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The fire
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  • 1. The Fire By: Nick Dominguez March 1,2013Orcutt Academy High School Frosh Core
  • 2. Tragedy• The fire in Brazil was tragic. • Fox news
  • 3. Innocent people• The fire that killed over • The fire was located in 200 people . Santa Maria, Brazil.
  • 4. Purposely• Did you know that the fire was purposely caused by four people.
  • 5. Trust• How could this change people’s trust.
  • 6. Example• This could change people’s trust because how won’t they know that this won’t happen again.
  • 7. Example• Also this could change people’s trust in Brazil because there are more people like that out everywhere around the world.
  • 8. How do people feel about the fire in Brazil that caused a lot of deaths? Sad Happy Don’t care Data from self-generated online survey. Take Survey Now!
  • 9. How?• How could have this been prevented?
  • 10. Security• Maybe the owner could of added more security so that they could keep on the look out.
  • 11. Laws• Also he could of made a new law that states that you have to be patted down by a security guard before entering.
  • 12. Have people heard about this fire in Brazil? Dont care Series 1 Series 2 No Series 3 Yes 0% 50% 100% Data from self-generated online survey. Take Survey Now!
  • 13. People• In conclusion this incident can change people’s trust in Brazil.
  • 14. SadnessAll in all the fire in Brazil was a very sad incident.
  • 15. The End