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The Lovely Game of Soccer!

The Lovely Game of Soccer!






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    The Lovely Game of Soccer! The Lovely Game of Soccer! Presentation Transcript

    • SOCCER!!
    • LAWS OF THE GAME • 1. Field of play and ball: The size of the field and the ball varies depending on age. • 2. Number of players: The maximum amount is 11 players on the field, the minimum is 7. • 3. Equipment: All players on the same team must be wearing the same colored uniform. Shin guards must be worn at all time as well as soccer cleats. • 4. Refs: The one’s who are there to make sure the game stays safe and all of the rules are enforced. • 5. Duration: Most games vary from 80-90 minutes long. 40-45 minute halves. • 6. Start of play: Kick off is taken to start a game as well as to restart once a goal has been scored. • 7. Out of play: The ball is considered out once it is outside of the line. The team who didn’t kick it out gets the throw in. They have to have both feet on the ground and the arms have to be completely back before throwing in. Corner kicks: if the team defending the goal kicks the ball out on the right side of the corner flag, the opposite team gets to kick it in from the corner. • 8. Scoring: It is considered a goal if the ball is over the line.
    • LAWS OF THE GAME • 9. Offside: An offensive player must have two opponents including the goalkeeper between • himself and the goal line at the moment the ball is passed to him. • 10. Free kick: Two types; Direct and indirect. • 11. Penalty Kick: If a foul is committed inside the goalies box, the team receives a penalty kick meaning the player gets to shoot on the keeper one on one.
    • YELLOW AND RED • The refs carry these lovely things in their pocket called “yellow and red cards”. A yellow card is given when someone may commit and slight foul which is a warning for the player. A red card is given to someone who purposely made a foul.
    • POSITIONS • Goalkeeper: The goalkeepers job is to defend the teams goal. Each goalie wears a different colored jersey than their team so it’s easier to identify them. They are also the only ones allowed to use their hands. • Fullbacks: Fullbacks stay closest to their goal. As well as the goalie, it’s their job to keep the opponents from scoring; hence the name defenders. • Midfielders: They play in between the fullbacks and the forwards. They can be offensive which means they play closer to the forwards or they can be defensive which means they play closer to the defenders. • Forwards: They play closer to the opponents goal, they are the primary scorers. However, midfielders and occasionally defenders are able to score.
    • RISKS • Many risks come with playing this sport; mostly injuries. The most common injury in soccer is to tear the ACL. However, there are plenty more injuries that occur such as: spraining/ straining, broken bones, concussions, muscle tears, etc.
    • AVERAGE EXERCISE RATE • In just one game, which is 90 minutes, we run in between 5-7 miles each game. In practice, we’ll run maybe 3 or 4 miles depending on what we do. We not only run, we do muscle workouts such as: arms, legs, and abs.
    • SKILLS • Have to kick with the right spot whether it’s on the laces, inside or outside of the foot. • When heading, head it just a little above the forehead and it won’t hurt. • Have to be able to dribble the ball without looking at it. • Quick feet. Get the ball, find a pass, be accurate. • When receiving a pass, you want to make it so it will easily roll with you has you’re moving instead of killing it. • Ball control. Have to know how to control the ball while running full speed.
    • Training • It takes MANY hours to become a great soccer player. You have to be in shape, strong, healthy but most of all, dedicated. • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWdobtR8z_A