You’re making this way too hard


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You’re making this way too hard

  1. 1. You’re Making This Way Too Hard Are you having a really hard time presenting your direct sales, network marketing, MLM products and business to others? “But I’ve run out of people to talk to.” or “I’m just not good at selling.” I hear those objections all the time. The fact is there are people everywhere you go both online and offline. There is no shortage of people.
  2. 2. By Celene Harrelson Helping Transform New Solopreneurs Into Happypreneurs! Marketing Strategies for Online Business, Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Sales
  3. 3. When you are out and about, start chatting with people • In the checkout line, ask them what they do, where do they work, do they have children and so on. • If you are at a restaurant, chat up your server if you are getting good service. Let them know that they are the kind of person you are looking for in your business and ask if you could set a time to talk to them outside of work. • Talk to receptionists and others when you are sitting in a waiting room. • When online, build relationships, connect with people, get conversations going and create curiosity about your business. Both online and offline all you need to do is get a conversation started, ask permission to share more, then let the tools do the rest. As for not being good at selling, if you’re trying to sell your network marketing products and services, you are working too hard.
  4. 4. You see, most network marketers vomit all over people They spew everything they know as fast as they can because they’re afraid if they shut up they will be rejected. The truth is, that’s the quickest way to make people run the other way, ruining any chance you could have had at piquing their interest.
  5. 5. Your network marketing company has gone to a lot of time and expense to create an array of tools that should do the selling for you. • • • All you need to do is have the courage to approach people and ask permission to give them one of these tools. My company provides me with all kinds of videos for both the products and opportunity, testimonials, 3-way calls, weekly opportunity calls, a 24 hour hotline, Power Point presentations, documents, social media posts and tweets, an autorepsonder and of course my company website among many other things. I’m sure your company offers many similar tools designed to help you succeed. As Eric Worre says, it’s your job to get the next “exposure” to your business, then follow up and set that next exposure. It’s not your job to be a heavy hitting salesperson, to vomit facts, figures and ingredients all over them. It takes 4-6 exposures on average before people will join your organization or become a product user. That’s where we go wrong. We think that if they don’t sign up or buy after the first time or two, they never will. We give up too soon. Make it easy on yourself and use those company tools as a reason to follow up and set up the next exposure. It really is as simple as sharing your story and inviting someone to a video, 3-way call or local event. Use your tools instead of your mouth. Talk less, share more and you will see your stress levels go down and your income go up!
  6. 6. Connect With The Happypreneur Check out, “You’re making This Way Too Hard” at The Happypreneur. For more tips and training, follow me on Facebook. I'm Celene Harrelson. I teach you to take The Most Out Of The Internet and Social Media To Grow Your Network Marketing / Direct Sales Business, Build A Team And Make More Money!
  7. 7. Network Marketing Mojo Do You Feel Like No Matter What You Do Or How Many People You Talk To About Your Network Marketing Company, You’re Getting Nowhere Fast? Network Marketing Mojo Group Coaching with Celene is your answer!