Evaluation Question 3


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3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

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Evaluation Question 3

  1. 1. 3. What kind of media institutionmight distribute your media product and why?
  2. 2. What is film distribution?• A distributer can either be an independent company or a subsidiary company. It can also sometimes be an individual.• Distributers are the ‘agent’ between the film production company and the company who show the film whether that’s the cinema or home viewing.
  3. 3. Importance of distribution• Distributers have the job of identifying and delivering the largest possible audience for a film and doing this in the most cost effective way.• They have to think about things like, who does the film speak to and what sort of audience have similar films have attracted recently.
  4. 4. Competition• One of the first things to think about is, is there space in the market for the film?• In our case I feel there will always be space in the market for a new fairytale. There also has not been many fairy tale releases recently suggesting again, there is space in the market for a film like ours.
  5. 5. Star power• Another thing is, are there a star power in the production/ cast?• This is a low budget film and so popular directors and cast are not realistic, however it has a young target audience who don’t really worry about those things but more what the actual narrative is about.• There is also only one ‘real’ character, with the rest being voices overs. Younger people may not be able to relate peoples voices with who they are anyway and so popular casting is not essential for our film.
  6. 6. Disney• Our film is a typical fairytale film and we got our inspiration from previous Disney films. This means Disney would be a perfect company to distribute our film and the audience would be able to relate it to previous films they have seen by Disney so they can be sure it will be a good watch.• Disney have also not released a fairy tale like ours too recently and so there is potentially a space for it in the film market at the moment.
  7. 7. Disney continued…• Disney is an American distributer rather than Vertigo who is a British producer who you could argue are more appropriate for this film.• However, we have purposely made it so the people who would voice over our film are American, shown at the start with ‘Once Upon A Time’. The main narrative is also animation and and our opening sequence could have very possibly been filmed in America. This would mean the film would be appropriate for Disney to distribute as an American film.
  8. 8. How have we have made our distributer clear to the audience• Not only have we used American voice overs but we have also included a Disney logo at the start of our opening sequence to make it clear to the audience that they are distributing the film.• This will let the audience know that the film will be good, as Disney is a well respected company and guaranteed to make good films.
  9. 9. Why have we chosen Disney?• Disney is a very well known company especially for fairy tales like this. This would mean people would want to watch the film even before any promotion strategies.• Due to its wealth Disney have also been able to fund our film and make it possible to release.• Disney experienced and know the best ways to attract audiences meaning they could distribute our film and guarantee success( Brave 2012 -Domestic Total Gross: $237,283,207)