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Celltek Ae 97 Revised
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Celltek Ae 97 Revised


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Cellular Confinement Solutions
  • 2. Mission Statement Cell-Tek  provides the eco-conscious community with high  quality, recycled geosynthetic products. Our goal is to  positively impact society by sharing the science of our  affordable alternative building solutions. 
  • 3. History • Developed in late 1970’s by the Army Corp of Engineers. • Beach Sand Confinement • Amphibious assaults during military invasions. Over 6.5 Million Sft. Used During Operation Desert Storm
  • 4. Manufacturing Made from 100% Recycled HDPE • ISO 9001:2000 • ASTM Standards
  • 5. Applications • Architectural • Load Support • Engineering • Erosion Control • Construction • Slope Protection • Hardscaping • Earth Retention • Landscaping • Marine • Storm Water Management
  • 6. Earn LEED Green Building Credits Pervious Paving Surfaces 1 Credit Green Roof Applications 1 Credit Slope Stabilization 1 Credit Vegetated Retaining Walls 1 Credit Reduce Potable Water 1 Credit Recycled Material Content 1 Credit
  • 7. Load Support Earth Retention Slope Protection Solid outside panel Available in 3 Colors
  • 8. Product Characteristics • Stored & Shipped in Collapsed Form • Lightweight • Expandable Units • 100% Recycled HDPE 170 SFT Per Unit 13’ x 13’ Fully Expanded
  • 9. A Variety of Cell Depths 2 Inches 4 Inches 6 Inches 3 Inches
  • 10. Easy To Install Select Grid Geofabric Expand Fill Edges Fill Grid Overfill by 1” Grade Tamp Ready Support
  • 11. Choosing The Right Cell Depth It’s Simple As Soil Conditions Decrease Cell Depth Increases
  • 12. How It Works
  • 13. 10 Benefits • 6. Textured Surface: Increases • 1. Stabilizer Grid prevents lateral internal angle of friction between movement which helps to the infill material and the cell wall. eliminate rutting. • 7. Perforated Cell Walls: Promotes • 2. Increases load bearing lateral drainage and root growth capacity. in vegetated applications. • 3. Reduces impact on subgrade • 8. Reduces the impact on soft and by creating a stiff rigid mattress saturated soils by a bridge effect and distributes concentrated created by the system. loads to adjoining cells, thus allowing a reduction in the total • 9. Shear resistance of aggregate base thickness. infills are greatly increased which enables the use of lower quality • 4. Reduces storm water runoff. infill materials. • 5. Structural number for load • 10. Extends the life of the support is increased by 100% in pavement and reduces most circumstances. maintenance cost.
  • 14. Paver Load Support Benefits PERFORMANCE BENEFITS Increase Load Support ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS Increase Load Bearing Capacity Increase Strength Decrease Use Of Natural Resources Prevent Lateral Movement Decrease Carbon Footprint Eliminate Rutting MONETARY BENEFITS Decrease Impact On Soil / Earth Eliminate Service Calls Increase Job Profit Reduce Fuel Costs Decrease Installation Time Reduce Base Material Costs LABOR BENEFITS Reduce Excavation By 50% Reduce Infill Materials By 50% SUBGRADE BENEFITS Reduce Installation Time Reduce Hauling Time 30% Stress Reduction On Subgrade Increase Cyclic-Load Applications By 10 Times Reduce Dumping Fees Decrease Vertical Stress On Subgrade
  • 15. Less Digging = More Profit Savings of 6-8 Tons of Material Handling per 100 SFT Green Sense Decreased Use of Natural Resources, Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • 16. Permeable Paver Support Confines Open Graded Aggregates Reduces Stress on Subgrade Prevents Lateral Movement SYSTEM COMPONENTS Permeable Pavers #8 Stone Cell-Tek Stabilizer Grid SG300 3” (75mm) Min. w/ #57 Stone Aggregate Infill #2 Stone Drainage Layer Geotextile As Required
  • 17. Porous Pavement Support Increase Structural Rigidity Increase Load Bearing Capacity Porous Concrete Extend Pavement Life Cycle Porous Asphalt Reduces stormwater runoff & water pollution Facilitates tree growth Reduces heat island effect
  • 18. Green Paving NON-VEGETATED VEGETATED PAVING PAVING 75% Washed Aggregate + 25% Topsoil = 80,000 GVW
  • 19. Stabilizer Grid Vs. Grass Pavers Material Cost $1.60 Sft. Material Cost $2.75 Sft. Positive Deep Root System Shallow Root System No Engineered Base Engineered Base Required Required Higher Installation Cost Lower Installation Cost Increased Probability to Durable System Damage
  • 20. Earth Retention 40% the cost of Traditional Block Walls Available In 3 Colors Lightweight Versatile Design Options Create Colorful Wall Systems Multiple Environmental Benefits 1 Pallet Verti-Cell = 1 Truckload of Wall Block
  • 21. Earth Retention
  • 22. Green Roof Slope Roofs Resist Wind Uplift Stabilizes Planting Medium
  • 23. Green Roof
  • 24. Slopes & Erosion Control Vegetated Aggregate Concrete
  • 25. Channel Revetment Concrete Lined Channels Rip Rap Lined Channels Vegetated Channels