes of Raids
  42. 42. Heroic - 10 player and 25 playerBosses are buffedGear is higher level30 to 80+ playerWorld BossesTypes of Raids
  43. 43. World of WarcraftTypes of Raid Groups
  44. 44. DedicatedSeriousTieredHard CoreProgressive Raids
  45. 45. Mix of players that are typically not part of aguild big enough to do guild raiding. Heavyuse of pick up groups (PUGs).Non - Progressive
  46. 46. The Raid takes place whenever thereseems to be enough level 90s with minimumitem level on. Group will figure out targetedRaid as they go along.Casual
  47. 47. Series of raiding times set for people to signup as convenient. Raid leader or invited guestguides the run and explains fights as needed.Emphasis is on social interaction andcompleting the Raid and gear is secondary.Social
  48. 48. Series of raiding times set for people tosign up as convenient. Raid leader or invitedguest guides the run and explains fights asneeded. Emphasis is on social interactionand completing the Raid and gear issecondary.Gear
  49. 49. Quick Vocab QuizBossMobPvEWipe
  50. 50. Questions / Discussion