Know your class! - Ready to Raid


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Inevitable Instructor Webinar
Inevitable Betrayal Guild
Ready to Raid Questline

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Know your class! - Ready to Raid

  1. 1. Know Your Class!Inevitable Betrayal
  2. 2. ClassesRolesResponsibilitiesOverview
  3. 3. WoW offers players 11 classes to choose fromEach class offers 3 specializations to selectSelection of Class is final for the rest of the lifeof the characterSpecializations can be switchedClasses
  4. 4. Classes & SpecializationsClasses SpecializationsDeath Knight Blood Frost UnholyDruid Guardian Feral / Balance RestorationHunter Beast Mastery Marksmanship SurvivalMage Arcane Fire FrostMonk Brewmaster Mistweaver WindwalkerPaladin Holy Protection RetributionPriest Discipline Holy ShadowRogue Assassination Combat SubtletyShaman Elemental Enhancement RestorationWarlock Affliction Demonology DestructionWarrior Arms Fury Protection
  5. 5. Class• Has the biggest effect on how you play thegame and what role you take.Specialization• Allows you to specialize and excel in yourrole.Classes
  6. 6. Everyone has a Role!
  7. 7. 3 Basic Roles
  8. 8. The Tank• Tanko Able to absorb and mitigate large amounts ofdamage• The Conductoro Assess the situationo Assess team memberso Versed in the mechanics
  9. 9. The Tank• Tanking Classeso Death Knight (Blood)o Druid (Guardian / Bearform)o Monk (Brewmaster)o Paladin (Protection)o Warrior (Protection)
  10. 10. The Healer• Healerso Maintain party members’ health, especially theTank(s)!• They umm... Healo Anticipate damage takeno Prioritize healso Keep the tank aliveo Know the fight sequenceo Recognize and dispel curses, poisons, DOTs applied to raidmember(s)
  11. 11. The Healer• Healer Classeso Druid (Resto)o Monk (Mistweaver)o Paladin (Holy)o Priest (Disc / Holy)o Shaman (Resto)
  12. 12. The Damage Per Second (DPS)• DPSo Quickly do high damage to targets• The Killers / Assassinso Max out your damageo Protect the healero Assist the tank
  13. 13. Damage Per Second (DPS)• DPS Classeso All Classes can DPS• Sub-Classeso Ranged Stay at distanceo Melee Up close Attack from Behind
  14. 14. Class Roles and SpecializationsClass Tanking DPS HealingDeath Knight Blood Frost / UnholyDruid Guardian Feral / Balance RestorationHunter AllMage AllMonk Brewmaster Windwalker MistweaverPaladin Protection Retribution HolyPriest Shadow Holy/DiscRogue AllShaman Elem / Enhan RestorationWarlock AllWarrior Protection Arms / Fury
  15. 15. Endgame Goal of each Class• Optimize their specific set of abilities• Tankso Block, dodge, parry (i.e. mitigate damage)• DPSo DPS (damage per second)• Healero HPS (heals per second) & minimize Overhealing
  16. 16. How can you Optimize?• Primary wayo Familiarity with spells, talents & glyphso Gear• Secondaryo Increase Priority Stats on Gear Reforging, Gemming, Enchantso Potions and Food
  17. 17. How can you Optimize?• Gearo WoW gear is color coded• Purple - Epico best gear for your levelo drops from Raids orrandomly
  18. 18. How can you Optimize?• Blue - Rareo next highest lvl gearo Drops from dungeonbosses, special quests,and randomly• Green - Uncommono Drops from most questso sometimes can bepurchased from vendor
  19. 19. Responsibilities
  20. 20. Quick Questions........Tanks do what?Heals......?DPS......?And Leeroy Jenkins did what..........?
  21. 21. Each role has distinct responsibilitiesAnyone can call the fight, designated as RaidLeaderTanks• Tank the boss• Manage party aggro• Communicate with other tank• Common for Tanks to be Raid LeadersResponsibilities
  22. 22. Healers• Manage party health• Prioritize battle rezzes• Call for mana replenishment• Common for Heals to be Raid LeadersDPS• Do high damage• Avoid taking damage• Help with other duties as needed, e.g. dealingwith AddsResponsibilities
  23. 23. Starting Alignment
  24. 24. Fight Starts
  25. 25. Once Boss is Engaged
  26. 26. Things we havent mentioned yetYou also need to be situationally awareDuring any given fight all players need to bepaying attention...:• Role in Fight• Fight Progression• Look for Adds• Watch your Feet• Watch your Health• Whats coming Next?
  27. 27. Things we havent mentioned yetWe generalized a lot. There are a ton of littledetails that are required to be successful inraiding:• Studying• Know what your abilities are and when to usethem• Being open to improvement• Lots of Practice• Constant Analysis
  28. 28. Things arent always what theyappear• Top DPS• Top Heals
  29. 29. Things we havent mentioned yet• Key to successful raiding groupo Its about optimizing the GROUPnot any one persono Raiding is a collaborative endeavor
  31. 31. Questions / Discussion