Overview of Summer Games MOOC
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Overview of Summer Games MOOC

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Games Based Learning MOOC http://www.gamesmooc.shivtr.com/ ...

Games Based Learning MOOC http://www.gamesmooc.shivtr.com/
hashtag #gamemooc, official tweets will come from the @proximalzone twitter account
“Game Base Learning MOOC” Flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/gamesmooc/

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  • 1. Games BasedLearning MOOChttp://gamesmooc.shivtr.com
  • 2. Games MOOC
  • 3. READY TO PLAY?Part IJune 3 – 24th
  • 5. Massive Open OnlineCourseMOOC
  • 6. Games MOOCSUMMER
  • 7. Summer Games MOOC Part I1) Multi-player and MMORPG2) Characters and Communities3) Build Your GuildBonus: EduMachinima Fest
  • 8. ConnectivistMOOC
  • 9. Learning Theory for theDigital AgeConnectivism
  • 10. Source: George Siemens Quote from:http://www.elearnspace.org/Articles/connectivism.htm“One of the most persuasive factors is theshrinking half-life of knowledge. The “half-life of knowledge” is the time span fromwhen knowledge is gained to when itbecomes obsolete. Half of what is knowntoday was not known 10 years ago.”
  • 11. Principles of Connectivism• Learning and knowledge rests in diversity ofopinions.• Learning is a process of connecting specializednodes or information sources.• Learning may reside in non-human appliances.• Capacity to know more is more critical thanwhat is currently known
  • 12. Principles of Connectivism• Nurturing and maintaining connections is neededto facilitate continual learning.• Ability to see connections between fields, ideas,and concepts is a core skill.• Currency (accurate, up-to-date knowledge) is theintent of all connectivist learning activities.
  • 13. Siemens & Downes• Aggregate• Repurpose• Remix• Feed Forward
  • 14. Important Attributes• Facilitator not the sole provider of knowledge• Facilitator not the determiner of space• High-end knowledge exchange to occur• Open Source
  • 15. Three Types of MOOCs•Connectivist MOOC•xMOOC•Community/Task BasedMOOC
  • 16. Build Your Guild
  • 17. Build Your Guild• Introduce During Week 2• 10 quests to create an educational guild foryour class– Project– Semester– Year
  • 18. Social NetworkKnowledgeConstructionSNKC
  • 19. SNKC• Level 1 – Identify the Network• Level 2 – Lurk• Level 3 – Contribute• Level 4 – Create• Level 5 – Lead
  • 20. Social Media• Twitter• Flickr• YouTube
  • 21. Twitter•#gamemooc•@ proximalzone
  • 22. www.tweetchat.com
  • 23. Flickr• Flickr group “Games Based Learning MOOC”• http://www.flickr.com/groups/gamesmooc/
  • 24. Discussions
  • 25. Overview• Guild Site• Connectivist /Community/Task MOOC• Social Network Knowledge Construction• Social Media• Discussions• Badge
  • 26. Personal Learning NetworkPLN
  • 28. AsynchronousSynchronous
  • 29. Monday – Noon MTOverview over the Games MOOCYouTube Channel
  • 30. Tuesday – 6 pm MT• YouTube Livestream– 60 minutes of presentation/discussion– Game MOOC YouTube Channel– Google Hangout
  • 31. Wednesday – 7 pm MST• TWEETCHAT– 60 minutes of twitter discussion– www.tweetchat.com– Start with quick intro– Then 4 questions– #gamemooc
  • 32. Friday – 2-4 pm MT• OFFICE Hours– Discussion of Week’s Topics– Last Hour in WoW
  • 33. Sat 11 am MT• YouTube Livestream– Sponsored by G.A.M.E.– Game MOOC YouTube Channel– Google Hangout
  • 34. Overview• Badge – Build Your Guild• Asynchronous and Synchronous• Tue Google Hangout Live• Wed Tweetchat• Fri Office Hours• Sat Morning MMORPG tour• Any other event we can get
  • 35. EduMachinima FestSubmission due 1155 pm PTTuesday, June 18th
  • 36. Other EventsG.A.M.E.ISTE SIGVECognitive Dissonance GuildInevitable Betrayal Guild
  • 37. Monday June 24thEduMachinima Fest430 – 545 pm MTGoogle Hangout fromISTE Conference
  • 38. Typical Week Discussions• Show us or tell us about it.– Post in Forums– Pic or Screencapture– Link in Diigo– Would you use it?– Why? Why not?– Found something better? Share!
  • 39. Live Events Online• Mon Noon Google Hangout Week Overview• Tue 6 pm Session ( 30-60 mins)• Wed 7 pm #gamemooc tweetchat (60 mins)• Fri 2- 4 pm Office Hours– Discussion of the Week/Speaker– WoW Office Hours• Sat 11 am Tour of a MMORPG
  • 40. Games BasedLearning MOOC#gamemooc