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The death and_taxes_portion_of_mass_fatalities

The death and_taxes_portion_of_mass_fatalities






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    The death and_taxes_portion_of_mass_fatalities The death and_taxes_portion_of_mass_fatalities Presentation Transcript

    • The Death and Taxes Portion of Mass Fatalities Or: The Deadly Cellphone
        • Presidential Declared
        • Governor Declared
        • Local
          • Georgia County Coroner
        • Empower Operations Level Personnel to Raise the Alarm
        • The Supreme Court Pornography Test: You Know It When You See It
      How Do YOU Know When It’s “Mass Fatality?”
    • This is a SINGLE Fatality/MASS Situation
    • Your Cell Phone Is MORE DEADLY Than a Deceased Human Being
    • The Myth of Infection Control
      • Very few communicable diseases after 4 to 6 hours
        • Timing depends on heat, environmental surroundings (inside, outside, covered, etc.)
        • Bubonic plague, cholera can linger but not seen in US
        • Even AIDS totally gone, all known instances, 4 days longest due to NO HOST
        • World Health Organization confirmed in Haiti
        • Universal precautions sufficient; in absence of gloves, masks, contaminant such as ricin, sarin – responders can feel safe
    • If Not Infection: WHAT?
      • Odor—Extreme
      • Body Fluids
      • Both dependent on heat, humidity, location of bodies
      • Psychological Well-Being of Family and Responders:
        • Israeli Suicide Bombers; 9/11
          • Religious and Cultural NOT Infection Control
    • Practical Issues For Body Handling
      • Bag and Tag f If Available
        • Try to avoid paper tags OR secure paper in a baggie
      • Cover Body If Bags Not Available
        • Any and EVERYTHING can be used to ID
        • If in question, DON”T MOVE until secure all artifacts
        • If law enforcement involved, follow THEIR protocol
        • Religious considerations totally dependent on ID; otherwise, go with cultural norms of community
    • Practical Issues For Body Handling
      • Transportation
        • However it is done—TRACK the person
      • We Don’t Stack Bodies in America
        • Flat, single layer in secure area (roped off, marked off, doored off, whatever)
        • Refrigerated Trucks
          • Not enough in the entire U.S. for Georgia alone in pan flu situation
    • Practical Issues For Body Handling
      • Preserve the Dignity of Each Individual to the Highest Degree Possible / Identify If Possible
      • Protect Your Responders Psychologically
      • Follow-Up
        • Death Certificate
          • Time of Death
          • Cause of Death
          • Affects the Living (Insurance, Inheritance, Government Benefits, etc.)
      • Georgia Project Underway
        • Funeral Service
        • Coroners/Medical Examiners
        • Hospital Association
        • GEMA
        • GBI
        • GA’s 2 Mortuary Schools
      • Inventory of All Body Refrigeration / Cool Morgues / Holding Facilities In State
      Practical Issues For Body Handling