Battle Pets in World of Warcraft
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Battle Pets in World of Warcraft



Created, Produced and Presented by Grid and Shaomai

Created, Produced and Presented by Grid and Shaomai
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Battle Pets in World of Warcraft Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Title Screen
  • 2. Pet Battles with Grid and Shaomai
  • 3. What are Battle Pets? •Companions •Game within the game •Provide Quests, Achievements and XP •Account Bound
  • 4. What kinds of Battle Pets are there?
  • 5. Level 1-25 Name and picture Type Poor Common Uncommon Rare Current Leveling Status Abilities Health Power Speed
  • 6. How Do You Get Them? •Pet Battle •Purchase from a vendor •Blizzard Promotion •Drop •Achieve reward •Crafting
  • 7. When/Where to Get Battle Pets •Almost anytime, almost everywhere •While waiting to go into Dungeon or Raid •While questing •Some have specific times or conditions •Specific breeds in specific locations •Achievements related to collecting
  • 8. Why Collect Battle Pets? •Fun, Esthetics •XP •Achieves •Helps with the bigger game •Something to do while waiting/questing •“Fierito” moments
  • 9. Battle Pet Achievements
  • 10. Getting Started •Visit Pet Trainer in Ogrimmar or Stormwind •Complete Quest •Use first pet to capture more and level up •Get selective •Learn pet abilities
  • 11. Battling Pet Trainers Inspect and Set Up Your Team Filter by Rarity Be sure pets are at full health Select pets and abilities to match opponent
  • 12. You and your 3 Battle Pet Team Battle Pet Master or Tamer and his/her 3 Battle Pet Team Your Current pet and Abilities OpponentYour current pet
  • 13. Battle Pets and PvP •Battle Pet Queue •Challenge another player •Timed unlike non PvP Pet Battles
  • 14. Upgrading Battle Stones •Battle Stones – general or family specific •Pet level 15 or higher will lose 2 levels •Tamer Daily reward bags •Random reward after winning battle •Justice Points purchase
  • 15. Battle Pet Heals •8 minute cool-down to resurrect •Self Healing – takes a turn Aquatic Dragonkins Mechanical Undead •Healing bandages •Stable Master NPCs
  • 16. Organizing Pets •Up to 3 of any type •Release – wild pets •Cage – non-wild pets Gift Trade Sell
  • 17. Resources •Warcraft Pets: pet-battles •WoWWiki: •Pets of Warcraft: •WowHead Battle Pet Maps: •Pet Battle Arena: •Curse client – Battle Pet Mods