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Beginning Raid Heals for Priests

Beginning Raid Heals for Priests



Priest Raid Heals for Beginners

Priest Raid Heals for Beginners

Inevitable Instructor Weekly Webinar
Inevitable Betrayal Educator's Guild



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    Beginning Raid Heals for Priests Beginning Raid Heals for Priests Presentation Transcript

    • Beginning Raid Heals for Priests Inevitable Betrayal
    • Specialization Basics •Holy – Healing •Discipline – Healing •Shadow - DPS
    • Holy • Best for Raid healing (10 to 25 man) • Chakras – learned at lvl 56 • Chastise – increase damage done • Sanctuary – increase AOE healing • Serenity – increase single target healing
    • Holy • Stat Priority • Lvl 1 to 79 • Focus on Intellect & Spirit • Lvl 80+ • Focus on Intellect & Spirit • Start looking for: Haste, Crit, then Mastery
    • Discipline (Disc) • Focuses on • Damage Absorption and Mitigation • Aims at avoiding damage and smoothing out incoming damage • Strategic use of shields to reduce need for healing • Can tank heal or raid heal
    • Discipline (Disc) • Stat Priority • Lvl 1 to 79 • Focus on Intellect & Spirit • Lvl 80+ • Focus on Intellect & Spirit • Start looking for: Crit, Mastery, then Haste
    • Discipline (Disc) • Crit v. Mastery • Focus on Crit • Atonement Healing • Focus on Mastery • Increase basic Healing
    • Discipline (Disc) • Atonement • Allows you to heal players by attacking enemy with Smite, Holy Fire, and Penance • Lowest Health player within 40 yards of target is healed equal to the amount of damage the priest did • Each Smite, Holy Fire, and Penance places a stack of Evangelism on the enemy
    • Discipline (Disc) • Evangelism • Want to keep as many stacks on the target as you can • Use Archangel to consume the stacks and gain up to 25% healing increase • Use Archangel when lots of damage is occurring
    • Shadow • DPS only • Maintain Shadow form • Weak heals and shields, but can help heal in a pinch; but kicks you out of shadow form, so lower dps
    • Shadow Priests How to Help with Healing
    • Shadow Priest Help • Possibly switch holy for diversity - shield or communication • Shadow Priest - always help with cascade, holy nova, and divine star for last talent • Critical - be willing to hit hymn of hope for mana regeneration. Needs to be coordinated for mana regeneration at a time. • Hit mana regeneration during lull - knowing fight and 7.75 sec need 8 seconds • Communicate to other healers to watch people
    • Priests • MANA is the most important attribute
    • What affects Mana? • Intelligence: • Determines the AMOUNT of mana (prior to MoP) • Increased spell power (increases average heal) • Increases critical strike (Doubles you heal amount) • Spirit: • Determines how fast you REGENERATE mana • In combat & out of combat
    • In combat regeneration • Use wand to attack and conserve mana • Not very effective attack • Mindbender (Talent at lvl 45) • Summon a shadow fiend to attack target • Each fiend attack gives priest up to 5% of total mana back • % back increases with character level
    • Suggested Talents • Level 15: Dominate Mind • Takes control of an enemy player or NPC • Level 30: Angelic Feather • Allows you to place up to 3 feathers that increase movement by 60% for 4 seconds • Level 45: Mindbender • Gives a reliable Mana regeneration cooldown
    • Suggested Talents • Level 60: Desperate Prayer • Instance cast, self-heal for 30% of max health • Level 75: Power Infusion • Increases casting by 20% and reduces mana cost of spells by 20% for 20 secs • Level 90: Cascade • Chain heal that bounces from target to target ; bounces up to 3 times
    • Types of Healing • Just like in DPS • Single Target Healing • Most efficient spell for healing a single person • AKA: Tank heals • Area of Effect (AOE) Healing • Most efficient spell for healing group • AKA: Raid Heals
    • Useful Spells • Power Word: Fortitude (Fort) • Always cast on yourself/ group • Increases Stamina by 10% • Hymn of Hope • Group wide Mana Regen • Fear Ward • Grants one person immunity to a fear attack
    • Useful Spells • Purify • Will remove all Magic and Disease effects on friendly target • Dispel • Will remove one beneficial Magic effect from an enemy • Silence • Interrupt the target’s spell casting for 45 secs
    • Useful Spells • Mass Dispel • Remove one harmful magical effect from every friendly player and one beneficial magical effect from every enemy within 15yards of the caster. • Capped at 10 friendly and 10 enemy dispels • Can also remove effects in raids that are normally not dispellable
    • Useful Spells • Psychic Scream • AOE Fear up to 8 enemies • Shackle “Undead” • Allows you to crowd control undead enemies • Does not work on Forsaken • Fade • Will reduce priest’s threat to all enemies
    • Useful Spells • Leap of Faith • Pulls a friendly target to you • Good for getting that certain DPS out of the fire
    • Useful Spells • Vampiric Embrace – Lvl 78 • Heals you and your allies for 50% of the damage you deal for 15 seconds. • Shadow spec only spell
    • Why Discipline? • Shielding and Absorption for Tank and Raid • Heal automatically by dealing damage (smart healing and mana efficient) • More versatile can heal single, raid and contribute to DPS
    • Why Discipline? • AOE with Cascade , Divine Star • Prayer of Mending: Heals 1 person and then heals 4 more • Prayer of Healing: AOE healing
    • Why Holy? • In a Raid situation, no absorbs but depending on which Shakra can do individual healing plus 25 % heals in raid • Renew Stronger • Divine Hymn
    • Why Holy? • Extra AOE healing similar to a Druid • Lightsprings • Divine Hymn
    • Gear Basics • Intel comes on every piece but still need to enchant for it • Spirit 8,000 minimum
    • Gear Basics - Disc • Mastery increased absorbs • Crit increases chance of spells and heals to hit and proc for divine aegis • Don’t worry about Hit • Could crit build • Crit-ing more often makes absorbs stronger
    • Gear Basics - Holy • Haste • Mastery works as secondary
    • GEMS GEM for Spirit
    • GEMS • Red – brilliant • Purple – purified for intel and spirit • Blue - sparkling, purified • Yellow – fractured for mastery • Orange – artful for intel and mastery • Green – zen for spirit and mastery • Meta – Revitalizing
    • Stat Priority • Discipline • Always spirit, then mastery then crit • Holy • Spirit, then haste, then mastery
    • Disc Glyphs • Holy Fire • Range of holy fire and smite by 10 yard improvement • Penance • Move while casting but increase mana cost • Power Word Shield • Shield 20% more effective
    • Holy Glyphs • Lightspring Glyph • No clicking • Lightwell • Change total amount of charges by 2 • Holy Nova or Renew • Based on Play Style
    • Reforging • Disc • Spirit – Mastery - Crit • Holy • Spirit – Haste - Mastery
    • GEMS DISC Gem Combination Spirit/Crit then Spirit/Mastery
    • GEMS HOLY Gem Combination Spirit/Haste then Spirit/Mastery More Haste means more ticks on Renew, Holy Word Santuary, Divine Hymn
    • Buffs • Inner Fire – increases your stamina and spell power. ALWAYS KEEP THIS UP! EXCEPT when you need • Inner Will – use when you will need lots of instant cast spells and increased movement speed
    • Note: Power Word Shield PWS can be redundant if more than one holy priest. Coordination needed.
    • Meloddius’ Notes I (Meloddius) don't have a set rotation for heals or damage, but I have priority system for my spells, shields and shells that I use depending on • Healing assignment • Raid composition • Experience and gear of others in group • Trash and Boss fights for dungeon, raid, LFR and guild run
    • Rotation/Priority System There is not a ‘true”rotation for Priests (in my opinion). To be an effective healer you need to be aware of your talents, glyphs, spells, shields, buffs, and gear. What do they do? How do they help me or the others in my group? What or who do I need to monitor the most? Which spell / shield combinations are the most effective for which situations? You need to carry 5 to 8 Tomes with you so that you can adjust your talents and glyphs as needed to benefit the group. Knowing your TOON and situational awareness go a LONG WAY!!!
    • Rough Rotation for Helping Raid • Power Word Shield Tank • Prayer of Mending on Raid • Then go back to Tank
    • These are ALWAYS your go-to Spells • Penance on boss (builds evangelism) • Holy fire on boss (builds evangelism) • 4 smites ( for a 5 stack of evangelism) • Triggers archangel, hit archangel to consume the stacks of evangelism and increase healing by 5% up to 25%.
    • Depending on what is need: *****Can pop PW infusion, holy fire, spam smite until holy fire is available do it again when PW infusion is there
    • Depending on what is need: • If everyone okay - PWS on tank then prayer of mending ( jumps 5 times) possibly a penance on tank or boss • If AOE damage on raid - after archangel, spirit shell with spamming prayer of healing, (intensifying absorbs) for 15 seconds - all healing transferred into stronger absorb shields • Throw in cascade (SO), divine star ( grouped) , holy nova ( SO) • Every second or third time going into holy fire rotation.
    • Switching Based on Raid/Boss • Possibly switch holy for diversity - shield or communication • Shadow Priest - always help with cascade, holy nova, and divine star for last talent • Critical - be willing to hit hymn of hope for mana regeneration. Needs to be coordinated for mana regeneration at a time. • Hit mana regeneration during lull - knowing fight and 7.75 sec need 8 seconds
    • Healing Team • Communicate and Coordinate Cool-downs • Be ready to help and announce when you are helping • Do not duplicate • You will need to move and heal; so practice
    • Mogu’Shan Vaults Healing
    • Stoneguard • Disc Priests When getting ready to overload - a few seconds before try to PW infusion, spirit shell, prayer of healing and cascade - roughly
    • Feng • Disc Priests • smite atonement from center • if nullification barrier ready - cascade basic prayer of mending • no barrier - healers alternate big cool-downs • D- power word barrier Circle in center Prayer of healing on everyone Holy - divine hymn, holy word santuary
    • Gar’Jal • • stacking people - AOE healing • D- power word shield on anyone with Voodoo Doll and prayer of healing, fast smite rotation with power word infusion • up to 75 % cascade, penance and doing prayer of mending ASAP blow every bit of mana • Mana regn • H- getting renew, holy word sanctuary if stacked, cascade • PW infusion and do flash healsHoly - divine hymn, holy word santuary
    • Spirit Kings • 4 bosses Order: • 1) Qiang • 2) Subetai • 3 &4) Meng and Zian - alternate in order but will always be the last two • Stacking key • Annihilate - 2 people separate from the group • AOE healing massive attack, behind the boss • watch out for flanking, keep them stacked
    • Elegon • • Split groups into two 2 healers - side of where the off tank before total annihilation • Keep stacks below 10 • AOE heals - spirit shell, PW sanctuary, area to stack • Coordinate with other healers • Orbs - tank need to be with healers
    • Will of the Emperor • Try not to do any healing until boss is down. Void tendrils, pysche • Stack towards center point - Keep tanks up until titan gas phase • Coordinate big heals and barriers • Focus on tank as well as heals during titan gas • Smiting atonement on boss • Switch from tank to tank watching whole heal group • low on mana after titan gas good for hymn of hope • let dps know you have rage on you
    • Jin’Rohk • Stay near tanks during pull • Everyone takes AOE damage - all healers need to help • Focused Lightening - need to communicate about coverage • when person gets back - need to help raid health back • alternate cool-down during lightning storm
    • Healing Discussion with Raid • Every class has some form of damage mitigation need to do whatever you can to mitigate • Priest have Pain Suppression, too. • Potion • Lock candy • Be aware of other classes.