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  • Cellar Ridge – Involved in New HomesTell Personal Story, How I got involved
  • The building sector uses the most electricity of any sector
  • Just about half of our energy in btu’s goes to building. 42% is operations.Buildings are the largest contributors to climate change – electricity is generated by coal, coal is the only fossil fuel plentiful enough to cause irreversible climate change.80% of U.S. Electricity CO2 Emissions Come From Coal.76% of This Electricity is Consumed by the Building Sector.Nation’s economy hinges on a healthy building sector – manufacture, installation, maintenance.Locally, Bonneville Dam cannot supply more energy
  • We choose how to renovateCarbon Neutral New Homes by 2030Equal amount of existing homes will be retrofitted to 60% of the averageAccording to Harvard: 46 million under insulated homes
  • Cooperative Ministries Project

    1. 1. McMinnville Cooperative MinistriesBuilding Performance Report &Energy Retrofit Opportunities
    2. 2. McMinnville Cooperative Ministries
    3. 3. The Challenge Increasing Energy Bills Pollution Climate Change Decreasing Property Values Deteriorating Infrastructure Old, Inefficient Buildings
    4. 4. Electricity Use by Sector
    5. 5. Energy Use and Sources Energy Use By Sector Fuel Sources
    6. 6. The Opportunity  By 2030, 75% of our infrastructure will be new or renovated  Efficiency – Cheapest Form of Energy  Building Performance
    7. 7. Building Performance Comfort Energy Efficiency Indoor Air Quality Energy Bills Durability Safety Value Stewardship
    8. 8. Building Performance 101 Envelope Air Sealing Duct Sealing Duct Insulation Insulation  Attic  Crawl  Walls Windows
    9. 9. Building Performance 101 Mechanical Heating and Cooling Water Heating Appliances Lighting Solar
    10. 10. Current Energy Profile Energy Use (BTU) Electricity Natural Gas 41% 59% Data converted to BTU
    11. 11. Current Energy Profile Carbon Footprint (Tons) Electricity Natural Gas 25% 75% Data based on regional energy portfolio and the Energy Information Administration
    12. 12. McMinnville Cooperative Ministries Energy Retrofit Project Annual Energy Cost (Old Building): $4,336 Potential Energy Savings: 72% Potential Carbon Footprint Reduction: 80% Air Quality Improvement: High Comfort Factor: High
    13. 13. Air Sealing
    14. 14. Air Sealing - Existing Over 14,543 CFM50 12 square foot hole Holes in envelope Leaky window and door seals Leaky penetrations Leaky hatch seals
    15. 15. Air Sealing – Proposed Target 2,500 CFM Reduction Accessible Penetrations Attic Crawl Bell Tower Knee Wall Refurbish and Weather-strip Doors
    16. 16. Air Sealing Estimated Energy Savings: 5% Estimated Carbon Reduction: 1.7 Tons Air Quality Improvement: High Comfort Factor: Moderate
    17. 17. Duct Sealing andInsulation
    18. 18. Duct Sealing and Insulation -Existing Disconnected Duct Runs Un-Sealed Un-Insulated
    19. 19. Duct Sealing and Insulation –Proposed Reconnect ducts Seal ductwork Insulate to R-11 with un-faced fiberglass batts
    20. 20. Duct Sealing and Insulation Estimated Energy Savings: 7% Estimated Carbon Reduction: 2.49 Tons Air Quality Improvement: High Comfort Factor: High
    21. 21. Insulation
    22. 22. Insulation - Existing Attic – 3 inch average blown in rock wool/fiberglass batt (R-8) Crawl – Un- insulated Walls – Mostly un- insulated
    23. 23. Fiberglass Blown InFiberglass High Density Batt Fiberglass Batt
    24. 24. Insulation – Proposed Attic – Bring to R-49 with high density un- faced batts and blown in fiberglass Crawl – Insulate to R-30 with high density un- faced batts Walls – Drill and fill fiberglass insulation to R-13 to R-60, includes sheetrock repair, paint and lead paint abatement
    25. 25. Insulation Estimated Energy Savings: 15% Estimated Carbon Reduction: 5.34 Tons Air Quality Improvement: Low Comfort Factor: High
    26. 26. Window and Doors
    27. 27. Windows - Existing SinglePane, Wood Windows Very Leaky Stained Glass
    28. 28. Windows – Proposed Replace Co-op Windows with High Efficiency Anderson 100 Windows
    29. 29. Windows – Proposed Install Indow Windows in Stained Glass Panes
    30. 30. Doors - Existing Leaky, damaged doors
    31. 31. Doors – Proposed Weatherize, refurbish and Re-fit Doors Replace glass double door and wood basement door
    32. 32. Windows and Doors Estimated Energy Savings: 8% Estimated Carbon Reduction: 2.84 Tons Air Quality Improvement: Moderate Comfort Factor: High
    33. 33. Heating and Cooling
    34. 34. Heating and Cooling - Existing The Co-op features a natural gas forced air heating system paired with base board heating in the offices and nursery
    35. 35. Heating and Cooling –Proposed Install Ductless Heat Pumps in Offices and Nursery Retrofit a ducted zonal heating system with wireless controls
    36. 36. Heating and Cooling Estimated Energy Savings: 10% Estimated Carbon Reduction: 3.56 Tons Air Quality Improvement: Moderate Comfort Factor: High
    37. 37. Solar
    38. 38. Solar – Proposed Install a 9.2 kW solar array, producing 29,360 kWh per year
    39. 39. Solar Estimated Energy Production: 27% Estimated Carbon Reduction: 12.4 Tons Air Quality Improvement: Low Comfort Factor: Low
    40. 40. Energy Retrofit Plan Carbon Footprint Reduction (Tons of Carbon)40353025201510 5 Carbon Footprint Reduction 0 (Tons of Carbon)
    41. 41. Proposed Reductions Projected Energy Portfolio After Retrofit 28% Projected Reduction72% 28% Projected Use
    42. 42. Proposed Reductions Projected Carbon Footprint After Retrofit 20% Projected Reduction80% 20% Projected Use
    43. 43. McMinnville Cooperative Ministries Energy Retrofit Project Potential Energy Savings: 80% Potential Carbon Footprint Reduction: 28.33 Tons Air Quality Improvement: High Comfort Factor: High
    44. 44. Thank You!