Is Your Replicated MLM Network Marketing Company Website Enough?


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One of my coaching clients and I were talking about different ways to use the internet to grow her Network Marketing business. I suggested she start a blog. She almost stroked out on me. Her response to me was “But I have the website the company provided for me when I signed up. That’s where I send everyone. That should be good enough, don’t you think?” No I do not. This is pretty much the way I explained why she really needs a blog…

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Is Your Replicated MLM Network Marketing Company Website Enough?

  1. 1. Is Your Replicated MLM Network Marketing Company Website Enough? Why Sending Your Prospects To Your Company’s Replicated Website Won’t Build Relationships
  2. 2. By Celene Harrelson Helping Transform New Solopreneurs Into Happypreneurs! Internet Marketing Strategies for Online Business, Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Sales
  3. 3. Why Bother With A Blog When Your Company Supplies You With A Replicated Website? • Well, for one thing it’s a replicated website. It’s completely void of all personality, at least your personality. • Other than your name and contact information up in the corner, there is no way for visitors to know whether they want to do business with you. • There’s no way to build a relationship with your prospects.
  4. 4. Network Marketing, MLM And Direct Sales Is Relationship Marketing. • You are not in the sales business, you are in the relationship business • You must build a relationship with your prospects if you want them to become customers and build a team. • Sending them to your company’s replicated website won’t do that.
  5. 5. Your Company Site Is Where You Send Them To Read A Clinical Study Or Watch A Video • It won’t build relationships for you • It’s where you send them when they are ready to buy • Without a relationship of some kind, they won’t buy or join your downline
  6. 6. So What Can A Blog Do For You The Replicated Company Site Can’t? • Well for starters it’s less intimidating. Many company websites are hard to maneuver • Help’s people to get to know you • You become a trusted authority figure • People buy products because they’ve been recommended by people they know a little something about and trust, because you are in love with the product and you’ve shared your experiences with them, not because of some cookie cutter website
  7. 7. How Do You Get Started With A Blog? • WordPress is the easiest and best platform to use to build your blog • You can learn how to set up a WordPress Blog in as little as a day • No geek speak required
  8. 8. Set Up Your WordPress Blog In As Little As One Day With… • WordPress Workshop Quickie Home Study Course • You Don’t Need To Get Mired Down And Stuck On Technology • It’s Inexpensive, Fast and Easy To Do – No Tech Skills Needed