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depeche mode booklet digital bk

  1. 1. Depeche Mode is David Gahan, Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher. Drums - Christian Eigner. Keyboards - Peter Gordeno. Live Computers & Programming - Kerry Hopwood. Manager - Baron J. Kessler. Artistic Director - Anton Corbijn. Lighting Designer - Paul Normandale. Tour Manager - Tim ‘Gooch’ Lougee. Tour Accountant - Alex Pollock. Press & Promotion - May Malik. Personal Assistant to Dave Gahan - Jeff Cramer. Security Supervisor - Michael Oertel. Security - David Sauter. Production Manager - Tony Gittins. Production Assistant - Helen ‘Hels Bells’ Smith. Stage Manager - Shawn Saucier. Lighting Director - Graham Feast. Video Director - Jon Shrimpton. Sound Engineer - Antony King. Monitor Engineer - Sarne Thorogood. Guitar Technician - Jez Webb. Drum Technician - Iain ‘Robbo’ Robertson. Keyboard Technician - Paul Eastman. Wardrobe - Isobel Work. Rigger - James Heath. Lighting Crew Chief - Oli James. Lighting Technicians - Robert Starksfield, Ricky Butler, Alex Johnson, Donny MacDonald. Sound Crew Chief - Richard Trow. Sound Technicians - Chris Morrison, Jerry Fradley, James Covill, Cesar Lopez. Video Crew Chief - Rob Wick. Video Technicians - John Steele, Richard Stembridge, David Carton, Joseph Makin, Alan Bolland, Darren Montague. Carpenter - Andrew ‘Hobson’ Pearson. Head Caterer - Daniel Le Fevre. Caterers - Robert Grantham Wise, Michael Thomas,, Scott Findlay, Steven Bond. Lead Crew Bus Driver - Garry Lewis. Crew Bus Drivers - Mark Baddams, Eddie Monk, Peter Pauwels. Lead Truck Driver - Jerry Boyes-Korkis. Truck Drivers - Dave Ballantyne, Paul Lawn, Andrew Mellor, Shaun Bradley, Richard Evans, Adrian Green, Brian Deveraux, Cliff Vandome, Robbie Jones. Merch Truck Driver - Mark Poole. Ticketing - Allison Rapoport. Venue Security - Stefan Wolter. Merchandisers - Ken MacAlpine, Richard Carter. Recording The Universe - Recorded & Mixed By Will Shapland for Live Here Now & Will Shapland Mobiles. Recording Crew - Necker, Chris Goddard, David Loudoun. Mix Engineer - Joe Adams. CD Art Direction & photography - Anton Corbijn. Depeche Mode Office - JD Fanger. Live Here Now - David ‘Noggin’ Rowntree, Iain Forsyth, MJ. Live Here Now would like to thank Depeche Mode, Jonathan Kessler, Daniel Miller & all at Mute, JD Fanger, May Malik, Tim ‘Gooch’ Lougee, Tony Gittins, Hels Bells, Kerry Hopwood, Anton Corbijn, Antony King, Sarne Thorogood, Chris Morrison, Caitlin Cresswell, Paul A. Taylor, Rashid ‘Rizzo’ Hussain, Dan Hardingham, Zoe Fawcett-Eustace, Helen Oliver, Jane Pollard, Daniel ‘Brat’ Barassi, Anne Haffmans, Giampietro Paravella & Matt Osborne, Louise Downer @ Blue Ink Creative, Andrew Zweck & Sian Roberts @ Sensible Events, Carole Kinzel, Allison McGregor & Chris Dalston @ CAA, Craig Sneiderman @ Live Nation, Mungo, Katie & Tristan @ Sandbag, Alan Durrant @ Rock-it Cargo, John Gianquitto, Lee Dowall & Chris Thompson & All @ Music By Appointment, Richard Broomfield & Chris Palmer @ EFM, Daniel LeFevre & All @ Eat Your Hearts Out, Barbara Charone @ MBC, Carleen Donovan @ Press Here Publicity, Jeremy Joseph & Ben Rawlings @ De-lux, Simon Hanning @, Robert Hewitt & all @ Stagetruck, Beat The Street Bussing, Bryan Grant @ Britannia Row Productions, Des Fallon @ XL Video, Andy Scott @ Lite Alternative Ltd. 1. in chains 2. wrong 3. hole to feed 4. walking in my shoes 5. it's no good 6. a question of time 7. precious 8. fly on the windscreen 9. jezebel 10. a question of lust 11. come back 12. peace 13. in your room 14. i feel you 15. policy of truth 16. enjoy the silence 17. never let me down again 18. stripped 19. master and servant 20. strangelove 21. personal jesus 22. waiting for the night June 12th, 2009. Frankfurt, Germany.