Level 1 to 85 Fast and Furious

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Leveling 1 to 85 …

Leveling 1 to 85
Inevitable Instructor Weekend Webinar
Inevitable Betrayal Guild
Accompanying video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EV0zrMwUBo

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  • 1. 1 to 85: Fast and FuriousInevitable Betrayal
  • 2. Overview• Caveats• Where should I be and when should Ibe there?• Things you should know
  • 3. Caveat• These suggestions are to level quickly andefficientlyYou know what your priority stats areOur assumption is that you will haveHerbalism and Mining as your professionsYou do not have BoA Heirlooms
  • 4. Class:1 to 80Tank DPS Heal(Spirit)Death Knight Stamina StrengthDruid Stamina/AgilityAgility IntellectHunter AgilityMage IntellectMonk Stamina/AgilityAgility IntellectPaladin Stamina Strength Intellect
  • 5. Class:1 to 80Tank DPS Heal(Spirit)Priest Intellect IntellectRogue AgilityShaman Agility /IntellectIntellectWarlock Intellect/StaminaWarrior Stamina Strength
  • 6. Why Herbalism and Mining?You get additional experience each time youpick an herb or mine oreAll the rest do not give you this bonusUse wow-professions.com to help you levelthese professions
  • 7. Where should I be and when?1-10: Starter Area• Quest to level to 10• If you choose goblin or Panda, you are stuck inthe starter area until about 12 or 13.• Get our Tailors to make you four NetherweaveBags
  • 8. Where should I be and when?Level 10-15• Quest to get more green gear• Battlegroundso First bg win each day will typically give youaround 75% to 1+ level of xpo Start building up your honor points
  • 9. Where should I be and when?Level 15-58• Use the Random Queue for Dungeonso Gives you Blue gearo Gives you bonus gold + gear• Group up!o Want a group with a tank or healer for faster queuing
  • 10. DungeonsDungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)Dungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)Ragefire Chasm 15-21 Stockade 20-30Deadmines 15-21 Gnomeregan 24-34Wailing Caverns 15-25 Scarlet MonasteryLibrary29 -39Shadowfang Keep 16-26 Razorfen Kraul 30-40BlackfathomDepths20-30 Mauraudon:Grotto30-40
  • 11. DungeonsDungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)Dungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)Scarlet MonasteryArmory32-42 Razorfen Downs 36-46MaraudonFoulspore Cavern32-42 Dire MaulWarpwood36-46MaraudonEarth Song Falls34-44 StratholmeMain Gate42-52Scarlet MonasteryCathedral35-45 Dire MaulCapital Gardens42-52Uldaman 35-40 ZulFarrak 44-54
  • 12. DungeonsDungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)Dungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)StratholmeService Entrance46-56 Blackrock DepthsUpper City51-61Blackrock DepthsDetention Block47-57 Lower BlackrockSpire51-62Temple ofAtalhakkar50-60 Upper BlackrockSpire51-62Temple ofAtalhakkarc50-60
  • 13. Where should I be and when?58 to 68: Outland• Once you hit 58 go to Outland• Do more Dungeons :D• Quest to get Burning Crusades Greenso They are better than Classic Purples
  • 14. DungeonsDungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)Dungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)Hellfire CitadelRamparts57-67 AuchindounAuchenai Crypts63-72Hellfire CitadelBlood Furnace59-68 Caverns of TimeEsacep fromDurnholde Keep64-73Coilfang ReservoirSlave Pens60-69 AuchindounSethekk Halls65-73Coilfang ReservoirUnderbog61-70 Coilfang ReservoirSteamvault67-75AuchindounMana-Tombs62-71 AuchindounShadow Labyrinth67-75
  • 15. DungeonsDungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)Dungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)Hellfire CitadelShattered Halls67-75 Caverns of TimeDark Portal68-75Tempest KeepThe Mechanar67-75 Tempest KeepArcatraz68-75Tempest KeepBotanica67-75 Magisters Terrace 68-75The Steamvault 67-75
  • 16. Where should I be and when?68-80: Northrend• Once you hit 68 off to Northrend• Do more Dungeons :D• Quest to get Lich King Greenso They are better than Outland Purples
  • 17. Where should I be and when?68-80: Northrend• Starts bogging down here• Will need to quest to keep moving forward• 68-71: Borean Tundra• 71-73: Dragonblight• 73-74: Grizzly Hills• 74-76: ZulDrak• 76-78: Sholazar Basin• 78-80: Icecrown
  • 18. DungeonsDungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)Dungeon RandomQueuing(Levels)Utgarde Keep 68-78 Violet Hold 75-77Nexus 71 -73 Gundrak 76-78Azjol-Nerub 72-74 Halls of Stone 77-79AhnkahetOld Kingdom73-75 Halls of Lightning 79+DarkTharon Keep 74-76
  • 19. Where should I be and when?80-82: Mount Hyjal or Vishjir• Do Dungeons to start building ilvl• Quest to get Cataclysm Greenso They are better than Northrend Purples
  • 20. DungeonsDungeon Random Queuing(Levels)Gear(iLevel)Throne of Tides 80-81 308Blackrock Cavern 80-83 308Stonecore 82-84 316Vortex Pinnacle 82-84 316Lost City of TolVir 83-85 333Halls of Origination 83-85 333GrimBatol 83-85 333
  • 21. Where should I be and when?83-84: Uldum• Do Dungeons to start building ilvl• Quest to get Cataclysm Greenso They are better than Northrend Purples
  • 22. Where should I be and when?84-85: Twilight Highlands• Do Dungeons to start building ilvl• Quest to get Cataclysm Greenso They are better than Northrend Purples
  • 23. Things you should knowDungeoning is your friend• You can typically level faster dungeoning thanquestingBattlegrounds are a good diversion• Helps break up the monotony• Also can get +10% XP shoulders for 2175 HonorPoints
  • 24. Things you should know1 to 90 is your time to explore your class andspecsBy level 20, you will see the major spells / abilities ofyour classYou get Dual Specializations at 30, feel free to use itand finalize your two specs.
  • 25. Reputations• Buy the Orgrimmar reputation tabard from thequartermasterSaves you lots of money in the long runQuickly build rep by Dungeoning, get points foreach mob you kill
  • 26. Reputations• Banners stop giving rep in Outland, but startback up in NorthrendReally just need to focus on Orgrimmar andGuild Rep
  • 27. Reputations• Why Guild Rep?Once you get Honored with the GuildCan Buy Heirloom gear for goldo Helm + 10% Xp - 1,350 gold @ Exaltedo Cape + 5% Xp - 1,080 gold @ Exaltedo Pants +10% Xp - 1,575 gold @ Exalted
  • 28. Additional Leveling Tips• Ask guildies for help with crafteditemsFood, Potions, Armor, Weapons,
  • 29. Questions / Discussion