Branded multi-mode sms community

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Cellzapp deploys branded multi-mode SMS communities for our customers. Learn more in these slides.

Cellzapp deploys branded multi-mode SMS communities for our customers. Learn more in these slides.

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  • 1. Branded multi-mode SMS Community May 2010
  • 2. Goal  Deploy multi-mode branded SMS community for customers  SMS community enables engagement between:  Marketers to Users  Personalities to Users  Advertisers to Users  Users to Users
  • 3. SMS PagesTM, Channels, Applications OPT-IN only  Familiar initiation method  SMS <keyword> to short or long code Reply with :  User receives SMS Page 1 to Subscribe to rate/comment  SMS Page delivers engagement options on new music (10 points) (channels) 2 to Subscribe to quiz games (20) 3 to Subscribe to get deals (10)  Simple applications engage users on an 4 to Subscribe to polls (15) ongoing basis 5 to Forward SMS Page to your phone contacts (30)  UGC (comment/respond) to foster 6 to Facebook connect (30) 7 to Subscribe to sponsored community Partner content (50)  SocialforwardTM via SMS and connectivity to social media to increase virality
  • 4. SMS Page Promotion Inform User via traditional media/online/social media Custom SMS Branding
  • 5. SMS Community Mechanics User subscribes and then kept engaged via SMS Integrated with online presence, social and traditional media Sample Statistics:  95% of users who received SMS Page subscribed  45% of those who received content responded or commented via SMS
  • 6. 3600 Engagement SMS Reply with 1 A/B to <short/long code> Online Click answer option Poll 1. For Ind- Pak match today, win toss and A) Bat B)Bowl. Reply Create via web form with 1 A/B. Reply Interactive TV SMS Live A/B to <short/long code> WAP Select answer option Select Poll: For Ind-Pak match today, win toss and A) Bat B)Bowl. SMS Live A/B to code/#.
  • 7. Enable Extended Engagement At Work On the couch While commuting Online Interactive TV SMS, WAP Before Match During Match After Match Trivia 3. What is Ind-Pak Poll 5. Who will win MoM? Rate 4. Rate Yuvi innings head-to-head in WC? A) A) Yuvi B) Viru C) Dhoni. vs. Pak from 0-9. Reply Ind 5 Pak 2 B) Ind 4 Pak 3 SMS Live A/B/C to code/# with 4 0-9. C) Ind 6 Pak 1. Click to select. Shout 8. Breaking news. Gambhir finger is broken. Rohit to replace him in squad. Reply with Comment 8 <message>.
  • 8. Customized Community  Fully customizable solution  SMS Pages, Channels, Applications  Integrated with customers SMS short/long code and vendor  Custom branded web page for integration into customers website  Integration with social and traditional media  Rapid deployment  Proven re-usable platform  Rapidly customizable