3 Steps To Inbound Internet Marketing


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All the complexity and changes that happen with inbound internet marketing can be summed into 3 simple steps. Think. Do. Review

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  • Welcome and thanks for joining me for my first live webinar. Because it is my first, I hope you will forgive me any technical glitches. \nDo you have a question? Comment? Post it in the chat or for all the world to see on twitter using the above hashtag or to us directly.\n
  • Why I boiled it down to 3 steps.\n\nLast year I attended a lot of conferences and talked to a lot of marketers and business owners. I also talked to a lot of internet marketing industry experts. What I learned is that there is a lot of lingo flying about the marketing and sales world these days. None of which makes much of any sense to the people who could really benefit from it. Looking around at those who came to the conferences for some help and guidance, I see the bewildered look and started to wonder...\n\nWhy doesn’t anyone use simple plain English anymore?\n
  • As business owners and marketers, you probably have to juggle a lot of things. Not many have time to do marketing, never mind learn the ‘new’ marketing.\nAs a small business owner you probably feel a little overwhelmed with all the hats you have to wear. Finding the time for marketing, though vital to your business, is not on the top of your list with so many other critical things going on...\nAs a marketing professional, you realize you could spend hours, even days trying to learn all the rapidly changing trends with internet marketing. And with the demand for results coming from above, there is just not enough time in the day to learn what will get those results. It's just too much information, what really matters?\nAs the executive who is on the line for delivering those results, you are probably frustrated with the amount of effort and work it seems to take to get the information you need to make the right decisions for the direction of your business. How can you help your teams to be more efficient and productive?\nI decided to hold this webinar after reflecting on the past 10 years of working with (and in) small businesses and large enterprises. Despite the vast differences between the two, I discovered that both small AND large businesses have similar problems and challenges overcoming those problems.\nI also know what it is like to be the one on the line to answer to the boss about results, and I know what it is like to start a business and wear many many hats.\n\n
  • to bring it all into perspective- most of us make it a lot harder on ourselves than necessary.\n\nSo if I slip into internet speak, I implore you all to call me on it. You are my support group, please tell me when I slip in lingo mode. \n
  • Ok, so the 3 steps. Wait for it... wait for it.... drum roll.\n\nBig surprise huh?\n\nNow, while how each of these steps will play out and to what extent will vary from business to business (every business is unique after all). But everything you do for inbound internet marketing will fall under one of these 3 steps. What is great about this process is that it helps you to break the elephant into smaller more digestible pieces for easier project management. It will also help you to prioritize and scale your efforts. \n
  • about where your audience is online, what they are interested in, why they would want to interact with you, what key words they use, what your goals are and how you will measure success.\n
  • Really, it all comes down to revenue right? What other reason do you have to go to work?\nRemember SMART. Specific. Measurable. Actionable. Realistic. Timely.\nJust as important as setting your goals is setting how you will measure those goals. What metrics do you need from your analytics to make a decision on what is working and what is not? What metrics can be combined with sales metrics to get closed loop reporting? What action will you take on the results you get? \nCan you realistically meet those goals and when?\n\n
  • No man builds a house without first sitting down to calculate the costs. Cost means more than $$$$. Inbound internet marketing will cost you in proportion, a certain amount of time and money. Remember also that your time is worth something. How much do you get paid or charge per hour? Calculate those costs as well. Training people also takes time and money. \nUntapped marketing resource= SALES. in the field, talking to customers, they should know the customer best.\n
  • Also think about how your industry affects your customers and what their perspective is.\n
  • What is important to them? Personas= buying modes.\nWhy should they buy from you? What is your unique selling proposition? What do you do better than anyone?\nHow do they describe their need? What keywords do THEY use? (not your industry lingo)\nHow will they find you? Google? Facebook? Twitter? Forums? Blogs?\nHow will they interact with you online? Conversion mapping- plan their experience from beginning to end.\n
  • Step 1 should result in a plan to execute these\nWireframe before design. Determine how the site will function and flow. What pages are needed to drive traffic to? What additional info will your customers need? What keywords will be used on those pages for SEO? Then bring in design with images and color. Function before form. = less design changes\nDevelopment= according to the wireframe. Less mistakes, less redo.\nContent creation= Assign keywords to pages. List blog topics with corresponding long tail keywords. (specific) Write whitepapers. Story board video, etc.\nSocial media- share your content- set it free!\nCampaign creation and launch= events, promotions, lead nurturing. Email, PPC, Video\n
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  • some examples of metrics to look at and measure.\n
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  • What copy converts? Which color attracts the most attention? What image and placement gets more clicks?\n
  • Start with step 1, item 1.\nCan be hard when so much else pressing for you attention. Make the time. Start with our 1st ever training course.\n
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  • 3 Steps To Inbound Internet Marketing

    1. 1. 3 Steps to Inbound Internet Marketing The Internet. Made Simple. It can happen.@mahoneyinternet @minetmarketing #thinkdoreview
    2. 2. Feeling a little... lost?
    3. 3. Or perhaps have just too much on your plate?
    4. 4. My Goal is to... KISS (Keep. It. Simple. Silly.)
    5. 5. The 3 Simple Steps
    6. 6. • What are your goals? How willStep 1 you measure the success of those goals?(increased revenue, lower cost per lead, higher conversion rate) • What are the consequences of not reaching those goals? (layoffs, out of business, cut in pay) • What is happening in your industry? • What resources do you have? (time, money, people) • Who is your best customer?
    7. 7. Goals and Consequences
    8. 8. • Budget= $1500- 5000 perResources? month • Software tools: $250-2000 • Ad spend: $500-1000 • Writing/Design/ Development Services= $500-2000 • Time= 5-15 hours per week • People= who has the knowledge, experience, or ability to learn within the organization? Who can you collaborate with in sales to align the marketing messaging and report results with?
    9. 9. Industry• What changes are happening in your industry?• Is it more or less competitive?• How is the competition attracting customers?• Where do you stand?
    10. 10. Your BEST customers (It’s not everyone.)
    11. 11. Step 2 • Wireframe • Design • Development • Content Creation • Social Media • E-commerce • Campaign Creation and launch
    12. 12. Tools & Tactics for Step 2 PPC Advertising Video Plays, Advertising Interactive Video E-commerce CMS, SEO, Social Media monitoring & response, Lead Nurturing, Blogging, Marketing Analytics Forums, Advertising, Networking, SEO SEO, Networking, Customer Service
    13. 13. • Web Traffic SourcesStep 3 • Blog Analytics • SEO Ranking • Social Media Reach • (Campaign) Click Through Rate (CTR) • Conversion Rate (CR) • Cost per Lead (CPL) • Lead to Customer Rate (LCR) • Average Order Value (AOV) • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
    14. 14. Tools for Step 3
    15. 15. Testing & Optimization (What’s bad can be good, what’s good can be great...) The goal of education is not just knowledge, but action. It is only through experience that we go from knowledge to understanding. • A/B testing • Multivariate testing
    16. 16. What now?
    17. 17. Inbound Internet Marketing Training Course Hands on Help to Implement the 3 Steps of Inbound Internet Marketing Set your revenue, marketing and sales goals for 2011.• Learn where to research your customers and competitors online.• Create an actionable internet marketing strategy and plan designed to reach your goals.• Choose the best tools to implement your plan.• Set a schedule for your marketing that includes your website, offline marketing, email, PPC, social media...• Write compelling blog posts, articles and webpages.• Use social media and advertising effectively.• Understand what your web analytics mean to your business.• Optimize everything based on your analytics.
    18. 18. How to Register Inbound Internet Marketing-Training Course : http://maineinternetmarketing.eventbrite.com/ Register with discount code MiM2011 and get $100 offWhat makes this training course special?* Learn from other local businesses who are serious about revenue growth.*A small group size to allow for guided in-depth discussions. You talk, weall listen and learn.*Group sessions available in person and online.*Recorded sessions to play back at your convenience.*Individual 1-1 consulting to help you overcome your unique marketingchallenges.*10% of gross profits to be donated to Woodfords Family Services ofMaine. Because community matters. (that’s $100 for every paidregistration)
    19. 19. No time for training? Want to get a jump start now? Email me atcarole@minternetmarketing.com and gettingstarted now with a free consult and a free 30 day trial of Hubspot Software. Free 30 Day Trial