85 to 90 The Pandaria grind


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Inevitable Instructor Weekend Webinar
Inevitable Betrayal Guild

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85 to 90 The Pandaria grind

  1. 1. 85 to 90: The Pandaria GrindInevitable Betrayal
  2. 2. Overview• Woot! Ive made it to Pandaria nowwhat?• Where should I be and when should Ibe there?• Things you should know
  3. 3. Woot Im 85!!!• Congrats on getting to 85Now its time to get over to PandariaHorde: Do the initial quests and get to theZeppelin, which is in the air above BladefistBay
  4. 4. Woot Im 85!!!• Once you are on the boat, you will head off toPandariaGoal 1:Get the portal to Orgrimmar in HoneydewVillageHave to finish about 10 or so quests
  5. 5. Where should I be and when?85-86: Jade Forest• Break the Hozen ...• Then make it up to them /sigh• Do some Dungeons to get your 410 gear
  6. 6. Jade Forest
  7. 7. Where should I be and when?86-87: Valley of Four Winds &/or Krasarang Wilds• Get your farming plot (if you are a crafter)• Do quests and a few Dungeons to get full set of 410
  8. 8. Valley of Four Winds~ H a l f h i l l ~
  9. 9. Krasarang Wilds
  10. 10. Where should I be and when?87-88: Kun-Lai Summit• Start Temple of the White TigerQuest (Binan Village)• Complete ToWT Quest and openVale• Do Vale quests and set hearth stoneto Shrine of Two Moons - BuildsGolden Lotus Rep
  11. 11. Where should I be and when?87-88: Kun-Lai Summit• Back to Binan Village do quests until you get "The Shado Pan"Quest• Stop other quests and follow this quest line will lead you to"Battle for the Ox Gate"
  12. 12. Kun-Lai Summit
  13. 13. Where should I be and when?87-88: Kun-Lai Summit• Once you complete "Finish This" TownlongSteppes will open up.• If not 88 yet, back to quests or dungeoning
  14. 14. Where should I be and when?88-89: Townlong Steppes• Once 88 back to questing in Townlong Steppes - builds rep withShado pan• Do Dungeons to get 435 gear set and a few 450 pieces(Mogushan Palace)
  15. 15. Townlong Steppes
  16. 16. Where should I be and when?89-89.99: Dread Wastes• Once 89 back to Shrine of Two Moons - Pick upstart quest for Dread Waste• Below Flight Master
  17. 17. Where should I be and when?89-89.99: Dread Wastes• Dread Waste is all about the Klaxxi• Take their insults in stride and knock out the quests- builds Klaxxi rep
  18. 18. Dread Waste
  19. 19. Where should I be and when?89-89.99: Dread Wastes• Once you are about 95% - 98% of the way to 90..STOPNotify the Biggs, as we want to celebrate with you :D
  20. 20. Once You Hit 90Rep Grind• Golden Lotus• Klaxxi• Shado-pan
  21. 21. Things you should knowPandaria Grind• You can typically level faster questing thandungeoning• Learn all the dungeons before you hit 90, basis forHeroics• Patch 5.3 has reduced the xp needed to get from 85to 90 by 1/3; Effective May 21, 2013.
  22. 22. Things you should knowPandaria Grind• Its OK to hate the Hozen but they become yourallies in Jade Forest• Too much dungeoning will burn you out• Ten Quests typically = 1 MoP Dungeon• Most hated zone = Jade Forest
  23. 23. DungeonsDungeon For levels(Patch 5.3)Average Item Level ofLootStormstout Brewery 85-86 410Temple of the JadeSerpent85-86 410Shado-Pan Monastery 87-90 435Mogushan Palace 87-90 450Gate of the Setting Sun(New for Patch 5.3)89 450Warning!!!!!You only get five Dungeons total, so you will get bored quickly ifall you do is dungeoning
  24. 24. Your Dungeons
  25. 25. Item Level• Your Goal is to get to a 440 item levelbefore you hit 90Rule of Thumb:While leveling, equip the gear with thehighest item level
  26. 26. Reputations• MoP has instituted a lot of needed 489 gear thatrequire a revered reputation with a Pandarenfaction to purchase• Most reputations are built by questing orcompleting Dailies• Once you get Revered, can buy a GrandCommendation of ... that grants all your toonsdouble rep points with the Commendations faction
  27. 27. Must have Reputations• Exalted• Golden Lotus – Gives you a free* 489 Neck• Klaxxi – Gives you a free* 489 Ring
  28. 28. Must have Reputations• Free*Requires you to complete ALL quests intheir zones to access the final quest.Klaxxi = Dread WastesGolden Lotus = Value of Eternal Blossoms
  29. 29. Must have Revered Reputations• Shado-pan• August Celestial• Dominance Offensive• Wrathion / Black Prince – gives you +500Int/ Str/ Agi gem
  30. 30. ReputationsGear rewards can be viewed by going to thefaction Quartermaster (Niuzao Temple).
  31. 31. Start Optimizing• Start looking to Optimize gear at lvl 87+• Stat Priority – find your top three stats• Gems – should build priority stats• Enchants – should build priority stats• Reforging – should build priority stats
  32. 32. Start Optimizing• To get started:• Askmrrobot.com• Site will get you started• Research, Practice & Tweaking will makeyou successful
  33. 33. No Fly Zone• There is no flying until lvl 90• Once you hit 90, you can buy• Wisdom of the Four Winds – 2,000 gold ifExalted
  34. 34. Additional Leveling Tips• Herbalism and MiningAsk guildies for crafted itemsFood, Potions, Armor, Weapons,
  35. 35. Questions / Discussion