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Inevitable Instructors -  Gearing up on Timeless Isle
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Inevitable Instructors - Gearing up on Timeless Isle


Gearing up on Timeless Isle Patch 5.4 …

Gearing up on Timeless Isle Patch 5.4
Inevitable Instructors Weekend Webinars
Inevitable Betrayal Educators' Guild

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  • 1. Gearing Up on Timeless Isle Inevitable Betrayal
  • 2. Caveats Good if ● Your main’s item level is <496 ● You have lvl 90 alts that you want to get ready for SoO LFR quickly ● You are looking for a 535 piece Not good if ● You have one toon and all your gear is +496 and your trinkets are +535
  • 3. Getting there ● Go to the Vale ● Automatically get Flash of Bronze Quest ● Fly to top of Mogu’shan Palace in the Vale (Seat of Knowledge) ● Outside the Lorewalker’s area
  • 4. Getting there ● Talk with Chromie, and click on the stopwatch she gives you ● Grab the flight point, as you will fly there afterwards
  • 5. Things to be Aware of ● Timeless Coins are the reward for most quests. ● 50K coins will buy a 535 Trinket. ● Trinket is sold by Mistweaver Ai ● Review with askmrrobot if it is an upgrade ● Mistweaver Ai is next to the Emperor at The Celestial Court
  • 6. Things to be Aware of ● Most of the mobs are elites (golden dragon around their portrait) so are hard to kill alone
  • 7. Things to be Aware of ● Look for lock boxes as they give you gear ● All Lockboxes refresh, so if someone else clicks it, wait and it will reappear. ● Can only loot Sturdy Chests and Smoldering Chest once ● Moss-covered chests can be looted each day
  • 8. Things to be Aware of ● Gear tokens ● Chests and creatures drop tokens ● Typically labeled “Timeless {armor type} {armor slot} like Timeless Leather Gloves ● These are BIND ON ACCOUNT (BoA), so send them to alts as needed ● Tokens that drop from Rares can be shared with others in the party
  • 9. Timeless Tokens ● Make gear based on your current Loot Specialization
  • 10. Things to be Aware of ● Run in a group ● Read general chat to see when Rares are up (give you loot you can trade with other party members) ● Can farm rares repeatedly ● New world boss (celestials in the middle of the island)
  • 11. ● Rares have a silver dragon around their portrait ● Announce in General Chat if you are alone
  • 12. Easiest Rare to Get Evermaw
  • 13. Questing ● Get your Quests started first ● They will send you around the island ● One of the fastest ways to get coins and gear and allows you to explore with a group ● Your main hub will be the Celestial Court
  • 14. Tokens ● To use your tokens, change your loot specialization to the spec you want gear for and then right click on the token ● Remember the resulting gear will be soulbound
  • 15. Burden of Eternity ● Special item that is a rare drop ● Lets you create a 535 level item instead of 496 (must be used on the item’s token) ● Watch the video to see how to get a guaranteed one, otherwise it’s a rare drop
  • 16. Crystal of Insanity ● Drop from Sulik’shor in Valley of the Four Winds ● Also now drops from Cavern of Lost Spirits
  • 17. Crystal of Insanity ● Random chance to drop from picking up crystals in the cave
  • 18. KuKuru’s Groto ● Sells you keys for 500 coins, can unlock as many boxes as you can pay for
  • 19. Watch Your Health ● Scattered on the island are consumables you can use to replenish your health
  • 20. Mailboxes and Inns ● There is an inn and mailbox on the NorthWest side of the Celestial Court (crane Celestial) ● The mailbox is a Grummie
  • 21. Questions / Discussion