Top 10 Traits of Cheating Spouse


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Psychologists and relationship experts believe that cheaters have certain characteristics in common. Looking at personality traits, family history and past experiences, help you recognize a cheating heart and mind. Here are the Top 10 traits of cheating spouse.

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Top 10 Traits of Cheating Spouse

  1. 1. tOp 10 Traits ofCheatingSpouse By
  2. 2. Psychologists and relationship experts believe that cheaters have certain characteristicsin common. Looking at personality traits, family history and past experiences, help yourecognize a cheating heart and mind. Here are the Top 10 traits of cheating spouse.“I Can’t Forget My Past Relationship”People with active sex lives prior to a committed relationship have a hard time settlingdown. Theyre far more likely to stray outside a relationship than someone whos hadlittle sexual experience.“If I Cheat People Treat Me As Great”Some people find cheating a thrill. The excitement, deception and intrigue feeds them.When presented with an opportunity to cheat, they just cant seem to resist. They needconstant watching because its always easy for them to cheat.My Father Cheated; Why Can’t I?This is not to say cheating is genetic. But it tends to run in families. A child raised in ahousehold where cheating took place often grows up and considers it normal forpartners to be unfaithful to one another.“I am an Animal Masked in Human Being”When a person is discourteous regarding, say, asimple thank you or appropriate excuse me, itsbecause they simply are not considerate of others. Thisincludes their attitude toward animals as well aspeople. A tried-and-true adage is love me, love mydog. Some cheaters simply dont have regard foranyones feelings but their own. Someone who alwaysputs themselves first is unlikely to consider howcheating is going to make their partner feel. Theyrejust downright rude. photo credit: tanjila
  3. 3. “If I am Exposed I Can’t Resist the Temptation”A cheater often has lots of close friendships with members of the opposite sex,including ex-lovers. It only takes one of those best-friend situations to blossom into anaffair and destroy an existing relationship. This person feels if youre just friends, itssafe to cheat and you probably wont get caught. photo credit: robad0b“I am in the Bad Company”Birds of a feather flock together. A person who hangs around with people who cheat issoon to be cheating as well. Theres camaraderie among cheaters; they support eachothers exploits and often share secrets about their sexual encounters.“I am a born Liar”This person cheats at everything in most areas of their life. They lie not only to theirlovers, but to their parents and friends as well. When they were students, they probablycheated on tests and stole books from the library. A toxic flaw in this person is theconstant white-lie. Someone who tells lots of lies about little things usually lies about bigthings, too.
  4. 4. “I am a Habitual Cheater”History tends to repeat itself, and tigers dont change their stripes. Sure, theres such athing as a reformed cheater, but its rare, and only after extensive psychotherapy or alife-changing cataclysm. Seldom does someone with years of cheating suddenlybecome a model partner. This person has an Olympic-gold medal in covering theirtracks, and are not ashamed to recount their past cheating to a current lover.“Nobody can catch me Cheating”This serial cheater is terrible at concealing their past and has a background that wouldmake Casanova blush. The bad-boy/girl reputation follows this cheater wherever theygo. Everyone knows about this person, everyone except their current partner. Oftenpeople will approach the innocent party and come right out and ask if your lover, orspouse, is cheating on you, too. Usually, when youre being cheated youre the last toknow.“I am an Obsessive Cheater”This is perhaps the most potentially dangerous partner of all, because cheating is a life-long compulsion....OCI (Obsessive Compulsive Infidelity). There are people, men andwomen alike, who believe monogamy is an unnatural state and theres nothing morallywrong with being unfaithful to someone who presumes your trust and exclusivity. OCIstruly believe cheating is an antidote to boredom, or any shortcoming, in a relationship.This serial-cheater will have an affair at the drop of a hat and knows how to hideeverything. Catching this one is hardest of all. photo credit: optheatrefilms
  5. 5. Its unlikely anyone has all ten traits, but several often occur in combination. Two to fourtraits are common. Yet even a single trait, when predominant, can indicate that yourloved one is cheating. Familiarizing yourself with traits in a cheaters personality can goa long way toward helping you find the truth when you suspect cheating. Forewarnedand forearmed, you will be better equipped to catch your cheating lover or spouse.Spy Your Spouse Cell Phone – FREEShort Report:In this short report, I’m going to show you,how you can stop the agony of betrayal oftrust and find the truth about what’s going onbehind the back.You can uncover the lies of a cheating spouseby spying on their cell phone in under fewdays, using a simple method, a simplesoftware installation, and monitoring his or heractivities on your computer.This short report is nutshell and withoutunnecessary fluff. You require hardly 10 to 15minutes finishing this. This Short Report isabsolutely FREE. Click Here to Download “Spy Your Spouse Cell Phone” FREE Short Report