A Business Coach For Your Online Home Business - 5 Good Reasons Not To Invest In One


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Most people will try to convince you why you need a good business coach when building your online home business. Let's take a look at why you don't need to invest in one for your business...

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A Business Coach For Your Online Home Business - 5 Good Reasons Not To Invest In One

  1. 1. 5 Good Reasons Not To Invest In A Business Coach For YourOnline Home BusinessCelene HarrelsonYou don’t need to hire a business coach for your online home business, right?Let’s take a look at 5 reasons you probably don’t need to hire a coach…1. Who needs someone who understands that you are not on Facebook playing Mafia Wars and Words WithFriends, someone who “gets” you and what you do on the internet all day, anyway? You work at home all alone,isolated, every step of the way. You don’t need someone who understands what you are going through and cantell you from experience what your next step should be. You are an island!2. You can figure this out on your own. I mean, how hard can it be, right? You don’t need a business coach,you can just Google everything you need to know like: how to build a website, how to get search engineoptimization on my website, what the heck is search engine optimization anyway, how to blog, how to set up anopt in form in your sidebar, what the heck is a sidebar anyway, how to build a list, which autoresponder should Iuse, what the heck is an autoresponder anyway, how do I make social media work for my business, how do Imake videos, should I podcast, how do I learn how to podcast, how do I drive traffic to my website, how do Imonetize my website, how do I market my website, how do I grow my audience, what do I say to my blogreaders, what do I say on social media, when should I make my first product, what should my first product be,how do I know if anyone will buy my products, how do I write good copy, how do I write a sales page thatconverts, what the heck is conversion anyway, how do I split test, what the heck is split testing anyway, how do Icreate good content, which shopping cart will work best for my type of business, how do I set up a shoppingcart????????? You get the idea.t hehappypreneur.co mhttp://thehappypreneur.com/5-good-reasons-not-to-invest-in-a-business-coach-for-your-online-home-business/
  2. 2. 3. Experience is over rated. You can get along just fine without a business coach. After all, a business coach willjust want to coach and mentor you so that you don’t have to endure the hardships of getting stuck and notknowing how to proceed. You will be able to figure it out eventually, even if it does take a few years longer thannecessary to make any money. The right coach will just speed up the process and help you to becomesuccessful and profitable much quicker than you will on your own. Who wants that?4. You like to fly by the seat of your pants without a plan. A business coach is going to want to help you to planyour journey and give you a road map of how to get there! Who needs that kind of pressure?5. If you invest in a business coach, maybe you’ll have to cut back on buying every shiny object that glidesacross your computer screen. After all, dozens of untouched and forgotten trainings and courses is a muchbetter investment than one measly business coach who will help you to get focused and moving forward.Dozens vs. one? Come on, you do the math!So there ya go, 5 good reasons why you don’t need a business coach. So suck it up buttercup, you can do this all byyour lonesome!But just in case you don’t want to go it alone, why not see if coaching is right for you? Check out my email coachingprogram.What do you get with Email Coaching With Celene?One-on-one help to grow your businessAccountabilityFocusI answer all your questions personallyIt’s very affordableNo time consuming meetingsCLICK HERE FOR DETAILSWith love and blessings,Celene Harrelson helps you take the training wheels off of your business, so you can ride like thewind! TheHappypreneur.com