Common terms of the lymphatic and immune systems (chapter 7)

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  • 1. HODGKIN’S DISEASEHodgkin’s Disease- is cancer of the lymphatic cells found in concentration in the lymph nodesTwo Types of Hodgkin’s Disease• Non- Hodgkins (most comman)• Hodgkin’s
  • 2. DIAGNOSIS AND SYMPTOMS OF HODGKIN’SDISEASESymptoms include:• Painless swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, or groin• Fever and chills• Night sweats• Weight loss• Loss of appetite• Itchy skin
  • 3. DIAGNOSIS AND SYMPTOMS OF HODGKIN’SDISEASEDiagnosis:• Biopsy of the affected lymph node• Lymph nodes that don’t return to normal size in a few weeks• CT scan• MRI• Lumbar puncture• PET scan
  • 4. TREATMENTS FOR HODGKINS DISEASEHodgkins can be cured if found and treated early.Treatment includes:• Radiation and Chemotherapy (as with most cancers)• Stem Cell Transplant• Pain Medications are commonly used to treat pain related to the treatment of Hodgkins Disease
  • 5. WHAT IS SARCOIDOSIS?- Inflammatory disease of the lymph system in which lesions may appear in the liver, skin, lungs lymph nodes, spleen, eyes , and small bones of the hands and feet.
  • 6. DIAGNOSIS AND SYMPTOMS OF SARCOIDOSISCommon symptoms of vague but can include:• Fatigue not helped by rest• Lack of energy• Weight loss• Blurred vision• Shortness of breath• Skin lesions
  • 7. DIAGNOSIS AND SYMPTOMS OF SARCOIDOSISHow is Sarcoidosis diagnosis?• Sarcoidosis can be diagnosed through a chest x-ray and through a process of eliminating other illnesses such as cancer, tuberculosis, farmers lung, and fungal infections.
  • 8. TREATMENT OF SARCOIDOSISFortunately Sarcoidosis is an illness that can come and go with no real concern.Treatment focus- The main goal is to keep the lungs and other affected body organs working and to relieve symptomsTreatment Medications-• Corticosteroids• Vitamin D
  • 9. WHAT ARE HIVES?Hives are an appearance of wheals as part of an allergic reaction
  • 10. DIAGNOSIS AND SYMPTOMS OF HIVES• Symptoms include itching swelling red spots on the skin, that appear all over the body• Cause of Hives is due to a release of Histamine from the bodies mast cells• Allergies also cause Hives, others causes of hives are unknown
  • 11. TREATMENT OF HIVES ARE:• Antihistamines• Tropical Theripies• Camphor,menthol, pramoxine .• Cortisone-containing creams (steroids) are helpful creams in treating hives.