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Transmedia presentation for eLCC

Transmedia presentation for eLCC

Kae Novak and John Heisel



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Transmedia Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Information & Transmedia Fluency
  • 2. Transmedia
  • 3. Capacidade de acompanhar o fluxode histórias e informações emvárias modalidades.
  • 4. Ability to follow the flow of storiesand information across multiplemodalities.
  • 5. Information &Transmedia Fluency– DefinedTo reflectively locate, organize, analyzeand apply information to a definedproblem across multiple modalities.Valuing critical inquiry to engage with theknowledge and ethical practices of adiscipline or chosen profession.
  • 6. •Information Literacy• Finding and working with information.•Technology (really Transmedia) Fluency• Using technology to locate and manipulateinformation.
  • 7. Challenges
  • 8. Academics
  • 9. Common responses from faculty…•“I lecture on what legitimate sources areand then double check when they usesources that they are legitimate.”•“I assess students in this course in twoways. One, through their presentation ofthis material, through oral citations,organization of evidence, type and varietyof evidence, reliable and credible sources.”
  • 10.  Not enough time in the semester toincorporate information literacy and corecurriculum. Students don’t “care about” goodresearch and Googling is the easyway out. No clear definition of what studentsshould be capable of doing and whatinstructors should be teaching.
  • 11. Knowmads
  • 12. •What methods do students use most whensearching for answers or material?•“Google searches (or other searchengines) and I am always amazed howmany students solely use Wikipedia as asource.“
  • 13. Technology &Information TransmediaFluency
  • 14. Where do you findinformation?
  • 15. PLAYthe capacity to experiment with one’ssurroundings as a form of problem-solving
  • 16. Multitaskingthe ability to scan one’s environment andshift focus as needed tosalient details
  • 17. Judgmentthe ability to evaluate the reliability andcredibility of differentinformation sources
  • 18. Creationshaping the flow of media such as videoand blogging
  • 19. Curationthe ability to store, catalogue and displayinformation for future use
  • 20. Confronting theChallengesof ParticipatoryCulture
  • 21. How to assesstransmedia???
  • 22. Work in progress• 4 categories for Information and TechnologyLiteracy lot.• Using a ranking system from 3 to 0.• Creating a rubric for assessment.• All is subject to change.
  • 23. Badges
  • 24. Assess-A-Palooza• October 18, 2013• For more info see• Coming soon to a Front Range CommunityCollege Campus near you!
  • 25. “Life is a journey not a destination.”Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • 26. The Endproduced by Kae Novak and John HeiselFront Range Community College
  • 27. sources• Confronting the Challenges of ParticipatoryCulture: Media Education for the 21stCentury, by Henry Jenkins• Research from the Information andTechnology Literacy learning outcome team.Front Range Community College.