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We would like to present you the new technology for infra-red monitoring of diseases and self-examination.
Working with personal thermograph is very easy. First, the patient makes a photo picture of the problem area. If the patient does not want to make a photo picture because of some reasons, he or she can use 3D model of any anatomical zone of male or female. After that, the patient or a doctor makes measurements in the certain points, based on which the program draws a thermogram. In the beginning, the patient consults with a doctor about the interpretation of thermogram. Usually, after consulting with a doctor on 3 to 10 questions, the patient can correctly evaluate themograms by him- or herself.

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Personal thermograph

  1. 1. Personal Thermograph CEM®-ThermoMonitoring JSC “CEM-Technology” www.cem-tech.comThermography is recognized by the FDA as adjunctivemethod for many diseases: “Thermography is appropriateas a safe and reliable screening device to detect changesthat, if left unattended, could possibly progress into a latestage disease that can then be detected by other types ofimaging devices”.Today several tens of infrared imaging models are FDAregistered (510)k and sold by listed in the FDAEstablishment Listings companies.
  2. 2. Personal Thermograph “CEM®-ThermoMonitoring”Monitoring of diseasedevelopment,therapy monitoring,and therapy optimizationof many diseases at homeand in professional settings.Saves time, energy and money.How it works:The device measures infrared radiation of the body and displays thermal pictureon the computer screen. According to our local temperature patterns, we candetect early signs of worsening or improvement for many diseases.The device is especially useful for monitoring of chronic diseases’ treatmentand for determining the effectiveness of medications and treatments, which is akey for achieving better results of therapy. Personal thermograph allows thepatient to achieve maximal results from telemedicine service.
  3. 3. Operating principles of personal thermograph:1. The user takes a photo of the examined area. The user registers (infra-red)radiation from a body surface with personal thermograph in the examined area ofthe body. Measurement is carried out point by point. First, a doctors givesinstructions and shows a patient how to make measurements. As the procedure issimple, patient can easily learn it and take measurements at home. 2. Results of measurements are transferred to the computer through wireless connection and are registered in special computer system, which creates the thermogram for its subsequent interpretation. Thermograms can be stored, compared, and exchanged. 3. User consults with a doctor in the majority of cases. The user can receive telemedical consultation on a paid basis by phone, email, Skype, or through company’s web site, using web camera.
  4. 4. Application areas of personal thermograph “CEM®-ThermoMonitoring”(more details see Breast cancer All women after 40, women with mastopathy, women with predisposition, and women that have been operated for cancer need thermo-monitoring. Asymmetric thermographic picture of mammary glands with “heating” of the left gland, which is a sign of possible tumor. A woman can do as many measurements as needed (mammography can not be done often). If she notices warning signs on the thermogram, she immediately contacts a doctor for further examination and analyses.
  5. 5. Thermo monitoring of neoplasms on skin, particularly pigmented spots (nexuses, papillomas, lymphomas, and others) Thermogram of melanoma
  6. 6. Monitoring temperature changes on head for prevention of strokeAccording to thermography data,head’s skin temperature reflectsthe condition of blood circulationand metabolism of the brain.Causes of temperature change aredisturbances in blood circulation(arterial flow, microcirculation,venous outflow) and metabolism.Monitoring of treatment effectiveness for brain circulation insufficiency Thermogram before and after treatment.
  7. 7. Monitoring if inflammation diseasesThermograms for sinusitis Thermograms for maxillary regionbefore and after treatment. inflammation before and after treatment Thermo-monitoring of otitis media treatment. Changes of temperature before and after the treatment.
  8. 8. Monitoring of treatment process and estimation of treatmentresults: Thermography pictures before (1) and after (2) treatment of1 osteoarthritis. 2
  9. 9. Efficiency control of physiotherapy and massage (more details see is possible to evaluate the effect from many physiotherapy treatments andmethods, which increase microcirculation and normalize vascular tone. Forexample, frequency pulse and therapy, high frequency therapy, ultra sound,magnethotherapy, cryotherapy, EHF therapy, and many others.Personal thermograph is an easy and visual tool to objectively see results frommassage. The device helps to find individual, the most suitable massageform, intensity and length of massage treatments, and the number oftreatments. 1 2 3 Thermography picture before (1), right after one massage session(2) and after full course of massage(3).
  10. 10. Efficiency control and monitoring in cosmetology(more details see Detection of cellulite on early stages (including non-visible changes)Evaluation of the effectiveness of cosmetic products (moisturizing creams,masks) and treatments.
  11. 11. Assessment of the impact of smokingWith the help of “CEM®-ThermoMonitoring” it is possible tomonitor temperature changeshappening in human body aftersmoking just one cigarette, forexample: spasms of brain vesselsof upper and lower extremities. 1 2Constant spasms of vessels causemany serious diseases! Palm thermogram before (1) and after (2) smoking
  12. 12. The use of personal thermograph in sport’s medicine (more details see• Objective evaluation of muscles’ “warming” before exercisingwith a purpose of injuries’ prevention.• For primary self-examination after injuries and for monitoringtreatments effectiveness. Muscle’s temperature before and after warm up.
  13. 13. The existing home-use devices for health monitoring utilize the principle: One disease – one device.For example, glucometer for diabetes and tonometer for arterial hypertensionAging of population leads tomultiplicity of chronic diseases forone person: cerebral and vasculardiseases, mastopathy and breast cancer,diabetes, osteoarthritis of joints andothers.Personal thermograph “CEM®-ThermoMonitoring” allows to monitor thecourse of almost all most major chronicdiseases and to evaluate theeffectiveness of their treatment.
  14. 14. Collaboration:• JSC “CEM-Technology” could send personal thermograph to the potential licensee and consult it by skype;• JSC “CEM-Technology” has ready medical applications( - see “100+ diseases”);• JSC “CEM-Technology” could support the work of experts of potential licensee in Nizhny Novgorod clinics with the experience of personal thermograph using( - see “Experts recommendations”);• JSC “CEM-Technology” has a license contract project(;• JSC “CEM-Technology” also offers all post-contract support for the licensee(• JSC “CEM-Technology” is ready for collaboration., +79200247330;,+79101416050;, +79202937056.