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How to braid_hair
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How to braid_hair



Published in Health & Medicine , Lifestyle
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  • 1. H o w T o B r a i d H a i r   By: Casie
  • 2. Materials
    • Your materials you  will need to braid your hair is
    • 1.)A pony tail (of your choice)
    • 2.)Also need hair (long or short not to short though)
    • 3.)You need your hands and fingers 
    • 4.)An accessory   (if you want)
    • 5.) Hair brush
  • 3. Introduction
    • I am good at braiding my hair. lots of people love my braids. I  am going to show you how to braid your hair, it's very stylish to do,and very easy too.
  • 4. Step.1
    • First you will have to split your hair into two different sections. So your hair is on your shoulders. When you do this you can use a hair brush.
  • 5. Step.2
    • While your hair is split into two different sections, grab three pieces on one side of your split sections. 
  • 6. Step.3
    • Then when you have your three pieces of hair,  then put your first piece under your second piece of hair.
  • 7. Step.4
    • Your forth step you have to put your third piece of hair under the second piece of hair. Then you put your second piece of hair over the first piece of hair.
  • 8. Step.5
    • Then when you have done that, you keep on repeating until you come to the end of your hair.
    •   You then have to do the same thing to the other side of your hair. 
  • 9. Step.6
    • For your last step you put a pony tail at the end of each side of your hair. You can add an accessory to your hair too, but only if you want to. And you have braided your hair 
  • 10. Conclusion
    • I hope you have enjoyed my presentation. Hopefully you now no how to braid your hair,and  you will be good at braiding your own hair.