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My Little Pony. Some of the best Rainbow Dash stories I've watched.
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My Little Pony. Some of the best Rainbow Dash stories I've watched.

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  • 1. My Little Pony. Some of the best Rainbow Dash stories Ivewatched.The quality of the video is decent coming from a DVD and the art style works okay even on aHD tv. .The message of love, tolerance and friendship is really uplifting in this day of enmityand general nastiness, especially on the Internet. See MLP canon RPG . Theres nothingmind-blowing in these commentaries, but it is fun to hear Ingram talk about the music and thevoice actors talk about the various characters. Season 2, which hasnt hit DVD yet, andshould, has some really great stuff in it. John de Lancie (Q from Star Trek TNG and UncleSid from Gene Roddenberrys Andromeda) has a part in the first 2 episodes of season 2. Andhe plays it to the hilt! Hell make you think hes a cartoon version of Q.As a person who grew up in the 80sfirst its nice to see a classic cartoon being revampedplus this is one of the few inspirational shows that give positive influences to young childrenand adults in which we need more than ever since most television nowadays are starting tobecome lackluster and sorry to say...trashy I rather have my children be influence on MLPthan teen mom and Jersey shore. See this .
  • 2. Well, I must admit that when I started watching this series, it was only with the greatest ofreservations. Ive seen my own fair share of cartoons and the thought of ponies initially mademe hesitate.I have been a fan of this show, a brony, for over a year now, and without having Netflix orenough money to buy the entire season from iTunes, its absolutely fantastic that they havedecided to put this on DVD after all.
  • 3. This show will put a smile on your face. Plain and simple. Any child of the 80s or even the90s, could tell you that My Little Pony was a cartoon show originally created to sell pony toysto little girls, much in the same way Transformers was a show created to sell toy robots tolittle boys. Typically you would not think much of either series, youd look down you nose atthem, and assume they were just shallow 22 minute toy commercials. This isnt to say thatSeason 1 is totally without fault; like all things, it has a few rough spots (In particular, theCutie Mark Crusader based episodes can seem a bit same-y due to the characters havingthe same motivation in each), but overall its consistently high quality and well worth checkingout, even if you arent a kid. Ive found that it has a degree of quality and subtlety that sets itapart from a lot of other childrens programming. Even though Season 1 and 2 are on Netflix,this is still a good deal because of the special features. Furthermore, if this sells well, thenthat means they would be willing to take risks on us with more specials. Hasbro wants to seeif we are a viable and reliable market. This could lead to season 2, Blu-ray, more interviews &special features catered to Bronies, maybe even shorts and mini-episodes.