If I Hadnt Made These 3 Mistakes When I Started My Online Business


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When I first started my online business, I thought conquering the world behind a computer screen in my jammies would be a piece of cake...

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If I Hadnt Made These 3 Mistakes When I Started My Online Business

  1. 1. If I Hadn’t Made These 3 Mistakes When IStarted My Online Business (I’d Probably BeRolling In Money Now)When I first started my online business, I was clueless Silly me… I had 25 years of business management and marketing under my belt and thought this was gonna be a walk in the park. I mean, I’ve run businesses with 50+ employees. Surely conquering the world behind a computer screen in my jammies would be a piece of cake, right? Wrong! I think that’s what most of us think when we start an internet business. How hard can it be, right? After all, we’ve seen so muchabout average people finding overnight internet success on autopilot, while theyslept. If they can do it, so can we.I’m here to tell you that’s a bunch of whooie. It doesn’t work that way. Nobody who’s green to building an online businessjust jumps right in and starts making money immediately. It’s not realistic. Youhave to learn how it’s done. The process, the mechanics and the marketing. Theoffline world of business does not prepare you for the online world. You have toeducate yourself, learn then implement, rinse and repeat. The one thing thatoffline and online have in common is that overnight success usually takes awhile.Mistake #1 - Not taking list building serious enoughBuilding your email list is the #1 most important thing you must do each andevery day in your business if you want to make money. Period. Nothing elseyou do will matter much if you don’t have a targeted responsive list of prospectsto market to over and over again. Your list is the bread and butter of your onlinebusiness. I didn’t quite get that. I was told you can make big profits with a smalllist. The fact of the matter is you can make a little money, but not much. Thebigger and more targeted your list the more money you will make. Plain andsimple. You should be adding people to your list each and every day. If not, you
  2. 2. might want to rethink your strategies.Mistake #2 – Trying to figure WordPress out on your ownCan it be done? Absolutely. But should you waste the time and energy involvedin learning it on your own? Probably not. WordPress is now the industrystandard for your blog or website because it’s so search engine friendly andthere’s just nothing you can’t do with WordPress. It’s capabilityand functionality is 2nd to none. Once you know your way around WordPress,it’s very easy to use, but there is a bit of a learning curve. Don’t waste timefiguring it out on your own. Take a course and get the basics down quickly soyou can get your business moving forward faster. This is the key to getting yoursite up and running, your opt in pages, sales pages, product pages and bloggoing in much less time. Let’s face it, the sooner you have those things underyour belt, the sooner you will build your list and start making an income.Mistake #3 – Planning and setting time limitsIn the first couple of years, I spent way too much time working on my business.Often from 8:00 a.m. well up into the night, then I would get up and do it again. Iwas determined to do whatever it took to make my business work. The problemwith that strategy is, if you have no time limits, no deadlines, if you allow yourtasks and projects to take as much time as it takes, it takes as much time as yougive it. In other words, if you have no boundaries on your time, you allowyourself to be distracted, to fiddle around more than you should and to gochasing shiny objects down rabbit holes (stop it Alice!). It wasn’t until I started tostrictly plan and schedule my day with a start time and an ending time that I wasreally able to focus and get things done in a timely manner. My family was muchhappier too. I make way more money in 30 hours a week than I ever did in 70.Make list building your first priority, learn WordPress and structure your daysand your online business will have internet success more quickly.With love and blessings,Celene Harrelson helps you take the training wheels off of your business, so you can ride like the wind!TheHappypreneur.com